I purchased two plastic Medium Grind Maxwell House Coffee 42.5 oz. Politics It seemsare in every nook & cranny of our everyday life.I for one will be doing my research on exactly who owns and controls the FOOD sold to the TRUSTING SHEEPLE... IS THE DEEP STATE AT WORK AGAIN? It tears my stomach up. Waves of naseua, and on and off headaches. but i used some today and feel very ill again. WOW!! I can handle a burnt taste--this is more of an acidic sour taste. I changed to this from tasteless Folgers. Many who have no local source order coffee online—fresh roasted just prior to shipping. After investigation I found that Maxwell House among other coffee brands have switched all their coffee beans. ALSO important is your preferred roast level---some like medium roasts while others like dark to very roasts. Find great deals on eBay for instant coffee decaf. I will definitely be switching my coffee back to Starbucks or McCafe!! Pretty happy now. It's been a little inconvenient BUT I have my coffee back and it's very good. I am so glad to see that I'm not the only one that can't stand Maxwell House coffee anymore. $49.00 +$16.90 shipping. a bad batch of coffee beans? When I finally realized it was unmistakably the Maxwell coffee I googled it and sure enough, it's a thing! Thanks a lot jerks. I don't believe parent companies of either of these coffees can depend on their past reputations for damage control---their damage is sitting on store shelves for sale. We are off to another brand not to return. Thats all that we drank was maxwell house coffee, the past year we cant drink it no more. I don't know if it was the coffee or the oatmeal or both but I was sick all day. I am not a coffee drinker. Do a search on GMO coffee beans and you will find a wealth of information on the subject along with a long list of Nestles coffee products. On the verge of vomiting. Unwrap the number 10 can and you will find it is no longer the trusty metal can. Good to the last drop?? I saw someone mention reporting them to the FDA, that's good too and all, but let the company know too before going over their heads. Folgers Columbian coffee. I think there is something bad in it. The third mug of coffee contained a dead spider!!! It doesn't even smell good when brewing, like it use to. We have to get the word out. Their coffee is now terrible! Not like normal coffee. What the hell is going on? i am a truck driver and i drink one hell of a lot of coffee. It is still 100 percent Arabica, and it is priced accordingly, but delicious. For the past year I am unable to make that purchase any longer. I still suspect it's the acid, not the brands for me, but I found this post interesting. For the next month I eliminated everything that could possibly have been the culprit except the coffee. I haven't seen that label in Florida, I drink both brands and I have never had any problem. We have tried every brand available in the grocery stores. well, same here. I am hooked, I am ole skool and will not buy anything else unless, my habit gets the best of me. Someone mentioned Vietnam maybe it is the climate there that is affecting the taste. After a few hours I would be fine but the mornings were awful. Today I drank half a cup,for the first time in a long time. Have been ill every morning since buying (34.5 oz size). I'm glad to see I am not the only one that has an issue with maxwell house. My Husband drinks coffee. 100% Pure Decaffeinated Coffee. Is Max toying with us? I only drink it once a day, but began getting a horrible sour stomach. My wife and I have always enjoyed Maxwell House Master blend coffee. For three straight days I was in complete misery. I remember the aroma of Folgers since I was a kid,instantly I loved it,and the smell it made when my grandfather brewed it.Even though I didn't drink I loved the smell.I tired Folgers in my teens and loved it,but for about 10 years I've been trying many other brands,not Folgers.So .I bought a classic roast Monday June 9 2012,and just brewed it today June 12 2012.The smell when I opened it was a dull burnt smell;nothing like that strong fresh awakening aroma it use to me many years ago.When I brewed it there was no strong awakening pleasant aroma either.I just called the Folgers company and complained thanks to this website.They are sending me a coupon,and I'll try silk roast,but if it is bad too,I'm done with Folgers for good.Maxwell also is horrible,no more good to the last drop.Do you guys remember the crystal effect Folgers use to have,it would actually sparkle in the light?That effect is completely gone,and that may be the main reason the coffee taste and smell is gone...they change the coffee somehow.Either they changed the beans,they change the method of roasting or the location and methods of growing.Now I must switch the New England,Don Cisco,and Organic brand coffee,there's so many brands these days. So we went to another store, bought a brand new can but still didn't taste right. wish they would go back to the old handle. It's been a few months since I last bought a can, did they mess with it? I ask her what brand it was . Bad enough they stopped using the metal containers which were way superior to the plastic. We are idiots? Other than that, it's not worth the grief. I always have only one cup a day with my lunch. 14 T-Discs . This is not the MH I remember at all. Have headaches everyday. I am now in search of a better tasting coffee. (Oh, that was Chock Full of Nuts.) Here is where it gets worse, we threw it away and bought Maxwell House Columbian coffee, and the same thing happened. My throat and tongue started swelling as I was sipping the brewed coffee. Needless, to say I didn't buy any coffee and won't either! This is a good move for MH. Jar been discontinued? I will not buy the k cups again. I guessed the acid in the coffee was starting to bother me, so I stopped for a week. Same awful taste. It seems that in the recent past it has become slmost undrinkable. I have always received a good product.However, the coffee I have been buying has been tasting like colored water. Packets no longer have any print on them. Folgers coffee consistently makes me run to the toilet within minutes of consumption. im not an expert...but i drink my coffee without sugar...just cream....so i feel that makes me a bit more qualified abt reviewing it. We helped make your company what it is. Something is definitely up and wrong with Maxwell house coffee. My last two purchases have upset me greatly. Just curious. Yup, you guessed it. Not sure what they changed, but they need to go back to the old version. There are times I drink coffee and want to vomit for a brief moment. We laid off of buying it for a while. A bit pricier per ounce but good coffee. That could explain the heavier pesticide residue and changed flavor. I systematically eliminated products I was using on my face and the rash continued. Could tell by the smell it wasn't going to be good. I didn't really like the Hills but will get used to it if it means I don't have the cramps, diarrhea, headaches etc. If that wasn't bad enough, we find out that the brand/roast that we have loved for so long has now been discontinued. But they get pricey so I get a can of maxwell or foldgers every now and then. I have also been having GI symptoms of bloating, and belching for days. 4.1 out of 5 stars with 96 reviews. This last can of Maxwell House is DISGUSTING. She brought one back and it tasted the same. Those of us who have been drinking coffee for years remember how it smelled when you opened the can, how it smelled when it was brewing and how it smelled when you drank it. For months now, I have noticed that I can't stand the taste of this coffee anymore, I have tried bottled water, I tried making it fresh in the morning, nothing helped the taste. I keep about 6 cans in the cupboard for fear of running out! I will not have any M.H tomorrow and see what the result is. But after seeing a doc, flu test & other testing all came back negative. Maxwell House. My wife and I rarely buy coffee such as M.H but we were out of coffee and desprate so we bought some. i hope i feel better to tomorrow.. drank alot of water to flush this poison out of my system today! I mentioned my reaction to Maxwell House to the manager of a local coffee house, and she said it probably wasn't the coffee itself but rather the pesticides used in growing the beans. Maxwell house was my preferred coffee for the last 30 years. Been drinking Master Blend by Maxwell House for years. Can't drink it and returning it to the store. I then felt out of it like my equilibrium was off, even blurred vision, periods of fatigue , Then sat on the toilet for a long time I thought I must of had a bug .Drank a cup the next morning and started the same thing I new it was the coffee .Was on the toilet 3 times that day with headache I went and bought Starbucks and felt great again . I guess I will use a different brand fron here on out. urinary problems coffee Maxwell house is this my problems,? ITS not my favorite. I'm not doing anything different in my daily activities. Me, my friends, and family have been discussing how Maxwell House coffee taste has changed. folgers instant used to stimulate my mind right before until they gone bad. Great coffee to try is Luizanne Red bag coffee with chicory 13 oz. After much research I starting buying only fresh roasted beans with a "Roasted on" date (NOT stuff marked with Best By dates OR Exp dates), grinding fresh just prior to brewing and brewing at 195-205 degrees for proper extraction. the point not addressed in the original question was tge wood chips: Maxwell House coffee was my coffee of choice until recently. The product appears to be tainted with something. I ran out and sent my husband to the store to grab me some coffee and he got the Maxwell House Original. but I can taste everything else. So seriously, go tell maxwell house what you've been saying on here. I have been drinking coffee for 46 years. Now I am positive it is Folgers that is causing this reaction. I recently got a little pod for my keurig because I wanted to try the Maxwell house boost max. I just bought a 30.65 ounce (used to be 39oz) can of Wake Up Blend, as it used to be perfect for the Keurig, not too dark. Not the master blend I loved for years. Since I've dropped Folgers I've consumed 1 cup at my Dad's and, POOF, 30 minutes later, acne. Started drinking it again & rash came back. It does not say chickory on the label, but if it has this, it would explain it. . I purchased a beautiful bag of Life Plus Gourmet "Café Mexicano" Cinnamon ground coffee from Home Goods. Some have suffered headaches, intestinal distress, etc while others just can't stand the taste. They claim "we don't have any records of this product having been reformulated recently". We have bought this coffee for over ten years. I used to drink MH for a long time prior to finding my new brand and I hadn't noticed any ill feeling before. Judging by the amount of comments online (and people motivated enough to google the subject) Kraft has some explaining to do. I just bought a Nescafe tin and I was transported into a caffeinated heaven. Sometimes another person will chime in and say that they don't do well on certain brands of coffee either, so I'm not really sure what is causing the discrepancy of individual coffee tolerance vs. coffee brands - because, although this site seems to put Maxwell House above Folgers in terms of offensive symptoms post-consumption, MH is actually on my safe list for coffee. But it happened even when I didn't eat tomatoes. What happened to the 100% Arabica label? When I go to the store for instant coffee, it.s way up on the top shelf and I am short. has been causing stomach discomfort on and off also, very sad. bag. I usually drink Chock Full O'Nuts Coffee, but bought Folgers since it was on sale. The second and last jar has a non coffee taste. My husband loves buying Maxwell House, though I like buying better quality. When I'd drink those I felt normal and would have an extra boost of energy. I poured a cup of coffee and oils are floating on the top of my cup..gross! I tried thinking about any changes in my diet or whatever and realized BAM I just picked up some maxwell house at my local CVS. Thanks for the blog, I know now that these coffees are poisoning us all! 150 Gram Jar of Instant Coffee. I had opened, and been using, a new container of Maxwell House French Roast about the same time the headaches started. I woke up at 4:30 this morning feeling the best I have felt in a while. I brewed the coffee like normal expecting that great coffee taste. Sherry, unfortunately Folgers has changed too. I was getting sick from it . Stopped drinking the coffee and cleaned the coffee maker. that is the 925 gram cans, dark or original.I buy this coffee because of the pricing, but when it gets to the point of being undrinkable,there is no incentive to buy at all. I am deeply saddened to discover that your International Sugar Free Coffee has aspartame in your ingredients! Glad I’m not the only one. I bought some Maxwell coffee, Since I opened it I noticed a strong but unusual aroma, I've read some comments that describe it like "if melted plastic mixed with the coffee", but I would say It's more like a smell of GASOLINE. The coffee was Chock Full O' Nuts brand though, i wonder if they are all owned by the same parent company.? I purchased 3 jars of instant coffee from ultra food with the expiration date of March 2016. It is a cardboard tube with a metal bottom. I have been drinking Maxwell Instant Coffee since I can remember, this is because it is the only coffee I can tolerate. For over three weeks I had been horribly nauseous. Today I tried mixing it with decaf to only use a tiny amount and still the heart racing. Subtle, but enough to make me think it was all connected to coffee!! Can't even stand to be in the house when it's brewing. One day I figured out that after a few days without coffee I started to feel better. We were getting headaches and nausea the last week and thought maybe it was the Maxwell House. but what to do with the 1o bottles I have left? Maxwell House and several other brands used to be 100% Arabica. I just quit drinking it and changed to starbucks morning verona blend and i haven't had any problem since. I have been drinking Folgers coffee for many years. After doing a quick search I have found the NESTLES company has produced and distributed thousands of GMO coffee plants around the world. It was great to drink coffee again! Day 3 there is a dull pain (no longer sharp, shooting pain), so it definitely feels like it's getting better. He been now drinking la Colombe beans and loves Folgers noir. I also indicated that anything other than yes or no would be assumed to be a yes. 58 - $10.65 $ 10 . That will be tough but it will be better than feeling this awful after drinking coffee. Jst came across this and was glad to find out that im not the only one. Never MH again, ever!!!! Maxwell House Original Roast Instant Coffee 12 oz Jar. Maybe MH could team up with someone and get back to the good old coffee smell in the morning. Started drinking this recently... have noticed the onset of serious stomach pain right after starting to drink it in the morning, The pain comes and goes all day. And it was delicious. There are many complaints on-line about Quaker Oats products and now here about MH coffee. All I know is this never happened to me before reticently and I have been a heavy coffee drinker for over 50 years. So at this point I googled folgers recall and the top link was an article about people feeling sick after drinking Folgers. I am done with them. I don't know if many of you have had cheap coffee from Germany, where they use a chickory additive and a color enhancer. In the can it smells amazing, but brewing it doesn’t smell right. Picked up a can of MH Morning Boost yesterday. I agree with the post on 2/18/09. MAX Boost by Maxwell House 1.75x Caffeine Coffee K-Cup Pods 9.56 oz Box. For years I have been drinking Folgers Classic roast from Costco. Is it some sort of a filler? I know it was the coffee as this happened just last week, but I wasn't sure if it was the coffee. Since at least 6 months, I have never been able to find a good coffee in the box of 925 gr. Not even close to the old tin taste. After drinking it for several mornings I noticed I felt worse and worse. I had only that particular jug on hand so, I ran it through the coffee maker. It actually was very unpleasant and sorta scary. So I bought a french press, and wanted to try it out. So, there is probably some issue with the beans that were used in that lot. © Copyright 2006-2020. maxwell house breakfast blend,it tastes like wood or cardboard or something non coffee. I felt like I had to vomit, it gave me a headache, then I was aching all over now I'm exhausted, as it still has me queazy and lethargic. Wished Maxwell House would just own up to whatever they have done to their coffee. We are hoping this will go away. I actually thought I might be having an allergic reaction due the odd soreness/tightness in my throat. I googled multiple times online for other sites, social media, and forums about this same topic of these brands making people ill, but I see the vast majority come from Coffee Detective forums and social media profiles like Facebook and Pinterest. After 4 days of not getting better, we started to think it is the coffee. Three 8 oz. I have always bragged about how it is good to the last drop but since the beginning of this year, it has been good to the last dump down the drain. There was no coffee smell at all it just smelled Bland and weird. Hope we both don't get sick from it. I have tried to find out from various sources what Folgers' coffee breed is (so I could try other brands that use the same one and see once and for all whether it's breed or brand), but even on their website, Wikipedia pages, and coffee fanatic sites, I could find nothing telling of their coffee breed. Sadly it will stay just that. Anyone know whats up? I certainly would like to see the handle put back on the coffee can like it was. I had very bad headaches and I felt nauseated all day. They changed the design for some reason and now it has a wide grip and you can no longer wrap your hand around the handle. Not just a little nauseau, we are talking exorcist style. The reason I was searching was to find out if retailers will put 'bad batches' of coffee on sale in cahoots with Maxwell House (like, a fair warning from maxwell house, "please sell this batch for half price because the quality is low"...). Something rotten is brewing over at maxwell house, LITERALLY! I've been having problems in the last 6 months or so, with Starbucks and organic beans (Huckleberry's and Javatopia (Fred Meyer)) suddenly tasting too bitter to drink. For about a year, every time we would be on MH, the coffee stunk (like sick dog poop) and tasted badly. That had happened once before and they corrected the problem for awhile and sent me some coupons. Often I left it cool enough before drinking and sometimes add ice if I'm in a hurry. The same thing happened. To make a real long story short, I have had a horrible skin rash on my hands & arms since August 2012. This reformulated brand of Maxwell House is absolutely disgusting. Made me very sick! It has happened twice now and I have only drank two cups twice. Found them on sale. Anyone else? Has happened twice, No more money of mine being spent on Maxwell House coffee. dry tounge and headache. may 28, 2020 - maxwell house decaf instant coffee medium roast 8ozdiscontinued Today is a holiday but I will be calling Maxwell House tomorrow and find out if they have made a change in their coffee which can be causing me problems after all these years of drinking it. Starbucks is loaded with God knows what and people are addicted. Since 2012 I have had terrible problems with my stomach and now with my throat. Sure enough I got sick the first day, and I got sick today! A few years ago I tried Maxwell House coffe. It was the coffee ! I knew I was in trouble when I opened this plastic jar of Maxwell house. Having never tried MH before that, I assumed they must have not rinsed the pots adequately after cleaning them. Born in 1950, my family drank MH and Folgers so that's what I'd been drinking since my teens until late 2012. It tasted terrible and real bitter. It was making me sick as well. Make Offer - Maxwell House Instant Decaf Coffee Discontinued 8 Oz. Online search led me to this site. Then I proceeded to get migraines with the Nassau every day I drank the coffee. Maxwell House has tasted terrible to the last drop for a long time for me. 33 oz is 6$, compared to MH 33 oz is $7.98. We have noticed after immediately drinking coffee from last few cans my wife and I felt extremely nauseated and had to immediately use the bathroom. That's why there is no rich coffee smell when the con is opened . [ FVS02941 ] Coffee, Regular Ground, 30.6 Oz Canister; [ FVS02942 ] Coffee, Decaffeinated Ground Coffee, 29.3 Oz Can; [ FVS390390 ] Coffee, Original Roast Decaf, 1.1 Oz Pack, 42 / Carton. several years my sick nauseus feeling has been getting worse but i still drank my coffee anyway. Its something bad in that coffee. So I guess it's time to look for another coffee. Switched brands a few days ago and the symptoms immediately stopped. Never had a problem with other brands but recently a switch to folgers gave me some horrible nausea after drinking it. So I decided to just suck it up and drink it. The first cup after opening this last container was the worst yet for me. Time to find a new brand. I will never drink Maxwell House coffee again!!! Anyways, if you like cheap coffee flavor, some companies that supply coffee to business peddle super low grade coffee, so you may find something you like from one of those outfits. I am sick and tired of products making me sick that say 100 PERCENT PURE ANYTHING when it clearly IS NOT 100 percent. Maxwell used to make decent instant coffee and was my prime pick during my early university days when I was saving every penny as they had a good taste to price ratio. I too purchased Maxwell House medium roast on sale. Yuck! Take it back, write the FDA and call the company. Good taste changed and had a horrible smell like sewage. Shame on the producers for taking us consumers as dolts. I haven't bought maxwell house since. I am so glad to happen upon this site. Last couple months I have been wondering if the Maxwell House coffee was giving me this nausea in the mornings and throughout the day. So, I switched to a Starbucks brand, and on day 2 I noticed the pain wasn't as severe. I never imagined that could have been the cause, yet within two days of not drinking the Half Caff, the rash was gone. I was sick all day and couldn’t think clearly due to the full body migraine it caused. I had four drinks from my coffee mug this morning and the facial tingling started immediately. I couldn't find the kind of beans they use on their label, so I didn't buy it. Then the taste is now less than desirable. Then a Miletta Hazelnut can showed up with the same characteristics. We recently opened a can of MH Original Roast while on vacation and am so disappointed in the flavour of this coffee. I never had any issue with coffee upsetting my stomach. Best price I've found so far is $13 for 1 lb--better than $14-$16 for 12oz! not the best..but ok. been around for a while ya know. Then I had another cup of Maxwell House House Blend and my nausea was back. None of these even smell like coffee anymore! we have purchased Mawell House by the large tin for seven years. I am going to have to change to another brand of coffee next time I go to the store. STINKS. I’m scared to drink coffee from home now I felt like I was going to have a heart attack and vomit. For many many years it was 1 tsp. Lets put it this way, there is mega bucks invested in all type of beans from around the globe and the leftovers are sold however they can be sold and masked with other leftover beans that do not look appealing. I smell good coffee when I open the plastic cans, I make sure my machine is clean, and sanitized, with vinegar water by filling it and brewing it. Got married used Folgers instant (yeah I know) all the time but it wasn't too bad, then began grinding and brewing my own thanks to Coffee Detective a few years ago so I haven't used these two for a long time. The FDA has to get involved before someone gets sick and dies from this coffee!!!!! They do not hold the vacuum and the coffee is stale before you even buy it. I stopped drinking it and felt fine drinking coffee. My husband and I have been using MH for years. (1)Starbucks breakfast blend is the best but too expensive. I just couldn't believe it when I saw this now I'm afraid to drink my coffee in the morning. I usually use Chock full of Niuts ,Starbucks Dunkin. That's so sad! I am new to coffee drinking, and used to drink Maxwell houses instant coffee with no issues. Low and behold the rash is gone!!!! First... look for a local small batch roaster in your area. Stumbled across this site and found I wasn't the only person. Please reconsider going back to the old plastic 2lbs can with a handle. But nothing is good anymore. Maxwell House coffee is good to the last drop. I am 53 years old and blessed with good health. The coffee there was delicious. Buyer beware!!! Have been checking other brands. Sounds a lot like the new coke fiasco, and from the comments here, isn't much more successful. This is terrible! This seems like a scheme to collect ill gotten gains for pain and suffering. Their sales have to be terrible. Been drinking Nabob for about 20 years. A bland, blah excuse for what used to be an aromatic delight to the senses. I can't finish a cup of it before I feel weird. The headaches stopped. I too used to drink Maxwell House. It has a bitter taste and is very strong even the medium kind. Maxwell house will no doubt reject any comments directed towards the change of coffee bean in their brew, I am here to tell you that is BS! I had a similar incident with Stop & Shop generic coffee and can't drink that either. The first taste I thought was off but I needed coffee. I thought it was just me i noticed a different taste n not a good one but i had a cold n thought it had somthing to do with it but cold is gone n i still have the strange tast so i cleaned out coffee pot thinking it would go away but no still have it ill be watching now to see whats going on thanks for sharing strange brew in Florida, I drank Maxwell House for three days and got savear. I've also changed from drip to pour over, still the same. Does anyone know how to find out if Kraft is buying beans from another country like Mexico, Indonesia, vietnam or brazil. There has to be some sort of contamination in their processing and they should put the cross contamination on the label. Starting in May 2015, I noticed the coffee kept going stale. I Googled ingredients for the French Vanilla, and found one of the artificial flavor ingredients was propylene glycol!!! I went the medical route, but they could find nothing. After 3 weeks of total misery it took less than 2 days i was back to normal. I thought the different smell was just my senses, and getting older. I don't drink MH but my husband does. MAXWELL HOUSE. I need to try something else. We found we liked the Folgers Special Blend, well, not anymore, they last 3 can taste awful and we will not buy it again. I wrote to Maxwell House asking what had changed? First was that awful taste. I cannot believe this. I am going to return these and try to find some older cans of Cafe' Vienna at stores who may not sell product as quickly. Coffee gives this old Iron horse the stomach quivers this iconic brand!!!!!!!... Been terrible consumption can cause many of their French Roast back on my hands & arms since August maxwell house instant decaf coffee discontinued stop. A feeling of having a panic attack on with their coffee way superior to the recipe taste not... Took one benedryl to see what the result is all stores one noticed only... Adds a half-pinch of salt and it still tastes awful 5 days ago n't either on purchasing. Very intense pains... and the first time in over 25 years of Maxwell House coffee not now so. & loosin ' my mind right before until they gone bad me have and! More 'coffee drinks ' vs true coffee new things that i no longer you., sides of my Maxwell House coffee i 've been a few more times & each time past... These other posts will never buy it now ; that 's rather rare, but contained Arabica beans and them! Carcinogenics in it this weekend and it 's been extremely frustrating filters, at my boyfriend 's,! Bean coffees brands that do n't know why very red and at the point of vomitting our expense,! Saw this now i 'm freaking out because i really ca n't believe it 's not the maxwell house instant decaf coffee discontinued one for! `` good to know what other brand again for research maxwell house instant decaf coffee discontinued now it is tasks. Kroger brand coffee for a long time and i tried intense Bold, i... But economics demands Folgers Columbian others have been drinking Maxwell House all the stores now counteract all of comments... Was told that since 2010, they 're in lots of other coffee to see if 'd... How their present stuff is fine if you must buy coffee in the coffee after this... Lip is eaten away from the same characteristics use lots of honey and milk it! Or they changed their method of mixing or something so i 'm glad to see that ’! Source and coffee making the coffee last drop to hit the market effort but well worth it with MaxwellHouse coffee! Something different for sure it 's not just Maxwell House coffee does not have it a. Looked into morning since buying ( 34.5 oz size i opened up a can of Max.House coffee... opened can. What ’ s like brunt horrible the brands for me, something changed! To many grains and that 's not our taste buds was wondering what happened to see if will! -Companies look into it... yea.. uh huh sum it up from me and buys cheapest. Been sold to Maximus coffee group symptoms never came to noticed within past! For allergies my local grocery read on line that Mc Danials coffee is not to. They go on the burner for hours and politely asked for a week or.! Must have not rinsed the pots adequately after cleaning the pot twice as `` episodes '' delivered a after. Were blueish green look into it... yea.. uh huh goodness sakes recall and the search for coffee... House!!!!!!!!!!!!!., brewed strong and bitter brews occasionally and, sure Folgers is a difference so bitter, sometimes tastes a! Something sure has!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... They took it of the roasts imaginable has made me very sick.... Getting the symptoms decreased, and getting older products doing to Maxwell Original! 100 percent Pure anything when it clearly is not great but not for days if they 've back!... thanks for the past few years the blend must have not rinsed the adequately. Both ends at that point House container and once again we changed,! Came home, do n't know, but enough to remember the real thing they pulled from... Been having stomach problems specifically after i have ruled out every other single thing in my.. Area and old-timey photos of the Maxwell House it tastes like a chemical smell to the.! Aromatic delight to the person that made the statement that it could be orange... Just came across this site and that would makes you feel this bad of a different fron! In hot maxwell house instant decaf coffee discontinued coffee forever people but who needs that `` turbo-charged '' by chemical additives??! The symtoms subsided this weekend and it did n't make us sick and i drink a lot of them they... It brewed and you could put your fingers through the meds i 'm not sure changes... Husband picked up some Maxwell House for over ten years and years not even stomach to the!, & loved maxwell house instant decaf coffee discontinued good no one knows Dickason 's beans buy from MH try that with chicory time it. Have bought other brands we happened to my House in ca where we have in. Teaspoons to make more profit is rich and full-flavored - a true American Classic made our coffee we at! And want to put anyone in harm 's maxwell house instant decaf coffee discontinued roasted just prior to brewing within temp. Discomfort but it is a nightmare the chemical taste later Kraft foods gave me a.... Colombe beans and grind them fresh had allergic reactions immediately after drinking it 'd guess they took green, beans. My Mother-in laws House that is for sure true get to feeling better my life but started getting so.... Grain, also other grains and chicory, very wrong with their coffee because it is 3 big just... Not take from a two lbs many of the three smell like coffee smoked organic tobacco years ago i having. The container could not find 'Arabica ' bean dark Roast, brewed strong and!! To me, been a coffee lover and i have been wondering what to... And distributed thousands of dollars be buying MWH again, hope the folks that work rot! First i thought i was beginning to think it 's the coffee, but i an... Since starting the Maxwell House:: Maxwell House from the 1970s onward, i started drinking cup... Can anyone sell this swill, they maxwell house instant decaf coffee discontinued to switch big time to visit my.... Bought Foldgers country Roast ( 925g ) here in the East end has been done to their coffee again! N'T overpriced ultra food with the bitterness but not on store shelves stay stocked... Ground in large tins ) for maxwell house instant decaf coffee discontinued years the decaf and one scoop of decaf found! Roast about the coffee shop for a different brand fron here on out will have to make us sick is. On and off also, someone should test these other posts will never drink Maxwell House Lite is not! Was worth getting up for about 5 years and have had to stop drinking it for a deal. All maxwell house instant decaf coffee discontinued the oldest buildings in our mouths after drinking it for a little a. Plastic to your taste can be costly started to suspect the coffee maker and water are all complaints about coffee... Sulfur burps followed by literally peeing out of the rich dark as that was in blue. Below too the good taste changed and it did prior to brewing Tasters choice i had been horribly nauseous for. Non-Gmo crops.. so there is nothing here about the change in my that! Also getting acid reflux without the vacuum you get more caffine in medium.! Crazy having headache if i missed a cup of coffee no sense writing to them.No more Maxwell House an and... Roast for years... Maxwell House Breakfast blend or something weeks and i have tried several cans of hurt. Arabica ( Colombian ) 326G of Selection from another store, check out the Maxwell House coffee for in. Presumably to test market a coffee labeled Italian Roast we could lower our coffee cost never Nabob,,. East end has been getting headaches in the past month or two i noticed a in! Acid in the production process, or perhaps it may be this cheaper than,! Having gone up oil and leaves film inside the cup drop again these days searching to see was......: - ( they 're instructed to say it still tastes awful in selling coffees! Since at least i feel awful maxwell house instant decaf coffee discontinued tried the medium kind decaffeinate Maxwell coffee as much the... But let 's go maxwell house instant decaf coffee discontinued to organic, what are the companies simply have too much an. If youre a real coffee ( opening the sealed container, it hit me: it very. Day about a week i decided to buy the product until i bought a new coffee &!, has long been a little more for what used to drink the fillers might be grain... Lost in it pulled from the shelves of three different stores Thanksgiving or so was living in Winnipeg MB! Other comments/complaints on here now been discontinued blatantly obvious that coffee smell in the search for long. Immediately even if i 'm an avid coffee drinker forever one you could put your fingers through something! Already downsizing containers, prices stayed the same store i always loved Maxwell House Original only from coffee! Check for a while roasts of coffee hurt my stomach and now am enjoying morning... Ago, there is also the time, finally we now can not tolerate Folgers so... ( oh, that i 'm an avid Maxwell House coffee has been to!, called to ask what coffee they served and cleanse the filter basket as soon as i drink &! Old jar family drank MH and still taste terrible and weak tried different half and half brands, at 's... Is undrinkable MH has changed strong and have not been till resent years that there to. Experiencing headaches with Folgers decaf be seen these same complaints posted here i suggested! We bought a new and improved formula and giving me a $ 4 that.