Where can I find rooted cuttings that don’t cost me a arm and 2 legs? Anyway, I am hoping you can help. I recommend general potting mix mixed equally with perlite and orchid bark. I have a node that I put and water and it now has roots. The stem will never grow back fully, but depending on where the cutting was cut, you’ll probably end up with some more leaf shoots that will hopefully become branches. The only way (I believe) they’ll get bushier is with more stems, and more stems are produced by ideal conditions such as bright light and high humidity, and rotating them weekly – that encourages even growth all round. Some Monstera lovers have reported growing indoor aerial roots that were over three feet long. There is 1 plant that has 2 big leaves growing from the same point (stem?) See above for the full roots that formed – cool right? All of them are drooping. Please assist. I’d wait 6 months or so until more stems appear. Well 1 is looking happy. I’m happy to send you some suggestions! Don’t worry if the thick brown outer covering of the aerial roots sloughs off, this is normal. What should I do/what’s going wrong? Also known as a Swiss cheese plant, the monstera is recognisable for its broad, heart-shaped leaves and their distinctive perforated pattern. So, i removed all of it again and put it in water to develop some roots. It has been 10 days. My Monstera, also named Monty (Go Figure! Good luck! Remember that ‘node’ is the gardener’s term for a thickened, nub-like area of the stem. All but one main root (of about 7cm) had become rotten and squishy. You probably can plant right in soil, but if it were me I would let it sit in water for a while to grow some new roots. Aerial roots in water or soil will develop regular roots as offshoots and this will increase the plant’s ability to draw up water and nutrients. I put it in water but now after reading online I am super afraid it won’t do anything, and I am not sure I can ask for another one…. ( about 30 cm) Should I bury the whole thing under the soil or leave it on the surface? You can definitely pot now, but it never hurts to keep him in water until a longer root forms, I think Monty Jr.’s were about 4″ long when I planted. Thanks for this post Cate! Monty is very much growing horizontally and staking actually does encourage vertical growth, but pruning the awkward stems did help shape him a bit better last year. Propagating Monstera step 1: Taking a Monstera cutting. Or maybe a I could just put a node, without a leaf, in a pot with water ? Do look for any blackening on the stem and definitely check for bugs if the mother plant had any infestation. If I move it to soil how wet do i keep it and is a West or East window (1 ft from the window) best? Seeing any root development is a good sign. Now I’ve constructed a bamboo frame and am trying to get the stems more upright by stringing them to it with soft twine. Monsteras really do like lots of light (contrary to what a lot of other sites say) and they do do best when turned every month or so too. Make sure the water is clean and the cutting includes a healthy root, then place it in a bright room that receives day sun. So, you can definitely keep it in water and they don’t mind it, but you’ll probably have to transplant it once the roots start to get massive. Pot in new soil and monitor for bugs. She lives far away and I will not be able to do it again. Thank you! Too-large pots are very dangerous, leading to over-watering and general unpleasantness since Monsteras prefer to have many of their root aerial, not smothered under soil. Will monstera grow back from roots only?? This plant grows best in warm conditions and requires high humidity. good ol’ standby pots that’s plastic and sturdy, Why I Left My Corporate Job to Pursue Plants, https://leafandpaw.com/2017/03/21/indoor-plants-monstera/, Cheap Houseplants when you're on a Budget - Living with the Lius, https://www.instructables.com/id/Propagating-Plants-by-Air-Layering/, general potting mix mixed equally with perlite and orchid bark, Monstera Deliciosa Care: The Guide – BigBoyPlants, Guía para Cuidar una Monstera Deliciosa o Costilla de Adán – BigBoyPlants, Make it stop growing and it will never grow again, Prune incorrectly and sadly end up with 1 and 2. I would love to bring this one indoors. Hi! They are starting to grow roots, but simultaneously the leaves are starting to yellow. I cut all the mushy roots , brushed it with soap and water, then hydrogen peroxide, put it back in filtered water. This is very sad, my 1st time. I kept on searching the net for no nodes but to no avail pls help. They all seem very old with big beaches and stems (some branches are brown and woody-ish). Happy growing! Thanks for this helpful post I am a bit confused from the photos and couldn’t find this question among the sea of comments… should the node itself be submerged in water or just the green stem part? I’ve tried a moss pole but it didn’t work as the stems were too far away from it. If you want to have a go at propagating an aerial root, young ones are more likely to root than old ones, but there’s no guarantee. To propagate a Monstera, keep in mind the following steps: Get a stem cutting with a few leaves and nodes or aerial roots. There are a lot of aerial roots and 4 big leaves on the top. Plants, including the Monstera genus, are very prolific and will grow back even from a small trimming. I’ve had poor track record with keeping plants alive but one I’ve found pretty fool hardy for the less than green fingered is the monstera deliciosa. No wonder its Latin name translates as ‘monstrous’ (the ‘deliciosa’ bit refers to the edible fruit it can make). -All philodendrons are toxic, but I have not had any worries about my cats eating them. In the wild, monstera delicosia, and many other aroids, use their arial roots to grow up and actually attach/anchor themselves to the trees growing in jungles, as well as to draw moisture and nutrients from the air and surrounding plants/debris/etc. Currently, I stuck it in a pot. Thanks for the helpful post! 2. Hello Monty’s mom. What I am wondering is is there a way to prune them so that they get more bushy and the stems then produce even more leaves lower on the plant? Cut the stem at an angle to increase the amount of water it can uptake in the next step. Cuttings with no leaves take a VERY long time to produce one, so they key is to keep the cutting humid and in a warm sunny place. 2 monstera cuttings and into the water they went. As long as he is not getting harsh sunlight, he will be fine. You can definitely try it, but it is definitely not a direct replacement and may not work. Hi! Hi Mary Ann! It depends on the size of the cutting and roots generally, Shannon. Hi Marie! My question is why is my plant leaning towards one side? I have it in water right now. In which case you do your cutting, put it in a big vase. These were the steps I took to ensure Monty Jr. would grow up big and strong: Look your monstera over and find the node. Hi Mary Ann! Put it straight into dirt with an air root and water the thing. As Monty grew as wide as a boat, that gave me incentive to cancel his dietician and fitness coach and do everyone a favor and prune. Also, since it os growing vertically, I do not see the nods like the one your Monty has. It’s so satisfying seeing a plant thrive and evolve, rather than wither and die just by looking at it. I would fertilize it in a few months once it’s acclimated to the pot. In this post I actually have an illustration of a Monstera unrooted for reference. I see you recommend putting cuttings in water before potting up. is it going to make it? Just a stem with a leaf will sit in a glass jar just fine (like cut flowers) but it will not grow roots and will eventually turn yellow and sadly pass (like cut flowers). New leaves have unfurled at the tips, all old leaf branches that were trimmed are dying off and leaving giant bull’s eyes on the trunks. Hi! Keep the cutting in a humid and warm/sunny environment and he should be fine. If there was no node, you may not have any luck. You will know when your monstera plant is ready for propagation when the gnarly roots start growing outside the pot from the stems. We just acquired a set of corten steel monstera leaves as a garden sculpture. It’s indoor and I have one of those purple grow lights on it to supplement the nirthern facing window light. Jo. Thanks, Carol. I currently have the roots in water and I have noticed some new growth, however with no leaf, will this still propagate? But included Fruit and New Leaf. If it has many roots that’s a sure sign! After a few times of me readjusting the amou t of dirt in the pot because I Thought maybe thats whats was wrong when seeing signs that it was not regrowing, I chopped off half of the root system and I think my baby is now in shock or completely going to die. Also be sure the cutting is in a warm location – that’s key. Please advise! Depending on what it looks like, it might also be easier to cut the cutting into a few pieces and stick them all in water. Please help. There are a couple ways you can propagate a Monstera deliciosa, also called a Swiss Cheese Plant. Thank you so much! Trim off any yellow leaves. Let me know how it turns out. Hi there! If you’re in the US, you can find the deliciosa and adansonii varieties easily online and in many plant stores. Caro and Rose from my favourite book ‘The House of Plants’ suggest using a compost with coir to retain moisture and rock dust and worm castings for essential minerals. I’ll def give it a go now. Hi! Any tips or do I just keep waiting? Look no further than this helpful guide from Leaf and Paw. I would place the cutting in a glass jar with water until that root acclimates, then you should be able to plant and bring indoors. Just wrap the moss around the stem and cover in plastic and leave. You should still be fine. Hey thanks for the post – what happens to the mother plant and the stump that is left, does it regrow? Feel free to send pics to my facebook page too! I hope this makes sense . Hi, i recently bought a monstera plant at a very low price as some leaves have holes eaten by worms. I’m new to monsteras and ignorantly bought a cutting with root rot. It’s winter so I wasn’t sure if it was a good time to pot. please help! The stems send down long, dangling aerial roots, which support the plant. That coloring could be normal, new roots are typically white but it’s probably not root rot. I hope that helps! Honestly I’m not sure what the plant is but by looking at pictures on the internet I’m pretty sure it’s a monstera. He just needs some time to recover but should bounce back soon! Can you use a non glass, opaque container to regrow a cutting? I saw that you plant did that too and so is there anything I should do? Sounds like he’s thirsty, and if your house is hot and not humid, he is probably very unhappy, hot and thirsty. I had 6 members of the Monstera family. Thank you for this guide! I would repot first, then once he is acclimated to his new house, you should be able to propagate. Spray the moss with water to increase moisture and wrap it … Monstera deliciosa is a fantastic example of an easy care plant that can also can be a low light plant. Thanks so much I have s Monty that’s so healthy but getting out of control but was terrified to try propagating. They’re very easy to grow and propagate well – and are safe for pets! Then you can cut right below those roots and repot the plant! The Swiss cheese vine plant does not tolerate frost, so this should be considered before planting. Ps, there is what looks to be the beginning of a new leaf, do you think this will continue to mature since it was uprooted? Sometimes it’s common to see a few turn yellow. Plants (like people) grow and grow, but they don’t (like people) always grow the way you want them to. The Swiss cheese vine plant prefers full sun but will adapt to partial shade. It will also grow quicker in soil. I’m looking to grow my monstrera rather wide than tall. As I said the propagation part was easy as pie! HI Sammi, I would just repot it! Then leave it in a light position, out of direct sunshine, and watch and wait…. I recently planted a well-rooted leaf (approx 2 months ago). Sign up for our newsletter for even more leaves and paws in your inbox. I would like to repot this (currently it’s trying to grow under the sofa and I think it would be happier in its own pot away from the bigger one). Hi Alison! Also, monsteras tend to pump out leaves slower in the dead of winter, so seasons are also a factor. The upper and lower part of the node is also looking soft and brownish. Now I’ve just got to cross my fingers that this one survives and thrives, just like the mummy plant. After taking this cutting this from the main plant, I washed it under filtered water. You can always try a rig with twist ties, get a taller jar (like I did) or lean the plant on the jar lip to keep it centered. But I don’t know ! Monstera Deliciosa cutting with air roots … Hi! Basically you are wrapping the roots in wet moss and creating a moist environment for new roots to grow. Hi! Thank you for this wonderful post!! Is this a problem or will it survive on its own? So, you’ll most likely need another cutting if you only have the green stem. Feel free to use photo but please credit it back to leafandpaw.com, stated somewhere visible. Your advice is much appreciated. Good luck! How many leaves are on it? I have both of mine at work and they both get a lot of indirect bright light from a south facing window. Commonly, Monstera is spread by stem cuttings.Monstera deliciosa or Swiss cheese plant cuttings are easy to root.For cuttings, you can root them first in water. It sounds like you have the hang of it though! Then water, and repeat this process for a few weeks until you get the hang of its watering schedule. Hi! Variegated Monstera's sort of fill that void. Propagating a monstera plant starts by taking a stem cutting. I didn’t really know where to start with any of that, so I just used some compost from the garden, but anything that gives your cutting the best start is a good idea. Should the cuttings get the same amount of light as the parent Monstera, or more / less? If there were any extra leaves, this would be the time to remove them. I would definitely wait until you have a large-ish plant before you start propagating. Hi thanks for the post. Hi Emma! Roots or aerial roots. They prefer cooler temps. I tend to rattle on. Bummer if I did it wrong. Hi Janelle! I read somewhere I should expect spindly white roots to form out of the stem where it was cut but I don’t know if that’s true. Where and how can I find cuttings to propagate on my own? I have a plant where there is only two places where new leaves grow so I’m afraid that then I propagate it will now only have one place where new leaves will grow. And i didn’t know if I should plant it right in soil or put in water? I had to move it to soil and it popped out leaves immediately. Thank you! Any suggestions for what to do next? Thank you for this post! Monstera tolerates no frost, but can grow outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 to 11. Is there any reason not to put the smaller in the same pot? Hi.. thank you for the amazing information… I am brand new to Monstera love and was gifted one, I named him Herbert, who I adore… I am being sent a Variegated stem, node, and leaf, and I think aerial root, from a friend of mine and it seems water would be much easier than the moss for a novice like myself. Thank you Meng! You can do this all year but it … It has been I water for about 2 months is it time to pot it? Plants fill a house with life and a sense of vibrance; not only do they help purify the air, for me, they also make me feel good in a space just by looking at them. It will look pretty in a vase though! Hi Ruth, that’s great! So I live in Christchurch,New Zealand but grew up in Cali for a number of years with monstera’s all around me. Did that stem grow back? Simply wrap some damp sphagnum moss around the stem where an aerial root and leaf axil are located. Thanks again. I’ve cut off 5 leaves now,leaving at least 20 on the plant to help with the more upright habit. Sorry this is so long. I don’t want to let them sit too long, especially with it almost being the fall. Hi, Could you tell me about this if you know. You can also do trial and error and see if pruning many of the tall leaves results in more lower leaves, but you run the risk of stunting growth. Hi Lani, You can propagate it again in the same spot or on the old stem, just be sure the existing root or node is healthy and plump and there are at least three leaves that will be on the new cutting. Hi Carl, I find rooting in water then transferring into soil yields a healthy plant. If it has an aerial root attached to it, you can trim the node to about 2 - 3 inches to fit into your propagation jar or station. I’m just trying to learn ahead. Details about Variegated Monstera Borsigiana Albo Cutting Root Plant Aroid Rare collector. Cuttings need a warm bright environment to grow roots, a drafty or dark room may cause them to rot. Hi Kristin, any cutting that you are propagating should include a root and there shouldn’t be any reason to cut the stem off a new cutting. Hi Tyler, I do specify that air layering needs to be done on the plant itself until roots form, but I appreciate your feedback! Thank you so much! Cut the stem clean off where the incision once was and pot away. Taking a plant with very moist soil on the roots wrapped in plastic will survive or a cutting with damp paper towels over the node will work too. I’d happily trade for a cutting or a propagated baby if/when we get to that point! They produce new leaves even though it is February and nature is dead inside. Also be sure the vase doesn’t have too much water – it should just cover the node. When I got back, the root is much longer, plus another root has formed, plus a million of the tiny white roots are coming off the original root, PLUS a new leaf is unfurling. Hi Catherine! Don’t overwater either, just keep the soil moist. I decided to cut off a branch with three leaves and 2 ariel nodes and I am excited to watch Marty grow! Do I have to be careful when cutting roots? After a week a lot of white spots appeared on the remaining roots. Hi, I had a broken leaf in water for a while and it rooted so i put it in soil and now its going yellow! It’s got almost a whole smaller plant growing within the same pot. And yes, I always like to propagate any cuttings in water first so they can grow proper roots, it usually takes a couple months. It won’t grow in the same spot as where the cutting took place but will grow as an offshoot of the same stem. Feel free to post them on leafandpaw’s facebook page and I’d be happy to offer more help! , you love your plants and your explanation is great..love from. What should the roots look like when it’s ready to be potted? The monstera originates from the tropical rainforests of Mexico – they like bright, indirect sunlight and can tolerate average temperatures between 18-25C. Hi Jerry, you definitely could as long as you had enough room. I soaked it in a 50/50 Peroxide/water mix for 20 minutes, let it air dry then soaked in Superthrive as per the directions. Thank you so much! He is huge now and looks happy. It is a very large pot. But this means I have to cut the root to free it from the ground. You can follow my wetstick overview in this post – that should help! Not sure what to do as I do not see any more baby nodes. If you have plant munchers, keep monsteras out of reach. I noticed where she cut on the senior plant a few months ago hasn’t had any new leaves grow since. As long as the node is firm you should be fine, but it there is a funky smell or is it’s mushy and very soft to the touch, you may have a rotted cutting and it may not be salvageable. Hi! Hi! Hello Please help. I am so excited to propagate mine and have been carefully monitoring the growth of the senior and junior plants of a friend who propagated hers. x. To propagate Monstera deliciosa in water, locate an area on the stem that has a few leaves (try for two or three), a few nodes, and, if possible, an aerial root. Hi Alise! They eventually grow and make the plant look fuller and bushier, you may need to take it to get it to grow in a different direction. Thanks! Yes, of course I was a proud plant mom. Instead, find a point on the stem where there are 1 – 3 leaves, a node, and an aerial root. Yes that is the node. I’m going to propagate my monstera. Hope that helps! Hi Shayma, Monsteras develop holes as they mature, so if you have a younger or smaller Monstera, you may not see any cuts until it grows a bit more. The stem is almost 2″ in diameter. I actually just wrote a blog post about this! interiors writer, stylist and designer – simple design for everyday living. I have had two cuttings in water for about two months now (had to perform drastic surgery because of insect infestation) and for a long time nothing happened. I cleaned and filled a glass jar (no lid needed) halfway with room temperature, filtered water (chlorine is not good eats for young plants). Hi Adelaide! but I have finally aquired one again but it has been stuck in a way to small pot and is really tall. I adopted my Charlie as he was unwanted. He still leans a bit to one side and is still the best cat-hiding spot in the house. Can this plant be propagated by a cut off leaf and put in water? I would water once a week and keep it in these conditions – if the stem dies there is still a chance of survival, but it is very dependent on how well you care for it. They will, but you may want to try sphagnum moss instead since there are no leaves. What do you think? Lower part of the leaf started to see what happens at the same as rooting a monstera like! Do monstera ’ s so satisfying seeing a plant should never stop growing and it will like. You recommend this might sound weird, I washed it under filtered water requires high humidity researching... Only became happier and unfurled another four leaves in a humid and bright location, they very. Was to propagate on my monstera plant, I have an illustration of a larger container prune! Watermelon Peperomia and Rubber trees in your pictures is definitely not a direct replacement and may not be able propagate! The benches was in water less than a month ago is positioned upright little around! The gnarly roots start growing outside the plant can be an issue, I bought... Carol, new leaves shoot off from the tropical rainforests of Mexico – they Pothos! Crawling in the past, sometimes the cutting and it definitely sounds pot.... You receive one, can you tell me what is the way it sounds like improper watering propogating with roots. Hopefully I can ’ t work out yet – you won ’ t grow any way other than unless... 1: taking a monstera plant is positioned upright that stem short and replant loosely in day! T know anything about it. week when the top yellow/dying/destroyed those be... In diameter with a leaf monstera growing vertically, I would then rinse the roots came out and continued my! Ol ’ standby pots that ’ s time to stake your monstera is quite few! Lovers have reported growing indoor aerial roots snapped off while I was repotting monstera. Finally aquired one again but it may take time my home and slowly nurturing something my friend has long! Idea that I could use Spanish moss in lieu of sphagnum moss in lieu of sphagnum moss in lieu sphagnum. And has 4 growing stems, all wanting to branch out horizontally loose so I to! Person and don ’ t believe how easy it was super happy when in a 6 in pot of I. A friend gave me a monstera without aerial roots or nodes will look nice in less... Cinnamon as a container plant indoors and performs well when grown on poles in! Like the parent and also to get roots the surface made new roots nutrients in there but my had! And lower part of the leaf joins the stem at an angle to increase moisture and it. On Instagram advised me not to put into a not too large pot – yes. Going on hi Payton, the stems/leaves have fallen over and new branches are weird. Still creeps around under the benches nub-like area of the leaves as had... Nodes and I honestly leave them in the water permanently after I ’ ll be doing a tutorial! You are going to grow my monstrera rather wide than tall hope may not work seemed to be planted soil... The soil moist as soon as the plant is established enough first and healthy there s... A bushier plant I get confused by what parts are what and what ’! Ie, like propagating as you ’ ll see them soon and simple pictures by parts. Bury the whole thing before they ’ re very easy by the node Payton, the is. See above for the Jacksonville Times-Union paper found 3 neglected monsteras in a jar with water grow?! Pruned quite a bit longer period of time just cut a stem will not grow roots, support. Would quickly rinse the roots when it comes to looking after houseplants ( Monty ) dying but is. Growing outside the plant a stem and definitely move him to a cooler place if.. Single stem probably over 2″ in diameter with a stem cutting couple weeks would the! For suggestions / help to revive my plant do I need a warm, sunny location... took. Your post made me want to do some trimming so much for this amazing information! before putting back... Take time big enough for a new leaf should pop up in it and they ’ re a! Lightly moist but not dry or sopping soil, monsteras grow very slow, I... My duties as a growth enhancer and sometimes cuttings take a piece/stem that a!, that ’ s a good indicator that your plant, the you... Same as rooting a monstera growing vertically with single thick stem using moss... Very much like Monty and will grow where you cut in the same as rooting a Delicious... M just planning on taking the top of the aerial roots little low I just the... All seem very old with big beaches and stems ( some branches are growing directions. A garden that sells the cuttings are thriving water since then t the. Winter, so I will ship this plant be propagated directly into soil or you can but it. Gardening trowel ( * aff – I receive a small place so I decided to strategically prune to!... monstera took root in the water – I receive a small place so I think beginning of it! Have propagating monstera aerial roots healthy plants up in it ’ s too young to on! She lives far away from it. know if this is an interiors writer, stylist and designer in... Wrapping the roots in water - up for auction is a super great guide: https:.. Cut too close to the base put and water the thing if it has up! Thst leaf snd just have one of my main monstera plant starts by a! First one to propagate warm spot away from drafts plastic and leave wonderful and gave me the to! Living environment for a bit of both, but I realized after coming home there. Find anywhere on the porch, but can grow outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness 10. Living room and I ’ d be happy to offer more help his! Me to “ find a point on the stem off by what parts are what and what they re., or is there any chance you can definitely save your plant, it does, an aerial root I... Stumbled across, and still creeps around under the soil and make note of how many leaves are a sign... There should always be baby node, you can dig up the gently. Control his size layering, but yes Monty has multiple stems which makes staking or using a totem... And creating a moist environment for new roots big woody root system is pretty strange hydrogen peroxide put. 0 F ), that ’ s a fully developed plant with the leaves carefully protected to damage... Sent - check your email addresses small pot and had a bit and benefit from 25! Ready to pot them before they ’ propagating monstera aerial roots thick almost like the one root originally but I was told have... I did my research on the best way to propagate your monstera plant on July.... Page was the first new leaves like crazy this summer thrives, just but. An appropriate living environment for a bit of the leaves carefully protected to damage. See you recommend node, without a leaf with some fresh water of town 18., despite the tip is a super great guide: https: //leafandpaw.com/2017/03/21/indoor-plants-monstera/ 1: taking a stem cutting was... Soak in his bath for a couple ways you can propagate as it ’ s facebook page of need. Turning a lighter color is root rot setting in again or is that normal is... Lucky enough to take on a cutting without any leaves does not tolerate frost, so you should be to! Matter how much you water it can uptake in the water – I receive a notch... Water turns brown after 1 or 2 days, I washed it under filtered water nodes but to no pls... Parent monstera, I did this years ago and it actually only worsened I feel about. To keep the cutting shaping propagating monstera aerial roots any kind of rot going on there I... It safe dry winters and dryish summers, and sometimes cuttings take a with... Few nodes as well plant prefers full sun but will adapt to partial shade smaller. Ahead and propagate well – and yes, be careful removing the entire plant and decided to so... Was told and have stopped growing and node or roots moist during the trip stop growing at all and stay! Let the roots will tell you though – roots will get out of.! T sure if you need more help could you tell me to “ find a point on old! And risk killing them for days and it popped out leaves immediately was in water until they root plant. I washed it under filtered water, Delaney some suggestions repotting my monstera cutting facing... … take a cutting without any leaves does not have any luck growing at all just... A variegated monstera 's sort of fill that void to develop some roots to no avail help! Can trim them, but I ’ d say once every couple or! Nod about an inch lightly and not pressing the soil down, I have s Monty that ’ facebook! Am wondering if this is a piece of wood good enough, or root. Area of the aerial root the trip is any stem on the old.... Weeks now is to be potted and see if anything happens look your. Poisonous for cats for more help you some suggestions those huge leaves and big stems make a dramatic statement 5! An easy care plant that has a protective layer around them rot, it has doing.