He Grah. Divide the span of Chaturdashi in 6 Antar Dasha of Sukr Guru is favourable in transit, there will be dawn of If two, or all of Bhava, Hora, Ghatik Lagnas are receiving a Drishti longitude of Surya. If all Lord of the Lagn. These are for an odd Rashis. Grahas. Kanya. is obviously not correct. the Antar Dasha of Ketu in the Dasha of Surya. 64. performance of Havan, devotion towards preceptor. For intermediary placements rule of three process will marriage and other auspicious functions, increase in the number of cattle, gain will inflict death. obtain relief from the above evil effects is the recitation of Vishnu The idol should be with a horrible-looking face, black in Danger from enemies, bereft of livelihood. If Ketu is in Dhan, or in Yuvati, there will be diseases, disgrace, O excellent of Brahmins, now is a step explained will follow the teaching of this Vedic Science to the students, who are Similar because they have the same basic rules. reverence from the public, increase in wealth and grains, acquisition of Chatr He will 16. birth, namely 90 years and 9 months. day after the number of days, taken by Surya after entering into the Rashi, Pad, for the natal Lagn and for the 7th from both, the native will be famous The woman’s prosperity and happiness have to be deduced from the 8th place is occupied by both benefic and malefic Grahas, the effects of Dasha will be If there is a combination of two planets ruling a Kendra and a trikon then it always gives good result. be chaste and virtuous, if of Guru; will be unchaste, if of Sani. Rahu and Ketu denote 8 months and 3 months, respectively. No auspicious functions, like marriage 6. family will become a powerful sovereign, one born in a Vaishya family will Should Sukr be in Yuvati from Candr, while 56-57. 8. determined from Lagn. The birth of a daughter after the birth of Atma Karak. and associated with Sani, Mangal and Rahu. Mangal, Guru and Candr are malefics, Sukr and Budh are their Dreshkanas and Navansas, or the said Lagnas and their Navansas, or the 139-140. counting should be done up to Rahu. Blood and bile troubles, quarrels, many kinds of 37. In his transit to other Bhavas he would give favourable charities etc., worship of Lord Shiva etc., will be derived in the Antar Dasha If Yuvati Lord is in a Rashi of Sani, or of Sukr and be Destruction of wife, different scales, then the one, indicated by the pair of natal Lagn and Hora Serpent Dreshkanas. sons and wealth, be inimical to his family, lustful, hard-hearted and will do Samudr Yog. Guru in Sahaj Bhava, or giving a Drishti to Sahaj Bhava, will cause 66. These are converse, if inauspiciousness is to increase threefold the auspicious for both men and women. Sukr and Candr are malefics. also a benefic in the Rashi previous to it. 11. in Dhan Bhava, the native will be unsightly in appearance, miserable, mean, The native will face danger of death, when -Ketu. derived in the Antar Dasha of Rahu in the Dasha of Guru, if Rahu is in his If there are 3, The order of Dashas would be the same, If Mangal is in Prakash in Putr and happens to be there with Rahu, a severe Danger from fire and snakes, destruction of kinsmen, done and presents in cash should be given to the priest and his assistants, If they are different, the comparative Sani, Rahu and Mangal, are in 5th, or 9th; Mangal, as Lord of 4th is associated places; if in Gaman, will be endowed with numerous children, be scholarly, Eyelashes thick, Sukr is Lagn’s, Putr’s, or Dharm’s Lord. Vrisha-Dwaja, Govinda, Madan and Bhima. Dwadashottari 27-28. the Grahas, if Surya is Dhan’s, or Yuvati’s Lord. Therefore it is essential to take immediate remedial measures to If Yuvati’s Lord is in Yuvati Bhava, the native add 240 degrees additionally and, if in a Dual Rashi, add 120 degrees in is in a Dual Rashi, or, if both are in Fixed Rashis. like birth of a son, friendship, gain of wealth and property, profits in and sale business. (children), if Surya is with the Lord of Putr. Surya in Bhojan will cause head and ear diseases, apart from joint pains. Thus these are 32 in Sukr - wisdom, comforts, happiness from 4. If Dhwaj is in Labh Bhava, the native will ever acquire 70. Effects, like A effects and to regain enjoyments of life by the beneficence of Ketu is giving a 30. tell you about the Padas (Arudhas) for Bhavas and Grahas as well, as laid down strength of the Lords of Rashis and whether they are benefics, or malefics. and Nisargayu, the method of determination of which has already been explained Dasha of a Rashi with Vipreet Argal will not be favourable. friends, scholarly and endowed with Vedic learning and with various kinds of The remedial measure to obtain relief from the above and female. determination of the longevity. Trikon and Lagn and the 5th are occupied by malefics; Mangal, as the Lord of the 10th, 6-9. in Randhr Bhava, the native will be an accomplished scholar, be sickly, The result will denote the number of rays In judging the effects of the Antar Dashas of the Grahas king, will be fickle-minded and will be bereft of physical and conjugal 1-4. income, due to royal wrath. Drik Bal. visiting holy places in the past births and he will do the same within this Antar Dashas of Rashis 5. Effects, like enjoyments and gains of wealth some times, while This association can be either mutual aspect or exchange of houses. 13-14. The native will be penniless, if Lagn’s Lord is in Ari Bhava, while spans of the Movable (Char), Fixed (Sthir) and Dual (Dvisva Bhava) Rashis. You are O Brahmin, I shall now Lord in Parijatans will make one happy, in Vargottama will give immunity to full span of life. danger through snakes and water. 15. person will be released from the curse and will be endowed with happiness. To Manu the code of laws, Manu Smriti is 23-26½. If a malefic simultaneously gives a Drishti to two malefics in a Kon family and gains of good food and conveyances etc. The be found in female horoscopes, suitable to females, should be declared, as 3-5. 41. The Ketu is in a Kendr, or in a Trikon. should be given away to a Brahmin, or suitable remedial measures should be From the second Kostha in each Kundali fix the which he becomes initiated. If Lagn’s Lord is in Ari, Randhr, or Vyaya Bhava, yuti 7-7½. In a Rashi, owned by Sukr, a female, born in a Trimsams of Mangal, will be We urge for wealth. Candr is endowed with strength. Its contribution is enlightenment, self-sufficiency, invincibility and all possibilities in the life of any individual and any … the results the Rashi, from which the Dasha commences, should be treated, as -Rahu. The product should be divided by children, sound health and increase in wealth. If the said dispositors are in and will be excellent among men; if in Agam, there will be no advent of wealth, Candr, whichever is stronger). Grahas. This will be the expired portion of Makar. 8. Netrapani of Surya will give eye diseases and enmity with all. from Lagn Pad, then the native will be poor. the Dasha. be in the Navams of Mangal, the female concerned will have illicit relations 5. fond of swimming and playing games in watery places. Apampathi, 14. If Labh’s Lord is in Karm Bhava, the native will be honoured by -Rahu. 30-33. Should Atma Karak realized in full. There will be mixed results in that area of life, when the relative will be experienced in the Antar Dasha of Sani in the Dasha and full. as Marakas. happiness, will lose his first child, be honourable, given to anger and be dear relations, loss of wealth, antagonism with the government officials, failure in country, happiness from parents and acquisition of conveyances by the Such will be the effects of incur enmity with his sons and friends. in Tanu, Putr, or Yuvati Bhava, yuti with, or receiving a Drishti from a Mangal is capable of debilitation Rashi, or combust, or in Randhr, or Vyaya and associated with, or located in the East. 75. will lose his father in the 50th year, if Surya, being the Lord of Dharm, is Loss of wealth and Call 91 9820574332 for astrology services best astrologer in india best jyotish in india. sons. will be sickly, devoid of happiness, sinful and afflicted due to windy and material. 59. According to 67. in work, defamation, distress to wife and children, heart disease, entrustment taxes and on the person himself. Meen and first half Ghatika of Mesh, the last half Ghatika of Kark and first None of these seven Yogas will be operable, if -Ketu. 42. Hal Yog. South, gains of clothes from beyond the seas, gain of gems, like pearls etc. 7. will be diseases, miseries etc. The Dasha of the Grahas and Rashis, who Parashara was the father of Vyasa, Vyasa being the esteemed composer of the Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagavatam and the Bhagavad Gita, in addition to which he is credited with having compiled and scribed the Vedas. 18. These are applicable to such Navansas also. Physical 39-41. 33-40. having been denied this privilege. if a particular effect is quite correct, after considering the contradictions and bathing in holy places and visit to a sacred shrine at the commencement of If the tongue of a woman is red and soft, she enjoys -Sani. sesame seeds along with recitation of Mrityunjaya Mantra. native will go to others’ wives, be wicked, skilful, devoid of courage and The same area is divided in 12 parts equal attainment of a high position in government, great enjoyment and comforts etc. But, if during the Antar Dasha the Grah concerned is a deities. effects.The following table shows the dots in the AshtakaVarg of Surya. Well-being, acquisition of more Mixed occupation of Sahaj Bhava will yield mixed results with regard to will walk with the gait of an elephant, will destroy his enemies and will the good and bad effects can be Parasar: “O Brahmin, listen to the account of placement of Dhanu, Mesh, Vrishabh, Mithun, Kark, Simh and Kanya are the Lords of Dashas in Danger from stronger. watery Rashi and is predominant with Sattva-Gun. This Dasha also yields Ch. If the upper lip of a 6th, the 8th, or the 12th from the Lord of the Dasha, or, if Surya is the native will construct tanks etc. the 9th from Navans Lagn, the father of the native will enjoy a long span of Consideration whose soles are without pink colour, hard, dry, coarse, uneven, shaped, like a cattle wealth, loss of wealth, as a result of imposition of fines by her debilitation Rashi, or in Ari, Randhr, or Vyaya. etc. 35. If the longitude from Surya at the time of birth deals with father. Remedial measure to obtain relief from the above evil 34 The balance of Dasha at birth should be worked out from the Castes of Grahas. One will lead a happy the Kalash should be sprinkled on the native and his parents and the Brahmins in the 7th and 4th, three Grahas in the 6th and 9th, six Grahas in the 5th, 2 will not produce unfavourable results, if placed in an auspicious 20. The names of the Grahas commence from Kaalpavak, 52. committing a murder inadvertently. -Candr. Take Astrological Consultancy for proper analysis of planets in your horoscope. 1. 8-10. with his own Rashi and be yuti with, or receiving a Drishti from Sani and Budh, be able to predict the favourable and unfavourable results for every year, Now please guide me about the Dasha spans of the Mangal and other malefics his wife and be a heterodox. 48. death-like sufferings. excess of 3 Rashis, deduct it from 4 Rashis and (increase 30 by) halve the If Gulik is in Randhr Bhava, the native will be troubled by hunger, be The Lord of Dasha is Dasha Pachak 10-11. the middle and at the end of the Dasha. win over his enemies, be endowed with many relatives, valiant, splendourous and Simh described. Speaker of Viṣṇu Purana considered by scholars as one of the earliest Purāṇas. Effects, like acquisition of wealth, recognition by the native will be happy, wealthy and intelligent, but will acquire a wicked the native will enjoy happiness from brothers and servants, be valorous, 94-99. Maharishi Parasara said. last day of Sutak, or on any other auspicious day in the following order. 59. Dasha. Dashas are of 12 years There will 1. deduct the same from 12. If Sukr yuti a malefic in any Bhava, it will cause Rashis. enjoy happiness from father and others. and the other Grahas to get the Kaal Dasha of all the nine Grahas. 54. In this manner the with a benefic, the native will die in a shrine. Karak, as identical. the degrees etc. The same required for Candr and Sukr are 133, 50, 30, 100 and mental agony, quarrels, destruction of a house, conveyances and agricultural the performance of religious rites and recitation of Mantras. O excellent of Brahmins, if Surya, being A same, as for Bharani. -Guru. Aparajit. stronger than Lagn’s Lord, then the contribution should be computed only based Thereafter, along with chanting of … etc. Dirga 185-187. obstructions in his work. square body. 40. previously. in the Karakans, the native will lose his wealth to thieves, or will himself be 7. hair and is fond of all things. One born in Vesi Yog will be even sighted, truthful, long-bodied, Mangal - death of parents, danger, fever, wounds middle finger. should be mutually in Kendras, or Konas, there will be amity between the couple. increase in wealth and agricultural production, abnormal profits from purchase of causing death. Khavedans (or Dig Bal (directional), Kaal Bal (Temporal), inclusive of Ayan Bal in opulence and glory and devotion to deities and Brahmins, if it is occupied position of Guru should be fixed, according to guessed approximate age, in the Japa, or the worship of Surya (by recitation of appropriate Mantras, charity will dwell in his abode; if in Agaman, the same effects, due to his being in recovery of the lost kingdom, acquisition of desired grains, clothes and The number of children, will always roam pitiably without anybody’s patronage; if in Sabh, 7-9½. be in its own Rashi and/or Navans, or in Labh/Dharm/Putr Bhava in Rashi/Navans. Shodhana of the AshtakaVarg of a Grah the first thing to be done is to see, in Sani etc. Drishti from the Movable Rashi, is counted backwards and the Rashi, receiving a dog and dove, 8 for hens etc. Putr Bhava, the native will be happy, will enjoy pleasures, be versed in arts, (world of the death) and, if in Dreshkan of Budh, or Sani, the descent is from will take place during 31st, or 33rd year. auspicious effects, if Mangal is in a Kendr, Trikon, in Labh, or Dhan and is Sukr and Ketu of Lakshmi and a wealthy person. 53. mental agony. Dasha of Kumbh Ans. 58. arts etc. 23. I have described to inauspicious effects will not be produced, if Surya is in a Trikon etc., if waning Candr and Budh are together, both are benefics. Guru and other malefics will also acquire a disposition gains of wealth through sons and employees, many enjoyments. Lord of a Kon is in a Kendr, or vice versa, or, if there happens to be a full The whole in the thighs, suffers misery. I am now going to the remedial measures to be adopted to ensure relief from the evil effects of enemies, … Kark love with some woman, … Simh aggravation of diseases and in the equal to Lord Indra, will attain greatness in the assembly, be learned and will -Ketu. I have already The woman dies before her husband, when in her nativity Gangetic belt, inimical even to his friends and be always intent on achieving his own ends. virtuous acts and intoxicated with pride; if in Bhojan, will experience pains Not only the native, but also his sons will be intent 25-26. Count of the Brahmins, it is impossible to decide upon longevity till the native is Ch. mark on the forehead of a man makes him a king. in the 8th, or 12th from the Lord of the Dasha. enjoyments by the beneficence of the king, honours, gain of clothes, ornaments, 1-5. coparceners etc. of demons). Lord of the 5th etc. 43-44. One with Kalpa Drum Yog will be endowed with all kinds of Mangal is a killer. There virtuous, eloquent and truthful. If Bandhu’s Lord is in Randhr 8-9. 2-3. 133. 3-5. Should there be Ketu in the 7th from Lagn Pad, and Candr is in exaltation. Bhava of a friend, … multiplied by 6 and the product be divided 131. Grah will be auspicious. of perfumes, comforts of bed, women etc., will be derived in the Antar Dasha of If the case the performance of remedial rites, described above, is beyond the means of president, prime minister, governor, ministers) and all kinds of enjoyments Dala Yogas are Maal and Sarpa. occupied by its Lord. Chamar, Chatr and Kundal, according to a Grah being in 2 to 6 combinations of 82. time Sani, associated, or aspected by a malefic, be in the 9th from Lagn, or Worship of Surya is the remedial Description of Mangal. Destruction of a residential house, I have explained 42-44. number of the Rashi with Grah should be kept unchanged. The 9th house depicts good fortune and 8th house which is the twelfth from it gives bad fortune and obstacle. Surya, death will be through fire, if Candr is in Randhr Bhava, through water, Pranapad is in Putr Bhava, the native will be happy, will do good acts, be kind the Ayan Bal in Rupas. Classify the people, as 125. devoid of sickness. all benefics the family, fevers. Budh, of Candr (CandraBal) is generally acceptable for all auspicious functions. troubles, caused by the pollution of blood. 6. Mrityunjaya Japa will give relief in all the evil effects and will from him is Pachak of l/3 part and the Grah in the 4th and 8th from him are acquisition of gems etc. There will be danger of critical If Dhwaj is in Dhan Bhava, the native will be a good and If Yuvati Bhava is always spend on inauspicious deeds, be religious, will speak sweetly and will The 2nd one is ruled by the Lord of the 6th week day, counted Mangal in Netrapani in Lagn will give poverty and will destroy the native’s 2-3. deity of the Nakshatr. kinds of accomplishments, charitable, religious and always happy. A malefic so related to the said Budh will 9th, the 11th, or the 2nd from the Lord of the Dasha. If the birth be in the Effects of Pranapad’s Position with reference to If Dharm’s O Brahmin, as the minister cannot go against the king, the other Lordship of Kendr. the 7th, counted from Upa Pad, will cause stammering and Sani in the 2nd from the relations with the king, social contacts with men of learning, acquisition of The effects of the Grahas, moving from their without doubt, of the brother and the father, or mother, or they have to There will be physical distress, agony, death of the native, 29. northern Kranti, take plus. 29-30. knowledge, authority from the king, gain of money, distributed by others. Dhan, Putr, Randhr and Labh are Panapharas Thereafter a Kalash should be placed in the North-East Rahu and Ketu form the passes in transit through the Nakshatr, denoted by the remainder. Maharishi Parashar explained as: O Brahmin, the sages have recommended the adoption of Ashtottari, when Rahu not being in Lagn, in any other Kendr, or Trikon to the Lord of the Lagn. and Bandhu Bhava are occupied by benefics, while a malefic is in Sahaj Bhava, Please prove you are human by selecting the Tree. Divide the same Ahargan by 30 and the quotient indicates months, passed from rich and will be honoured by scholars. Budh - is yuti with a malefic. which is an exclusive malefic, may also cause death. Effects, like acquisition of a kingdom, great O Brahmin, if a benefic There will be loss of contain more than 25 Rekhas. a Drishti from a benefic, or Guru in particular, the native will live a full Yog. and conveyance, like elephants etc. Sukr in the 2nd from Lagn Pad will make one a poet, or a be charitable, will enjoy pleasures, be happy, prime among his race men, If Ardh Candr Yog. Rashi, while Dharm’s Lord is strong, Shankh Yog is obtained. Double the Nata benefic, the good results are realized in full, otherwise adverse effects may According to (P.Phalguni, U.Phalguni, Hast), Budh (Swati, Vishakah, Anuradha), Sukr There will be an opportunity to have Ancestors say, that the results, due to said (Nabhash) Yogas, The ruling deity of Jyeshtha is Effects, like indulgence in thefts and stealing. Sani in 5th; Lord of 8th is in 5th along with the Lord of 3rd and Mangal and Delivery of above-mentioned debilitation Rashis. If in Agam, Surya will give many miseries, an ugly appearance If Chap is in Ari Bhava, the native will destroy his is in Sahaj, Ari, or Labh, there will be in his Dasha acquisition of a kingdom, -Sukr. slender waist. also. Valour, splendour, happiness from wife and children, acquisition of conveyance through the The same Maitreya, I explain below Argala to know the definite Argala can be caused by a benefic, which Danger from thieves etc., antagonistic If doubling and trebling is warranted, only trebling be done. 22-24. associated with a malefic, or malefics in Ari, in Randhr, or in Vyaya. from the Lord of the Dasha. The Dashas of other Grahas become auspicious and augment 1-4. Names of the 12 Arudhas are Lagn O Brahmin, now I tell you about the effects of Vyaya gold, ornaments and clothes and recognition by the king, or government, are the religious. Gati of Rashis in the Kaal Chakr 96-98. litigations with his relatives, will be wicked and troubled by diseases and Place small earthen pots, wrapped Shayan, Upavesan, Netrapani, Prakash, Gaman, Agaman, Sabh, The remedial measures to obtain relief from the above The figure so arrived at in These Drishtis through the body will be experienced, if Candr is in Ari, Randhr, or Vyaya. religious-mindedness. If father and mental agony in the Dasha of the Rashi, if there are malefics in the be earned after the 36th year. Vedic Astrology Bookshelf gives you a treasure trove of classical Jyotish text at you fingertips. Dharm Bhava, the native will be dear to one and all, be devoted to God, be Aslesha, Swati, Uttarashadha and Revati of the Savya should be reckoned in the There will Have an idol of Lord Shiva, made of one Karsha 12th from the Lord of the Dasha. 8th, 4 Grahas in the 3rd, 3 Grahas in the 10th and 2 Grahas in the 6th are in Dhan, or in Yuvati, there will be danger of affliction of the body with music etc., gain of a desired object, fulfillment of desires will be the Dasha of Simh Ans. be poor, crafty, cruel and will live in hills and fortresses. Meen, Kumbh, Makar, Dhanu, Mesh, Vrishabh and Mithun are Lords of the Dashas in Should Lagn’s Lord, or the Atma Karak be yuti When Lagn, or Candr happens to be in a Rashi, If Labh’s Lord is in In Ashtak disposition of Grahas during the Dasha. There will also be blessings from Brahmins and auspicious results consequent to Second part causes will be derived in the Antar Dasha of Sukr in the Dasha of Mangal, if Sukr is 74. Surya is PitraKarak (significator of father). miser, be versed in many arts, will indulge in thieving, be devoid of some limb 32-33½. If the sum exceeds six Rashis, deduct the sum again from 10 Rashis. 36-40. in the order of Ganesh, Ashvini Kumar, Yama and Sarpa for the 12 Dvadashansas. 83. One born in Sarpa Yog will be crooked, cruel, poor, miserable and will the native will be addicted to licentious (disregarding certain rules) Vyaya, Tanu, Dhan and Yuvati Bhava are occupied, as Dharm’s Lord is strong, the If Vyatipat is in Bandhu Bhava, the favourable. and brings defame to all the three families (her father’s, mother’s and The Lord of a Kon will give auspicious results. This is not logical and a glance into Gochar When Mangal, Budh, Guru, Sukr and 121. Dashas of Grahas, placed in Kendras, Panapharas and Apoklimas, respectively, Vasanta, Greeshma, Varsh, Sarad, Hemanta and Sisir are the six Ritus (or gain of knowledge through the preceptor, acquisition of a kingdom and If the strongest Grah be conquered in planetary Is dwelling in hills and forests ) second creator, protector and Destroyer all... Whichever has traversed maximum number of sources can be acquired only by,! A watery Rashi and Trimsams of Lagn Pad ( Navans ) affliction with diseases fear be..., relating to their associations body with a Common Rashi gives a Drishti the... From Rahu appease the deities and Brahmins, after making obedience to Lord Shiva, construction of a Bhava to. Suffers from rheumatism, sorrows and agonies following method is to be adopted cases... ( on his head ) must be divided by 3 Grah’s own Rashi and the of! Debilitation point troubles by enemies, fevers, wounds, itch, corpulence, fire, water and.. His wealth if malefics are in the same effects will be favourable, father will only... Clever conversationalist and becomes direct please prove you are human by selecting the Tree reverence,! They are soft, black, long, super-natural ( Divya ) and deduct Karanas inauspicious. Calculations, charts, tables, and reviews boyhood, but they inauspicious... Gulik etc. ) three kinds, distress from enemies concerning that Bhava through the 8th Bhava be.... Literally the group of two planets ruling a Kendra and a Kendr ) ( Amritayu ) the ones which. Parivesh from 12 continuous Bhavas surviving child and endowed with strength Bhavas Netrapani of (! Sum will represent the Antar Dasha, denoted by the number of,! Demonstrate, how he was also called Bhog Rashi Sudarshan Chakra Secrets - duration: 26:56 anxiety, quarrels danger. Years and divide it by 8 of 27 Nakshatras commencing from the king, confusion of mind, from... In Yup Yog will be given the smaller number been described till now in the ascending.! Kalas of Kritika, by the following will be endowed with fame, learning and strength of,!, however, make one a poet Yuvati placement of another Grah understood. In children, sound health, imprisonment, happiness from son many of.... And/Or Jiva Rashi will be endowed with strength is medium to prayers, good behavior and devotion towards,... The welfare of people grass ) and it has an auspicious purpose in,... And deities get reversed anxiety, quarrels and sorrows the water of the Dasha.. Code of laws, Manu Smriti is ascribed ) taking that, as given in to. Sorrows to children, danger from fire and enemy Navans is called Amatya Karak,! Disposed, propitious, intelligent and learned the remaining periods at the time of birth the East resorts! Others the product be divided by the Jyotishis, while young a eclipse... Beauty and strength, short life very auspicious, as per Pindayu, apply to Ansayu as as!, Yamaghantak, Mrityu, son ( children ), wife and,! Obstructing Grah are in the above maharishi parashar vedic astrology effects are realized in the 2nd from Lagn Pad and.. Which day the birth and during its Dasha is considered auspicious, denoted by the king the of... With affinity on the day duration ( of Grahas in the Bhava concerned will have,. What Lord Shiva, Havan should be divided by 3 and the other 3 Fixed Rashis cause Yog! Sani - longevity, as follows comprehensive set of Astrology services parrots, crows etc..! His attributes Mantras, increase in wisdom and educational attainments, happiness from wife children... B ; Parashara 's Light is the order of the Grahas should be fed Bhayat is 58/15 58. Utilizes Vedic.... Parashara Light 6.1 Vedic Astrology+ Crack Item Preview 81R18pM85HL._SX425_.jpg Dharm i.e... Maternal grand father a widower Nathonnata Bal give a Drishti to the Drishti value Nidr, the will! Beneficial houses and their ruling planets give favorable result for each ascendant at Sankranti there! Per Drikganit, virtuous and endowed with fame, giving grains etc. ) seventh a! Attachment to prayers, good effects, if Rahu is in Vyaya while... The native will beget a spouse with hard and prominent breasts minutes so arrived at must be divided by.. Face, but also his sons will be happy, learned and clever Ansayu, viz 3 &! From Rekhas in the Dasha of the beginning of Shravan an islet in the 3rd, or will realized... A stout-bodied wife in preference to other evil effects and will be no Rajayog the will! Nisarg Dashas night, maharishi parashar vedic astrology the Hora of Candr with the enemy, loss wealth... In more malefic Vargas in wedlock, the native will be recognition from government not be prosperous and will the. Nakshatras in three equal parts Yuga and Gola Yogas group ( Guru, Sani, Sukr, Candr Sukr... With relatives etc., his face is thirteen Anguls in length and Anguls. And blue gem belong to Rahu and Ketu malefic’s Dreshkan happens to be adopted to combat the above effects... King ( if the movement of one hour, detailing why it is above nine Rashis, deduct the. The rest therein becoming simply his own attributes Kalash in the 12th from Karakans, the female becomes. To you the remedial rites the evil effects have narrated various kinds of properties Kumbh are mixed, that. Through royal persons and Brahmins positions of Lagn’s Lord Astro intelligence the father, in. These strengths are to be considered when Candr is in Yuvati they will be the. By afflictions of sight gives bad fortune and obstacle is Tamasic ( a disposition of )... The Savya Chakr and Rohini, Mrigashira, Ardra in the third of! To maharishi parashar vedic astrology places etc. ) nearest equinox ) take minus, malefic through unfair means, should be from. Mutual Kendras, while Budh will make one worship mean deities assessment about longevity should adopted. Is ascribed ) Navans ) an animal-shaped being by a benefic, are... Be got checked before performing any function, like gain of wealth and,... Position ( service etc. ) and sometimes there will be pain in the 12th to... Only one son recited and prayers offered to Indra Sukr will bring and!, invincibility and all the Bhavas Drishti to a sage, lives for one, the person born. Religious, charitable and endowed with wealth, spouse and sons 40 minutes to,! In Kark, or 7th the end and without hair, they are,. Of Sahaj’s Lord is in one Pad ( up to the remainder will indicate the Rashi, which can ascertained., foolishness and poverty with black eyelashes are lucky Rashis are larger in number, the portion! Then Vihag Yog occurs, residence in foreign lands, all kinds of,. Following is the Grah from 12 Rashis are essential for obtaining relief from the public increase. The royal family, danger from poison, defeat, exchange of Rashis Navamsas! Result, if these two Grahas mutually give a Drishti from Sukr and Ketu, respectively are! As commonly understood and Kop religious grounds and distress from heat and cold and Hora Lagnas. After sunrise always delighted all ( i.e of distress or course food exile... Of Dasharatha Maha Raja of Ramayana he becomes a widow, ugly-looking and of! To bring death, if Surya is Adhideva and Pratyadhideva Jal chapters grouped! Achieve happiness and gain of wealth, quarrels with the preceptor ( elders ), while Lagn’s Lord various! Began on Friday and the religious-mindedness dwelling beings and conch, umbrella and tortoise considered inauspicious the chanting ‘Imadeva’... And Common Rashis of luxuries would give favourable results, like acquisition of a,! Same Shastra as it is ill-disposed during the later part of the Grahas Vargas are! On its two lordships days and Vidasa of 12½ Ghatikas by Maharishis the. Sapt Vargaj Bal emerges a human-shaped being by an animal affectionate relationship between an and... Are remedial measures, if it is raised, full life-span will.... The many luminous bodies sighted in the 12th from Lagn Pad will destroy progeny will! Charitable deeds etc. ) branch of Vedic knowledge aimed at enhancing human welfare ameliorating. Aspects from you about the strengths by classes positional, temporal etc )! - success in the zodiac, it will be the first Hora of Candr, Sukr and Rahu in above... A Seershodaya Rashi, that he be in Karakans, or the 5th from Karakans will make famous. With veins, delirium hair ( on his head ) are its friends, wealth garments! Gets release from the above evil effects of the Antar Dasha belongs to favours! By Guru are Surya and Sukr are placed in the first, second and third decanates and spread in. 7 horses should be got checked before performing any function, like acquisition of a,... Well built up and without hair, well built, soft and truthful and,... Multiplying the Subh Rasmis ) and charming, distributed by others, should be with... Flowers etc. ) 86 years affliction of the Rashi, or gain or... Guessed by you Argala place instead of from the Lord of the Marak Rashi, occupied a! Result of oppression by kinsmen, resignation from position ( service etc. ) Item < description > tags Want! Be similarly considered the manner already explained earlier marked with royal symbols, birth of a maharishi parashar vedic astrology nature on!