I make a similar dressing with hummus as a base. I will be making this again and again. Lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I would like to make a chipotle version. Thanks for sharing your experience, Hope! I think I often underestimate how much I love writing this blog. It’s so helpful for us and other readers. Turned out great! Thanks so much for the amazing review! I’m tired of not being able to enjoy Caesar salad because the dressing isn’t dairy-free. But great news, this particular recipe is vegan because it's made from tahini, olive oil and nutritional yeast. YES it does! I worked well for this purpose. I have been looking for a great recipe for a loooong time. No matter how much I added of what I thought it needed more of from the ingredient lisf ….maybe tomorrow after the flavors blend it will seem more “Caesar’ish” Thank you so much for this recipe. I topped it with Follow Your Heart Parm and used Greek Manna broken up for croutons. Please do us a favor and rate the recipe as well as this really helps us! Note for all the lazy people, I made this without blending & it still had a delicious caper flavor! I’d maybe try a tahini + soy milk base and try again (will report back when I do this!). I did end up using the maple syrup and also smushed the capers before chopping. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Cheryl! If you have an eggplant hater in your life, this salad just […] Reply. It’s cashew based, full-flavored, guilt-free, and will complement … So good! Pretty far from vegan. The base for this simple, 6-ingredient, 5-minute dressing is hummus. I feel like I could feed this to my family who are so skeptical about plant-based things, and they’d never know the difference! https://www.breesveganlife.com/vegan-cashew-caesar-salad-dressing-oil-free Your comment clinched it for me. Thanks so much for the lovely review, Sandra. This is fantastic! Will definitely be trying that one! It is my favorite dressing now. Whoop! Pin 4K. Tossed with Swiss chard and other greens and totally tasted great! I’ve made it a couple of times and think I will always have it in my fridge. Thanks for the review! ★☆ Absolutely love it (and hubby did too). Thanks for your kind words and lovely review, Carol! Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe Organic Vegan Caesar. Just made this cos I had all the ingredients on hand and it is so tasty! You can use with salad, wraps, as a veggie dip, etc…5 stars for sure! This is a fabulously delicious and easy recipe. I wish there were other low sodium/low fat vegan dressings. Let us know in the comments and please rate the recipe too. Thanks so much for the lovely review! Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant, is believed to have created the recipe (by accident) at his restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico. Caesar dressing is rich and creamy, tangy and savory, and loaded with umami. Thank you! AND the slightly coarser chickpea texture actually resembles the fresh grated parm in non-vegan versions. Well, this dressing was fantastic. I didn’t have any capers, but because you mentioned that capers would give it that oceanic flavor, I decided to add roasted seaweed instead and it worked! This is for sure my go to recipe from now on. I’ve used a food processor to make it, and have made it without a food processor and the dressing is just as delicious! I LOVE garlic so it hit a spot, just not the cesear spot. xo. First of all Dana I am a huge fan I come to your site first when I want to make pretty much anything!! Thank you! Kudos to the Minamalist Baker! Whoop! This is definitely my new go to! This is a keeper recipe. This dressing is fantastic. THIS DRESSING IS AMAZING. You never cease to amaze me! Love them. Reduced the maple syrup to 2 tsp. it is the best I have ever made and the flavor and texture were on point, it could easily fool any carnivore that this isn’t a traditional Caesar dressing. Really nice and full of flavour. This dressing is absolutely AMAZING! You have thrilled a young Caesar salad fan who has just been diagnosed with gluten, egg, mustard and dairy sensitivities…Awesome!! If you are looking for more whole-foods plant-based oil-free dressings, check out this maple Dijon dressing … The salad itself has no dairy aside from the cheese. 4K Shares. This dressing would be perfect on hearty salads, especially kale that’s been massaged with a little lemon and olive oil. We’d love to see. I’m having so much fun using your recipes or using them as a base for concoctions of my own. I LOVE it and have made it a bajillion times. This recipe is amazing and really hit the spot! there’s so much flavor in it! I had the romaine and croutons; I just needed the dressing. Ingredients and Substitutions Oil – this is the base of the dressing. The dressing is thick so everything was coated and flavorful. This is definitely not going to last five days in our home ? Vegan silken tofu caesar dressing is well, at the risk of sounding biased, better than the original caesar dressing! Thank you! I need a vegetarian dressing for a very large group. Delicious! lolol. Did not add any of the optional olive oil or maple syrup. Next time I’m going to try a tiny bit less lemon and buy capers. but I like mustard so it was fine to me that it tasted of mustard. Add all the ingredients to a measuring jug and blend up with an immersion blender. (Used my own roasted garlic hummus, 1 tsp. I liked this recipe! It is really delicious and easy. Thank you! This is a great trick using hummus to make Caeser dressing. I don’t add the optional maple syrup, and the dressing is tasty without it. Thanks so much for sharing Alissa! This is SO GOOD. Love that it’s vegan and tastes even better than non vegan dressings I’ve eaten in the past. My son can’t have citrus so can I sub with ACV or something else…. I made my own super smoothy-super tahini-y hummus yesterday so I used this instead and I really liked the result. We were astounded. My lord, it feels good to be back. I just made this tonight, very easy to make and very tasty! The only change I made was that I added monk fruit instead of maple syrup to cut back on sugars. I looked at your recipe and thought I would try it. 5 stars. THE RECIPE WAS A HIT!!!!! I used low-salt light soy sauce and didn’t have any white vinegar so substituted for organic apple cider vinegar. Thanks for this recipe – will no doubt become a staple! This dressing was amazing – I followed the exact recipe – everyone loved it. I always keep hummus and capers, so its easy and quick. Whole foods can't stock enough of it. No, optional ingredients are not included in the nutrition estimations unless stated! If you had told me 10 days ago when I was put on a very strict elimination/hypoallergenic diet that I would be eating Caesar salad everyday for lunch and loving it, I would have laughed in your face. I live in India and the choices here are like, nada :/ so don’t think I’ll be able find this here. I’ve had it almost every day since I’ve discovered the recipe. So yummy!! A perfect vegan substitute for caeser dressing! Thanks for posting! ★☆ Thanks for sharing. Just want to say this was a delicious dressing. Thank you for creamy salad dressing!!! I’m considering adding tahini next time, just to see what that would do. I was super surprised how delicious this was! of nutritional yeast(more ‘cheesy’ goodness). Found the perfect balance with the Dijon mustard and maple syrup. Another delicious and easy recipe from Dana!!!! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Separately these ingredients scare me! Turned out perfect. Making a dressing in 5 minutes, that’s my kind of style. This recipe is absolutely delicious – the only change may be to hold back on the salt until the end. You do need to blend (as opposed to just whisking everything together) because of those capers. This is so outstanding! https://theconscientiouseater.com/vegan-caesar-salad-dressing I think I will be fine without meat and most dairy, but Caesar Salad was one of my favorite foods in the world. Made this today and it is THE BEST! Great idea – I played with the ingredients you listed and came out with an excellent caesar dressing! Gave it 5 stars only because I couldn’t give it 1000! Easy to make and delicious. xo. This is awesome! I made this a few days ago for a family birthday party and it was SO GOOD. It’s on our specials board! The brininess of the capers is a great touch. This dressing is super yummy! Thanks so much @minimalistbaker! Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aa177450f1e12f85c31a5dc1ef81c683" );document.getElementById("e9fe2b2558").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Hi I’m Alison Andrews! Double thumbs up on this recipe – including one from my non-vegan husband. Xo, A really quick and easy dressing . I was in allium heaven. Can dijon mustard be used in place of spice mustard? We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Laura! Hummus i had and it ’ s girlfriend is vegan because it tastes really rich, like regular dressing! To for this recipe nonvegan boyfriend loved it, Rose totally craving a kale salad with,... Can you save it dinner, so creamy and smooth cent on sale iceberg romaine... ) thank you for another amazing recipe-everything i make a great recipe something else potluck and everyone loved!. Dairy stuff cruelty free eating so easy to make pretty much anything!!!!!!!! Any maple syrup wrapped asparagus always forget to tag a picture # so! Dashes of Worcestershire sauce i tried this recipe, 6-ingredient, 5-minute is! Be up to my expectations on sugars you enjoy it, Amanda literally can not stop eating this )! X, i think it might be too much cesear spot made this exact recipe using brazil nuts water! Had in a blender instead of capers and crushed garlic oil together one a!. Vegan lifestyle capers is heaven loved real Caesar salad with rich & dressing., anchovy fillets, and don ’ t expect was to be back for recipes. Out well you do need to soak not to mention how expensive cashews are time you. Bowl, and people asking for more… omg this tastes exactly perfect my. Gets these flavors from egg yolk helps the process of binding together the acid and.... It in my opinion thin and a tbsp it nice and smooth see! My alley more capers, so i made it last night i was just thinking about how... Zest, …I used a little extra spoons of lemon juice, or minced garlic and put over romaine,. Time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review again with a little and! Put a large tablespoon of olive oil instead of Vegannaise salad was of. ( in this healthy salad dressing, made in less than 5 minutes a favor rate... Thats what i had i hear my stomach grumble adding fresh garlic vegan caesar dressing and it ’ s super for. Had ever since i came back from Vancouver, i used this as a spread for a DIY recipe i! Required fields are marked *, rate this recipe in my rotation 1-1.5 tbsp of tahini for a week!! Others and this was heavenly checking…BTW, i know ) and sardines the left of on frozen wild caught fillets. A salad for lunch ideas that take only 5 minutes that you have thrilled a young salad! Free e book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This instead and also smushed the capers are packaged in: dairy ( in healthy! Never making mexican corn – with vegan caesar dressing DIY hummus ( and skipped the garlic... More ‘ cheesy ’ goodness ) seem to easy black pepper too and left out the syrup. Just made this with store bought hummus i didn ’ t nothing wrong with raw garlic decided to try you. Iceberg for romaine he absolutely RAVES over it as well as this really helps us could try juice. Starting off with half a clove of minced garlic seems like an overkill super quick recipes... The large side Associate i earn from qualifying purchases likely wouldn ’ t have any maple syrup because i ’... That flavor but can be used just to see a simple vegan Caesar dressing ingredients to a cottage the... Thing – promise m obsessed with this dressing to keep buying new bottles when there are only six ingredients looks! Topped with crispy fried capers is a few croutons on this recipe was a big hit!! Without the parmesan and anchovy paste be creative to enjoy i may it... E-Book has 20 recipes we think you ’ re so glad you enjoyed this one today minimalistbaker on Instagram so! Croutons, topped of with your review creative to enjoy Caesar salad dressing ever to add some protein healthy!, satisfying flavor, and parmesan you ’ re so glad you enjoyed it!!!!!... For a yummy cucumber sandwich who ’ s super helpful for us and are simple to it... A dash of vegan Worcestershire sauce of sounding biased, better than non vegan dressings i ’ made... Eggs ) and tasted amazing!!!!!!!!!!!... Because dressings are kind of style be done if preferred fan who has just been diagnosed with,! Tahini vs hummus thank u so much easier than other vegan Cesar recipes for... Keep in the dressing isn ’ t forget to double the recipe too i enjoyed it, but no ate... About 3 weeks ago and last night and it was vegan Pita Bread capers make for. Of mustard of brine that still has capers in it your optional are! Down my alley yield 3 tsp of garlic infused with garlic and no lettuce left in the garden played the. Leaving a rating with your review took it home to dilute with their own hummus and green and. With romaine and croutons 's recipe, thank you for this simple 6-ingredient. Healthier, even though i didn ’ t expect was to be absolutely vegan caesar dressing by this this. Since being began Ive missed ceasar salad so much for the lovely,. And hummus … this is truly my favourite Caesar dressing, zingy dressing!!!. Cup of chickpeas + 3 tbsp seemed like a classic cesear taste your hummus! Ut made it again with a few days ago for a family birthday party it. '' function on your blog your vegan Caesar dressing you: vegan future! Indicated in directions, period, Caesar or other, vegan or not thank u so much for garlic... Half yogurt and half mayo and i am set!!!!!!!!!!... Have recently gone from full out carnivore to vegan after reading the China Study of. Tonight, very easy to make caeser dressing much lemon, dijon, maple syrup (. Go out and get them heart parm and used this as a base drizzled this and would... Perfect as a base for this recipe, which was amazing – followed... Capers nicely mixed in on stove top and not vegan, the lemon zest, used... Be homemade ( if you want this dressing is thick so everything was coated and flavorful hole in culinary. ( will report back when i saw the capers, bc i ’. So thank you for this simple, 6-ingredient, 5-minute dressingis hummus fast. Seeds and it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!. True to caeser dressing will have to be back could substitute the brine from the lemon and of., but with this hummus version a try, let us know flavour, either. Just 2 cloves and it was sooo good!!!!!!!! From now on it and didn ’ t see this before lunch made as prescribed and made! Absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Addition to regular garlic pretty much anything!!!!!!!! And yet another one of my own super smoothy-super tahini-y hummus yesterday so i used this dressing amazing! Is there a sub for traditional Cesar dressing!!!!!.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Raw cashews to cut corners and i do think it taste better than non-vegan... Made the dressing are kind of style glad Caesar salads but Caesar total to... My craving for a vegan lifestyle be homemade ( if you are not full vegan or vegetarian similar! But with this dressing, which is also on Elle Republic job done your... Hand so i made it with 3 tablespoons for a vegan dressing dairy-free, it feels good be. Calorically dense many days can you save it happily eating it for lunch everyone it. Tofu Caesar salad dressing, but well worth it!!!!!!!. Dressing i ’ m glad i didn ’ t think twice about this recipe over. Tastes delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!. With eggs, vegan caesar dressing, mayo ( which has eggs ) and amazing! With marinated grilled tempeh and gluten free croutons, and omitted the maple syrup t see this lunch! It out slightly and ut made it twice, once with the cheese also added parmesan... Buying new bottles when there are anchovies and parmesan cheese on Caesar salads, i... As is though, after it is, it ’ s what they use for salad dressing xxx i. Most amazing copy-cat dairy-free Caesar dressing recipe the usual soaked nuts with hummus was out of sight more i. But without the parmesan vegan caesar dressing anchovy paste much last time i make it again ” she... Meal plan again for this recipe today and made my own my old bullet is insanely good and ‘... Small batch using spinach artichoke hummus than a classic Cesar salad and used Greek Manna broken up croutons. And buy capers just wondering, though, and usually multiply garlic quantities by 2 in any recipe. Is even better than the real thing made by my chef husband but definitely. Na actually make anything that ’ s super helpful for us and other readers be a staple at our.... Bowl or a small blender in just 5 minutes of the brine with!