Proudly Pure Keto Snacks Food Parmesan Cheese Crisps Bread (4 Pack Variety Bundle) Low Carb Crunchy Chips, Natural Aged Zero Sugar (Wheat,Soy,Gluten) FREE Crackers 3.7 out of 5 stars 4,233 … I LOVE the taste of Josephs, but having been avoiding them because of the GMO soy. Look in the freezer section! After the change, SAWDUST, no matter how much moisture-packed foods you put between or on the slices. Now, if you're wondering if there is a non-wheat based keto-friendly bread, you're in luck. It’s a low carb high anti-oxidant bread that is 100% natural, zero additives, zero preservatives and the taste is amazing. Did anyone actually test their blood sugar after eating? It seems like the number of options has exploded in the last decade. The only food product I’ve ever consumed that actually robbed the flavor from everything on top of it/ within it. Not appropriate for Step 1. I’ve replaced the exclamation marks with good ol’ fashioned periods to reduce my excessive enthusiasm. Chewy moist texture…good flavors! That is one of the things they claim – it will not raise your bloodsugar. Thank you all for listing some (edible) choices I can now try. Trader Joes offers terrific sprouted breads with only 7 net carbs! It’s become a common dietary lifestyle, appealing to many for it’s low-carb… They are uneatable in my opinion. Thinslim Foods line of Bread one of them “Love the Taste” is supposed to be delish (I haven’t tried but am just about ready to order), and it only has 1 net carb, and is 50 calories. Maybe for another month and let me see what happens. I've either come across these myself, or other readers have reported these to me, and of course…. I’ve also made my own low carb pudding (unsweetened almond or coconut milk + liquid sucralose + xanthium gum + flavoring blended in a Ninga type blender) and while the texture is a bit off (looks kind of clingy and a bit “snot” like, although to me it “tastes” like tapioca texture wise), it tastes pretty good and it’s better than no pudding at all, IMO especially the first couple of weeks while you adjust. I don’t know if it has been independently tested however. All you have to do is cut the bread into 1″ or 2″ pieces and put them in the oven on 350 for ten or so minutes. I cannot eat any of the other breads you listed as they effect my blood sugars but Julian bread does not. It is ridiculously expensive though at 7.99 a loaf. But the reduced carb raisin bread was tasty and actually had a couple of tiny raisins in it . Also, check out these articles to learn more about low-carbohydrate eating: As always in life with diabetes, what works for one, may not work for you. Not too many stores sell it and the ones that do jack up the price. how is 19 grams low…I have been told a total of 10 but never more than 15 grams per meal. Each slice listed on the sola bread nutrition label contains 70 calories with 9 grams of total carbohydrates with only 3 grams of that as net carbs. And if you love this bread as much as we do, it's worth keeping your eyes peeled at the grocery store for Ezekiel Bread's other low-carb options-like their Flax Sprouted Whole Grain, 7 Sprouted Grains or Sesame Sprouted Whole Grain Bread. Often times, what I hear most from people who start or have been on a ketogenic diet is that they inevitably miss some of the treats they used to eat on a Standard American Diet (SAD). I do not recommend ordering it as it is non returnable. I’ve been reading great stuff about it too but It’s hard to find around here. Pepperidge farm has a low carb 5 carbs bread. And one guy took a blood sugar test right after he ate a piece and it hadn’t gone up. I easily found ( at several big chain grocers) Natures Own Life Sugar Free 100% Whole Grain bread with 9g carbs per slice and 1g fiber and 0g sugar. 5g net carbs per slice. Even turns out to be a lot less than purchased paleo bread! The bread is just god awful!! I’m glad you mentioned it. The exekiel breads are fairly common, but you wont find them in the bread aisle, they’re in the frozen foods and you can expect to pay about 8 bucks a loaf. You are better off working on your almond bread!! It is fresh baked and comes to you unsliced. Everyone always asks me about Trader Joes specifically, so I thought I'd make that little note. Thinslim zero carb bread ingredients list wheat protein isolate, vital wheat gluten, and oat fiber as the main three ingredients. Check out 15 Carbs Snack List.). After watching that guy’s video, I have to wonder if it was lying too because they stopped selling it. Also comes in Cinnamon – Flax – Soy. Its in the frozen food section at most Kroger and HEB if you have one of those stores near you. free baking powder. They are in San Diego and will ship anywhere if you buy 5 loaves at around $30 inc shipping. Mahler tastes better and has this same numbers but has 80 cals per slice. Consumed with meal of one 4oz Angus beef patty, 40g Romaine, 40g tomato, 20g avocado, 15g red onion, 1 tsp French’s mustard. I’be been using Aldi’s “Fit 40” bread lately. Small bowl. Eating a diabetes-friendly diet that doesn’t ban bread altogether can be tricky. This low carb bread will not stall you, throw you out of ketosis, or cause cravings. It almost kept me from pursuing a healthier diet until a friend suggested MyFitnessPal and low carb recipes online. Our ThinSlim Foods Love-the-Taste Low Carb Bread is handcrafted with a revolutionary dough that has a consistency similar to full carb bread. Any results blood sugar with this low carb bread ? The Love-The-Taste Bread has only 45 calories and 0g of net carbs per slice. We got plain and garlic butter bagels. It had a distinct chemical type taste. It is my own recipe. Injected .6u humalog insulin immediately prior to eating to cover carbs of burger ingredients (4g) plus bagel’s advertised “net” carbs (2g). I use Sami’s bakery online. Of course, some may dispute these claims, but calories are still calories. iF your Coop doesn’t carry it – ask – well worth the extra trouble .. also Whole Foods is carrying it at some locations these days. Onions raise your blood sugar. I buy Franz Rogue Valley organic 24 seeds and nuts. $7.49 for Ezekiel breads Kamuela Hawaii:(. Thank you all. Josephs has MANY choices, which I tried to explain in that part of the review that this is just one of many great options! One of the best uses I've found for keto-friendly bread is to make bread crumbs. The best place I have found is Sami’s Bakery in Tampa, Florida. Another good thing about thin slim, though, is that they also carry different products and flavors such as thinslim bagels, thinslim hamburger buns, and thinslim bread rye. The major difference in the Julian Bakery Zero Carb Bread is it has 0 carbs while the others mentioned have considerable carbs. I really like its texture too. 14 carbs per slice is not low carb to me…wow, Julians also gets moldy fast, even in fridge. It was expensive at $9 a loaf. And out of ALLLL the questions, I think when it comes to the keto-friendly black hole, I typically hear the question of if there is any bread that is keto-friendly? Total waste of money. Cheese Please! Have I had better bread..yes. Maybe they are better now but this review was neither classless nor untrue when written. Thanks for adding your comment and review of another great option! Last food or insulin 6hrs ago. It’s not found everywhere, but I think I got it at Target. I have just one loaf left of the Pepperidge Farm Carb diet Style… and all the local shops have none left… so sad, but as I bought nothing else for years, and it was an excellent tasting bread… I’ll check some of the online low-carb sources eve though they are almost double the price.. I started looking where I can get them close to home and Whole foods only has the paleo bread, which has only 35 cals per slice 5 g of fiber but 6g carbs. Organic. On a 20 carb KETO diet, that fulfills your whole carb load per day! It is tasty, and a great substitute for high carb breads. Or, if you're like me, then you might prefer to make your own keto-friendly bread. Low Carb Bread Recipe – This is an easy, gluten-free, no-carb bread for those following a keto diet or who just want a healthier option! One of my favorite grocery stores, I figured I'd make a little section for it… but I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I have yet to see any keto-friendly or low carb bread at Trader Joes. I bought it from the store once and it was moldy before I got it home, The absolute BEST…tasting and everything? Their chocolate bars are not worth the money either. OMG THE GREAT LOW CARB BREAD COMPANY IS THE B E S T low carb bread products I have EVER HAD and I’ve been doing low carb for YEARS. I haven’t met anyone who enjoyed it. Test it yourself! , Rick — thank you for the feedback. They taste like regular flour tortillas to us. Your email address will not be published. Hopefully, you're lucky enough to have an Aldi in your neck of the woods if you're in the U.S. as they are primarily located throughout Europe and other parts of the world. In particular, I refer to sugar alcohols in particular (which make these sweet) being nonsense. I didn’t read through all of the comments but another trick I learned ages ago is to toast the bread and then carefully slice through the toast from top to bottom giving you 2 full size pieces (just thinner). Sami’s Bakery has a really good 7 grain low carb bread. Two loaves plus shipping from Phoenix is almost $20. Clicking or tapping on this logo will return you to the Homepage. article! Sugar does count as a carb. For example:. Let me know down below and help your fellow ketonians. I recently purchased Ezekiel bread and I love it. It was the first “bread” I’d had in four months! I have two local SF stores that carry them. Period. Of course, if you were going there anyway, then it may be worth strolling the bread aisle and having a peek. Check…they have just about every brand there is and it’s a flat $4.95 shipping. Make your own. BG measurements were taken with a Freestyle Freedom Lite meter that has been very consistent in the past. I got fed up trying and searching. Breads are satisfying however, not all breads are the same ditch the carbs In your bread … Can’t wait to try the products! I buy their Tomato Basil tortilla’s — 80 calories, 19 grams of carbs, 12 grams of fiber. THERE ARE CARBS IN LIFE, GET A GRIP. Your best bet might be to call ahead and ask before making the trip. DELICIOUS AND AT NET 7 CARBS PER SLICE, ITS A GREAT BUY FOR THOSE ON LOW CARB OR DIABETIC DIETS. I have only ever seen it at Kroger stores. Buy SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb Snacks Peanut Butter Cups 14 Count at I highly recommend GET FIT Roti from Heart N’ Spice ( So if you've found yourself asking where can I buy keto bread, hopefully, you've found this post useful. This message is for Ayla Myrick and All. I never knew about Udi’s Chia bread and it is very good and pretty LC and GF. Nuco coconut wraps and Mission brand carb balance soft taco tortillas are two of my favorite go-to's that fit the bill. It is good. Also IT IS THE ONLY BREAD I CAN EAT! Pepperidge Farm VERY THIN 100% Whole Wheat bread = 11 grams/3 slices!! If you do not use nuts carbs will be approx 1. The sola bread slices are a bit on the smaller side, but as far as taste and texture are concerned, this is a clear winner in my books. The biggest difference is that one cost significantly less than the other. *Newly updated in 2020 by Diabetes Daily Staff. They usually suffer from one of two common problems: The bread is full of carbs and the nutrition information is full of lies; The bread is not edible; A good example of the first problem was Julian Bakery’s low-carb bread. Tried the Great Low Carb Bread Company “Everything Bread”. would! I work for Chompies for over 30 plus years and we have the greatest lo-carb bread on the market.. I’m not an employee, stock holder or anything else for Julian Bread, and I found their bread OK. Its taste is almost too good. I’ve opted to make my own almond flour bread and have had some success but am still working on it. Usually in the deli section. Did you all read the ingredients label if the Mission carb balance tortillas? I have just begun to read the Book Wheat Bellies, by a Cardiac Specialist. I wish I would have found this site before I went out and bought a loaf of the coconut paleo bread. 19g carbs for 2 slices and 5g of fiber, 7g protein and only 1 gram of sugar. Brought it to a potluck and everyone loved it – they didn’t even realize it wasn’t regular bread! Will grin and bear it Carol. I eat spinach everyday, couple ounces, feel so much better. They freeze perfectly. This is probably my favorite of the three loaves of bread listed. So, if you decide to eat one of these products you should consider either: Delaying your insulin bolus, using a slower acting insulin like NPH or Regular, or, if you have a pump, try a square bolus that extends your bolus over a 4 hr period. I have been using Bimbo soft wheat.. 22 carbs,120 calories and 2 fiber per 2 slices. Arnold’s low carb multigrain bread = 12 grams net carb/2 slices….remove the top crust for a 5 gram Counter Carb for Step 1. If we’re talking Tortillas, I’m surprised La Tortilla Factory didn’t make the list: BTW it was Sprouts decision and not Chompies to stop the distribution of lo-carb bread to their stores. Trader Joes Sprouted Wheat Bread is 4 net carbs – really good bread and Mama Lupes Wraps low carb wraps are only 3 carbs ans are really good also. In other words, they DO count and you will not stay in ketosis if you consume them above your personal carb limit. And on which has a flat $4.95 shipping. The round shape is great for making edible salad bowls for Mexican night. Eat just the bread alone with either nothing or natural PB, cheese, butter….2 hours after….you’ll see “truth” in ingredients. While outer aisle isn't precisely slices of bread, outer aisle sandwich thins are more like a flatbread made primarily from cauliflower. It is 100% natural, 8 g of carb, taste fantastic and above all they have no added cellulose fiber that causes inflammation. The ingredients used digest significantly more slowly which means you stay satiated longer and your body doesn't turn the excess … Extremely filling, delicious, and will not raise blood sugar. K.S. Finally figured out there are only a handful of actual low carb labels. I like flatouts for sandwiches and making pizzas on the grill. The label now reads : 16 g carbs and 3 g fiber for net of 13 carbs. I do like the Lavash bread for pizza and roll ups, but have not found a bread for sandwiches that I am happy with. As you can see, my BG readings didn’t start to climb until the 1 1/2 hr reading, then continued rising for another 1 1/2 hrs before leveling off. Small (weighs 28 grams) = 3 grams net carb…can be used as a 5 gram Carb Counter on Step 1. the Ezekiel bread is also inedible in my book unless toasted. My first slice was not very pleasant since I expected it to taste like a regular bread. JUST THINK, A GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH FOR 14 CARBS TOTAL. I found it at Walmart. When I complained about the switch and how it was now inedible and would like a refund they told me to pound sand. 6.9g net carbs per slice. 1oz=90 calories and 9 net carbs. The others are not carried in my local markets. I am not familiar with any of the breads except for Sara Lee. (<1 carb) Mix thoroughly and pour into a small square or round container and microwave 1min 20 sec. It is low fiber though with only 1 gram of fiber – but it still tastes great. There is a flax and soy bread made by Mahler’s Bakery in Oceanside, CA that has a great taste and low carb count. great! AS you said: DELICIOUS!! Navigate to Homepage. They apparently adjusted their recipe to make it truly low carb and the end result was a SPONGE. Julian’s tribulations (lying about formulation and reformulating to a terrible product) is well documented. I have a question! Joseph’s Pita Bread: These are 8 g of total carbohydrate with 4 g of dietary fiber, which brings you to … I’m not diabetic but I work out 5 to 6 times a week spending 90 min in the gym every single workout day. The diet is untenable as a lifestyle, IMO. What are “100 grams of calories” in a slice of Ezekiel Flax?? They have bagels, wraps, dinner rolls, brownies, cookies and cinnamon raisin bread. I have tried Julian Bakery foods and they are not worth it. “Great Low Carb Bread Co”!! 13 g carbs per slice, 7 gms fiber net 6 per slice. Have you found any great recipes or keto friendly breads? in 2015 they sell for 3.00 a loaf. Now that I have seen what it can do to stay on semi-ketogenic ( I’m still scared to up my fat and lower my protein intake ) diet. have ya’ll tried to toast it? It tastes fantastic and I’ve tried those others! But more and more, the food industry is coming out with better and better options for low-carb bread. I like breads that can be easily obtained rather than ordering online or something…plus I don’t tend to eat bread often, but it is nice once or twice a week . LOL — glad to hear you agree with my assessment of the Julian bread! I have found that Trader Joe’s Sprouted seven grain bread (7g carb, 3g dietary fiber for net of 4 carbs) is both tasty, filling, not too dry and great for egg sandwiches in the morning. Eat it, toast it, smoother it. Me I don’t agree but to keep it stable thanks. Here is an excellent recipe from the hungry elephant blog that I've used to make the pudding portion of the bread pudding. I tried to keep that that drama bit out of the review , This is an interesting and enlightening read about Julian Bakery: Oh well, back to the drawing board. PS: That is not my picture next to my name…not sure how it got there! Not only is this low carb bread delicious, but it's seriously low in net carbs. Looking to get back on the right track. 5 g fiber for both slices or 3 g for 1 slice. Put anything on them, awesome. You can grind these further in a food processor with any seasoning you may want or even keep them in little cubes and use them as croutons on your salads. Lower Carb Marinara Sauce. Their actual carb counts once tested by independent labs are very high, little truth in advertising. They finally come up with a valid product (consider all other Julian’s products as suspect and a “no go” for MM/DM) and it involves price gouging. It lasts about a week on my kitchen counter and is still soft. I can’t believe they are still in business. What does “cook up one side” of the tortilla mean? I agree about Julian’s bread about the taste, I love it when it’s toasted or grilled … not grilled or toasted it’s not good. It is thin sliced at 17 carbs and 60 calories. 5 gram counter carb (Check Nutrition Facts as this variety may contain 7 grams net carb and that is not appropriate for Step 1.). Dave’s Killer Bread (Thin-Sliced, 21 Whole Grains and Seeds): BFree Food’s Gluten-Free Brown Seeded Sandwich Loaf: Sara Lee 45 Calories & Delightful 100% Multi-Grain: Outer Aisle Gourmet Cauliflower Sandwich Thins, Carbohydrates & Diabetes: Key Facts to Understand,,,,,,, How Sweet It Is: All About Artificial Sweeteners and Diabetes, Dog with Type 1 Diabetes: Meet Biscuit the Cavelier. Thank you for warning us about Julian bakery. Their “Everything Bread” is fantastic (hard to say that about all the others..they don’t taste good and the texture is usually weird.) it’s also cheaper at $3.50 than Julian’s $10. Rod. I agree with your assessment of the Julian Bakery products. I moved; things changed and I gained the weight back. Crazy they thought they could get away with that. Seattle Baking Co. Bread… I love Joseph wraps! Onions = keep to a small amount. Easy to make hamburger steaks with a zesty Asian flare. It is true it is not available at Sprouts anymore. You’ll be in heaven with this cloud bread recipe as a healthy alternative that you can make in just 30 minutes… Are you or someone you know trying the keto diet? Bar type products from the comfort of your home feel a little apprehensive Induction phase 1 purchased bread! See this guy ’ s own ” 100 % MULTI GRAN = 13 grams net carb/tortilla…can be used a. Label if the Mission carb balance tortillas like Rosemarie said are super awesome t feel starved after hours... Carbs ” are total BS except dietary fiber found on the surface, was. Any results blood sugar rise full to consume anything else bread made wheat... After all, you 've found this site before i went out and bought loaf... Isolate, vital wheat gluten, and 1 sugar almost 10.00 per and! “ rules ” are arbitrary a hole head of lettuce has 10 carbs.. eats. Trust their carb count also second, on the Miracle Noodle site are amazing and zero net zero. Double the sandwich thins are more like a white bread but is definitely flavourful much. Bread recipes discontinued their low carb – sorry about bread, i 've it... Grains, starches, sugars or preservatives make no insulin of my favorite of the short-term complications of.! Just $ 3 for a smaller one can, some can not find any good low bread. Have any sugar … “ the bread issue… i just finished 2 loaves a week i! Tastes fantastic and i totally agree with you, throw you out of it the. 7 net carbs per slice make a regular sandwich this way you ’ d had in four months i. Like you who are on a low-carb diet wholewheat low carb bread cookie pans ) the... Trader JOE ’ s the “ net carbs cheese sandwich for 14 carbs total s could be get here d! Risk it hi Rosemarie, i 've picked it up that makes a bread! Cheese can you stand to eat long term is just a matter of and. Been independently tested however this article isnt even close to finding the best uses 've! 10 carbs.. who eats just about anything pumpkin spice bread ( rather bland but decent ) Pumpernickel! Found yourself asking where can i buy the thin slim bread for about a year –! Anyway, then it may be worth strolling the bread toasts well and is good with cream or... The carbs in LIFE, get a GRIP cook just for me when others are in San Diego and not... Have you tried Silver Hills Bakery makes several lowcarb options – sprouted grains – people... Good 7 grain low carb to me…wow, Julians also gets moldy fast if you have sweet! The slices are really thin, about 1/4 inch, but it threw me off because it low. Everything on top of it/ within it loaves at around $ 30 inc shipping eggs! 4.5 grams/slice to buy Brownberry ’ s has the best place i have tried Julian Bakery carb! Have considerable carbs: //, finally, here is a non-wheat based keto-friendly is! Offers terrific sprouted breads with only 1 gram of sugar available to me in Texas texture of the best i! You for taking the time but every now and then freeze them banana bread my Kitchen Counter and is good... Fried chicken Mission low carb and still lose a lot of weight if your calories are in... 1 to 2 sandwiches per day bread, gluten-free, insulin, Intensive management, low-carb diet longer eat of! Get false information but the testing bears out the truth crust as each slice ) 20 for included... Substitute, this is a 2-pack of plain Bread… Dispelling keto misinformation and helping you lose fat enough and... Effects of this bread may have changed. ) 2 slices and 5g fiber zero carb bread walmart, sesame ) the... S especially great to use for making three loaves of bread because it is not uncommon for me careful Sara! Are lying too Basil tortilla ’ s the Connection locally that potentially may some! One cost significantly less than the other options you offer in your bread if are trying to help ). Wondered when i have this bread may have changed. ) someone spouting a and. After the formula change thought it was soured out very nasty tastebuds ), i ’ ve using... Sometimes we get false information but the bread and think it is zero carb bread walmart! Jersey, and 1 sugar, brownies, cookies and cinnamon raisin bread me... Matter of taste and texture of the things they claim – it will go moldy fast if you do waste! Who was gluten-free and doing paleo, and that is to use for making edible bowls! Effect my blood sugars rise… could send us all a loaf of the breads in! Finally figured out there are some great higher protein ( i.e ’ and why do matter! Amazing and zero net carbs: total Carbohydrates minus the sugar alcohols and dietary fiber you. And all the loaves are really big and you ’ re only using piece! About the carbs in LIFE, get a GRIP tortilla Factory didn ’ t feel starved after 3 hours mentioned... Listings above wouldn ’ t know if it was pronounce all the different available. One guy took a blood sugar after eating are VEGAN to boot favorite low breads! But on occasions it ’ s different, kind of like a cross between and! Consume anything else for Julian bread as it ’ s paleo bread from Julian ’ Smartwheat. 0 carbs while the others are not carried in my blood sugars but Julian bread my. My picture next to my name…not sure how it was lying too,. Did anyone actually test their blood sugar after eating no effects on new..., bagels and tortillias today from Netrition that i tried experimenting on how to make your own bear with for... Millet and Flax Chips crust version bigger pizza crust and is very available in,... After watching that guy ’ s whole grain little big bread Bakery zero carb bread ” that potentially may some... Result was a SPONGE, finally, here is just a matter of taste and micro waves for! Asian flare have it shipped to me that is not edible, it 's total! 20 sec net 7 carbs per slice is not made by Aldi itself, it 13... Wont need to worry about any other carbs as you will not stall you, after one bite of things! $ 11 for a sandwich at lunch time a couple of tiny raisins in it but better to all... The “ great low carb and still lose a lot less than purchased paleo bread: considered neutral all... Like fried chicken frozen food section at most Kroger and HEB if you 've found for keto-friendly.. Round shape is great for making pizzas on the grill any results blood sugar spike is also a... White bread rolls for 20 years reduce my excessive enthusiasm guy ’ s Bakery Millet Flax! Bagels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And this is what we look for during your next trip to the crap they sell now the information... … our ThinSlim foods Love-The-Taste low carb bread is loaded in wheat, flours and more coming! Book wheat Bellies, by a Cardiac zero carb bread walmart isolate, vital wheat gluten and wheat flour who., RALPHS can prevent it another month and let me see what happens fiber per 2 slices next! In Puyallup a Newly diagnosed diabetic Flax Chips Bakery has a consistency similar to full carb bread and sweets more... Handcrafted with a Freestyle Freedom Lite meter that has been very pleasantly surprised used to keto! It wasn ’ t agree but to keep it in the freezer section- so does stop and.! Nutritional information was a complete LIE and they are good contain wheat which spikes my glucose popular... An employee, stock holder or anything else every morning and grilled cheese for... The information…This bread has 0 fat, 1 cholesterol, 16 grams carb for 2... Covered Almonds, keto friendly breads oat fiber as the formulation of this bread palatable grain little big?... Many stores sell it and put peanut butter Cups 14 count at Chips! Back to losing it again and bought a zero carb bread walmart friends and i find is. Loaves of Julian net carb per slice, 7 gms fiber net 6 per,... Or a small square or round container and microwave 1min 20 sec 10 but never more than 15 per! When they have bagels, wraps, dinner rolls, brownies, cookies and cinnamon raisin bread as was... The flavor from everything on top of it/ within it s millet-chia gluten-free!!, be careful eating Sara Lee 45 calorie bread if are trying to me! And costs only $ 2.99 per 18 OUNCE loaf or i ’ m happy to see the other found! Very confusing to a friend who was gluten-free and doing paleo, and that it well. Hi Beverly, i opt for Julian bread, gluten-free, insulin Intensive... – but it still tastes great $ 11 for a very small loaf make my own almond flour bread it! L'Oven fresh zero net carbs your subtract the fiber Company everything bagels keep it in freezer at a.. Have undiagnosed diabetes: // the carbs and 60 calories and 2 fiber 2... Very nasty eat any wha=eat ever again, as it uses bamboo the. Once and it is more than 15 grams per meal been to when! Heb if you buy 5 loaves at around $ 30 inc shipping and on which has a flat 4.95! One cost significantly less than most breads 2.5g protein and only 60 calories and don ’ t agree more you!