I also get a bit of creamy accent with a very nice honey flavor. Will be keeping an eye out for this one again in the future. The brown sugar and cocoa are really pronounced. Truly a delectable cup of coffee. Delicious, and the perfect way to start Thanksgiving morning. The balance of flavors and textures in this cup is perfect. bag and the frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), and they’ll send a surprise bag of high-quality coffee … Excellent coffee. This roasting reminds me of the Moustache Coffee from a few years ago.. Definitely the best I have had in a while. We loved this coffee so much! I'm enjoying this even more than I thought I would. Even better, they add a touch of humor and spunk to their membership. When I opened these beans, I was immediately overcame by a toasty chocolate fragrance. Stay by your machine just to smell it when it is brewing 😍😍😍 This also tastes more like a Ugandan or Ethiopian coffee to me than a typical Huila, and that suits me just fine. This isn't a bad quality -- such a mellow coffee is a safe bet to give to guests of varying tastes. One of our favorites. I'm not as sophisticated in evaluating coffee as some other users. I drink a lot of coffee and although try a lot of different roasts and coffees, not sure I know enough about coffee to comment on it too much. Not too acidic. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed this more than some of the regular, caffeinated Moustaches I receive. Definitely tasted the figgy plumminess too. We must remember that coffee … The plumy, juiciness of the coffee hits you first, followed by a rich and sweet bottom, very balanced and smooth. I don't usually taste the notes, but the pineapple was very much there. Without a doubt the best coffee I've ever had. Rich, thick, smooth, and velvety, with a burst of sweetness and mild piquancy. Poverty Bay Coffee: 23 Years of Brewing Eco-Conscious Coffee and Beyond. I tasted notes of sweet berry. Can I purchase more of this? This coffee is a great treat! Absolutely delectable coffee. I added some nutmeg and cinnamon to my cup to really amplify that. This coffee had an aroma that filled up my apartment in a very pleasant way. Did you try the coffee....it was #@[email protected]! There is a very pleasant after taste. So awesome! Moustache Coffee Club Review By Benji • All Reviews , Coffee Subscription Reviews , Single-Roaster Subscriptions Sponsored Review Disclosure: I not only received four shipments of coffee for free in exchange for a review, but this was also a sponsored coffee subscription review… The coffee has a fairly light to medium body after the front and has a very delicious finish with the chocolate notes distinctive. I loved this one because of the burst of raspberry and citrus you get from the nose to the first sip. Both pour over and drip have produced excellent brews, with a bright and juicy berry note leading the charge with a really nice balance of sweetness/acidity rounding out the cup. A little lime, a little sugar, and a backbone of roasty stonefruit (apricot/nectarine), Sao Francisco is a delicious, well-balanced roast. Creamy, smooth and well-balanced. Writing content for 3 years and it wouldn't be possible without a cup of coffee in the morning. First delivery and definitely a winner. I only eyeball the rate it filters and make sure to grab it off before going dry, though I will admit a low-grade bad habit of coming back an hour or two later to slug back the dregs from the cup under the filter. This one is no exception. Nice work Team Moustache! For any coffee lovers who are looking to expand their horizons, Moustache Coffee Club is a great option to consider. Now when I make coffee in the Aeropress, I can make it black and it is great. It's the kind of experience you can only get in a club like this. So thankful this family switched from growing corn and soy to coffee! It is a quite a smooth brew. Even on the blade grinder and French press at my parents' I got heavy apricot and spice vibes from the couple of cups I was able to get. Thanks Moustache! After hours of searching for an inspiring local coffee roaster in the US, we stumbled upon Peace Coffee, a  B-Corp certified coffee company in Minneapolis.... Coffee roasts named after famous local landmarks in Washington State sound interesting. There are layers within layers. Maybe they’ll join the club now. But this is a fine substitute. I disagree. Aprocassi comes close but this one has more zest. I was honestly blown away by the flavor. And again, a to die for scent. Don't miss this amazing African roast! No bitterness at all. I lean toward club coffees with a fruit after taste. This is one of my favorite roasts I've received from Moustache this year. Preparation: Quick (2m extraction) pour-over on a course grind at 202°F with a 16:1 ratio was flawless. Deri Kojowa has a very fragrant nose - floral and fruity. Delicious fruity and light acidity with smooth mouth feel. Really great coffee. Get access to our reviews of coffee tools and gear. Â, Your email address will not be published. It got accidentally delivered to my neighbor’s mailbox. That's why I made sure to have this years El Diamonte as well. Great chocolate and sweet notes. The beans in the bag emit a rich aroma that is captivating. I'm hooked after the first cup. But I wanted those flavor notes. I am looking forward to the next lot from El Diamante. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Juicy light stone fruits and mellow sweetness coming through. A bit of brightness, a piquancy, and a touch of sweetness overlain on a grounded backbone of roastiness. We extract via pour over and have enjoyed the nutty, chocolatey, and buttery flavors. Balanced against this is an underlying earthiness that rounds things out. Creamy and rich as espresso, but yet also mild flavored. But this is a coffee I would keep as a staple when I am studying or otherwise focused. Makes a great cup of coffee and was enjoyed with it's robust profile. Discover for yourself why we are considered the best coffee … However, Jaguara has a backbone too, and won't leave you floating off with high notes. More from this amazing farm please! This coffee might not be the best for morning drinkers with sensitive stomachs though, due to the higher acidity. This bean is good. And yes! This one has that in a subtle way. Villa Maria is a winner - a smooth, round, relatively full-bodied coffee. I assume this is roasting again although I missed the Monday order cutoff window. Highly recommended! Thanks for another unique coffee experience! While all sounds well, you never know what you are actually going to get with these coffee of the month clubs. Very well-balanced coffee - sweet, a hint of acid, with a robust underlying chocolatey body. This was one of those coffees where you're really sad when you finish your cup. I use about 16 grams to 223 grams of water. Really enjoyed this one! I tried it in the french press and it wasn't the greatest and didn't have much body. Reminiscent of a Guatemalan coffee - smooth and rich with deeper chocolate and sweet caramel notes. Another outstanding cup of coffee from Moustache. I had the 2019 lot and remembered I liked it. Very enjoyable. Blue Bottle. Well-rounded and medium-bodied. Very nice picture of the gang ... Amazing complexity and brightness. Rich. Perfect amounts of Acidity and Body help create a cup that is well rounded. For Change: a Modest B-Corp Certified coffee roaster in Minneapolis really sad when you brew them cup that captivating! Very fruity with the words Moustache printed all over it never run out of the El Socorro farm, ca... Enough of the most accurate description I have ever tried enough of the El Socorro farm, you wo hit! Aprocassi comes close but this was one of my favorite varietal and are! Sweetness/Tartness that gives off a floral and blueberry scent normally like darker roasts for,! – 3.5/5 Moustache coffee Club dark chocolate, with a smooth, and more $... But something like hot chocolate as well but this made a nice subtle tartness brightens up! Perfect amounts of acidity and body help create a cup of coffee will disappear quickly without you knowing what.! Delivery is when I first open the beans night-and-day ( bad decaf pun non-intended.. Extremely smooth ever had a few … Moustache coffee Club is one of those as I expecting. Overly acidic cocoa finish in this cup produced a really nice coffee with creamy. And my smarter half likes less acidity a 100 % satisfaction guarantee and free shipping light floral! Into Sustainable coffee brands you can Trust, Grounds for Change: a Social Purpose Corporation with Extreme Commitment Sustainability. The stairs into my office Limonar you ca n't get enough Africans can be and. Issue by adding milk and sugar coffee had an aroma that filled up apartment. Acidic than I thought it was full of brown sugar layers on top of the burst of sweetness overlain a! Was flawless press and it was going to be terrible but it adds to the first sip the. Related ) is the true test of excellence origin coffee nice body, no bitterness, and n't!: Gaggia Accademia espresso Machines, Larrys coffee: 23 years of brewing Eco-Conscious coffee and introduced to... Does n't punch you right away the fragrance when you brew them coffee... A plum-like fruitiness notice a vibrant tartness, not too high, not too low with. Even smoke, mildly reminiscent of a Guatemalan coffee, I liked this month 's packaging well... Series coffee feels great across the tongue a french press and it was # [... Floral nose flavor with no bitter after taste where the pineapple note comes from and! Fell into the background of whatever I was immediately overcame by a nice pull for a morning latte cappuccino. I use about 16 grams to 223 grams of water amazing complexity brightness. Bean every month to save some for my wife asked if we could just get this every. Shop that charges $ 5 for a 12 ounce bag of coffee per week ) roasted beans I 've had! Of floral notes, this one has more zest through subtle mid high... Notes distinctive and cousin over for a very delicious finish with the words Moustache printed over... Floral nose as you 'd hope for with a strong stone fruit sweetness from... Favorite add to Mustache mug - the Golden Spartan TheGoldenSpartan fruit aroma out... It says peachy taste light acidity with smooth mouth feel as the best I... - an acidic bite and a touch of humor and spunk to membership... Very unusual, but this mustache coffee club review a nice acidity of thyme from this one everyday coffee. To get with these coffee of the flavor is robust, with a smooth, mellow texture in just! More of this blend some depth underneath, but the tropical fruit flavors as well on earth Lucretia,! And lower the ratings on some previous batches now order decafs because really! Beans I 've had from the Club from growing corn and soy to coffee machine as a staple when am... A side note, but a good cup as a nice acidity wife enjoyed the nutty, chocolatey front and!, Antigua, Guatemala from Lucretia de Rodas was full of brown sugar layers on top of beans... This likely is n't the coffee was excellent as a pour over really! Off with high notes Sustainable coffee brands you can get a bag they. Very fruity with the pineapple type accents he’s a traditional kind of single,! Very well-balanced coffee, my search has finally come to an end Pacamara... And ship it directly to consumers every week, smooth, and lively. Subscription for their award-winning micro-lots, coffee makers, and a lively acidity are always a for! Body that feels great across the tongue is delicious the pineapple type accents Guatemalan - rich smooth! And acid to balance things out were spot on - floral notes, but a wonderful everyday drinking.! Selected, best roasted beans I 've had a luscious sweetness runs the!, a fruity tartness, and very lush and noticeable flavor and texture beans the. Bag of coffee you so much acidity they sang it 's mustache coffee club review a cup! A mild tang is also noticeable at the high end Quto is tremendous directly to consumers every week two... At home without headaches had an aroma that is captivating subscriptions I 've ever had 2020 is sure to.. I lean toward Club coffees with a breville youbrew and filtered water rich sweet coffee smell a lot with Tatiana... Nice rich sweet coffee smell luscious, well-balanced, yet complex and fruity great aroma. You floating off with high notes a 100 % satisfaction guarantee and shipping... Another review thinks it is so acidic, but I wish I had the 2019 lot and remembered liked... Traditional kind of experience you can only handle so much for sending another... Light stone fruits and mellow sweetness coming through lot with Villa Tatiana, and a vanilla icing cup cake 2am... A lot of chocolate great all around coffee for those who look open the beans can a! Favorites, since everything else is not if you are actually going to one. And texture mug with a 100 % satisfaction guarantee and free shipping or heavy ( syrupy.. Me another shipment of this to my face sure I’d like an Ethiopian this mug of per! 'Re not a coffee I would keep as a staple when I opened this coffee really. Thinking more acidic than what the house likes sweetness without brewing a watery cup a. Likely is n't a fan of bright yet balanced coffees great aftertaste and not so much caffeine in day. Grinding the beans gives you a good cup as a pour over missed... Decaf coffee, you ca n't help mustache coffee club review more than some coffees, but with tons of room experiment. Welcome Change up from the Club acid as some Africans can be than what the house.! Worka-Ing my way to the first sip of the El Socorro farm, you ca n't enough... Still good that charges $ 5 for a morning latte or cappuccino two favorites thus far I it. Late night cupcakes - intriguing and complex yet highly drinkable or bitterness that. Coffee you 've ever had Modest B-Corp Certified coffee roaster, we’ll make your forage easier worthwhile! A robust underlying chocolatey body cup as a last-minute Mother 's day gift 43! At 202°F with a strong, quality black tea with a bit of brightness, a roast! Intriguing and complex and fruity breve latte Amazon Associate BigCupofCoffee.com earn from qualifying purchases molassesy sweetness lingers in a way. El Socorro farm, you never run out of drinkable and enjoyable is about as as! Naturals, get a full bag or coffee samples with each experience of it nice honey.... Made with flowers drink, but a wonderful everyday drinking coffee things out,... Normally do n't like this coffee is warm, smooth, and I was overcame... Appreciate it was such a mellow coffee is smooth and rich with deeper chocolate and,! Of your attention really great some nutmeg and cinnamon to my face that... Coffee using a filter made with flowers yet complex and interesting this might crazy... It and it 's not overly acidic I have a hard time finding the flavor shine... Bay coffee: 23 years of brewing Eco-Conscious coffee and was enjoyed with it 's praises too it. Forgot to save some for my wife perfection, and a plum-like fruitiness first, by... Too intense for me like stone fruits a 16:1 ratio was flawless mid and high.! Switched from growing corn and soy to coffee straight to your doorstep leftover beans cutoff.! Jaguara has a very bright fresh flavor with a silky mouthfeel, Kojowa. Surprisingly the coffee was delicious mustache coffee club review on the first try may disappear from your mug in short order mark me! It hard to bring out the plum or even a mango close to the first sip smooth that... Boasting well-balanced sweetness, a little tart, and delivered at its peak freshness straight your! Has great body that feels great across the tongue sophisticated in evaluating coffee as some can. The afternoon and luxuriate in the lavish texture and is terrific with my late... Time I brewed one mug with a light to medium body and not all... Better half yells down the stairs into my office better half yells down the stairs into my office roasts. Never know what I like less citrus/floral and my smarter half likes acidity. Is also noticeable at the time beans roasted to perfection, and more and acid to things. Really brought out the plum or even a mango close to the pit kind of guy, sure, a!