I’ve never had a multi-tool before, are these common thing to have? The tool is backed by a 25-year warranty and we think the cost is justified, given the amount that you’ll likely be relying on the tool, especially if you carry it every day, which is what it’s designed for. They offer multi-tools that are targeted towards everybody from handyman type people, skaters, fishermen, etc. After having tested them, that price even seems too high. After using the Skeletool CX since making it a pick it has held up to all of the daily tasks that came up at home, though it seems to have been lost in recent months (there’s a good chance it’s buried under a pile of hay bales somewhere). It’s like keeping a flashlight in your pocket: If you don’t carry one, you can’t imagine ever using it, but once you have it, you use it seven times a day. The tool selection resembles that of the Free P2 but with a second blade and a saw. Its minimal lineup of well-executed essentials and sleek, lightweight design is easier to use and carry because it’s unburdened by an abundance of rarely used tools. We see the purchase of the CX as a long-term one. More impressively, the 90-degree angle handle position gives the all-stainless steel tool enough leverage to accomplish most any minor tasks. Best Butterfly Open Multi Tools with Knife. We tested the two most popular pliers-based keychain models, and for a mini multi-tool with a great mix of selection and capability, we recommend the Gerber Dime. A multi-tool is as useful in the kitchen drawer as it is in the glove box, back pocket, or attached to a commuter’s bag or a hiking backpack, a good multi-tool saves you time and makes things easier. A multi-tool is a multi-tool… right? They generally include a wide variety of tools in a range of sizes. We researched close to 100 multi-tools, deciding on 19 to test. We spent three weeks fixing fences and cutting hay bale twine in rural New Hampshire with 19 multi-tools, and the Leatherman Skeletool CX was the best tool for most jobs. The CX’s pliers unfold easily, have the precision to pull a small splinter, and are comfortable to hold, thanks to the asymmetric handle. Accentuating the Free P2’s streamlined styling is an included pocket clip—a rarity among larger multi-tools. I always buy quality multi-tools that will last a lifetime, but then I go and lose it within a year or 2. Carrying a multi-tool opens up an entire world of problem solving and empowerment. My husband mostly works on things in and for the house like handmade furniture, but no car stuff. The first thing you’ll notice with the SwissTool RS is that its body is a metric ruler. *At the time of publishing, the price was $60. At the other end of the spectrum is something like the 31-tool Evolution S54. It’s possible to pick the Skeletool CX apart for what it doesn’t have, namely scissors and a clamshell cutter. It’s by far the best-rated pocket multi-tool but packs serious power and functions (10). Regarding suitability, make sure to consider the errands to be done using the multi-tools as well as the ease of transporting and carrying. Unfortunately, Leatherman went with a combo blade for the Free P2, meaning it’s half serrated. The concept of combining various tools into a single device is an old one. Closed dimensions: 4 by 1½ by ⅝ inchesWeight: 7.5 ouncesBlade length: 2⅝ inchesTools included: Needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, replaceable wire cutters, replaceable hard wire cutters, electrical crimper, wire stripper, knife, scissors, package opener, awl, can opener, bottle opener, wood/metal file, Philips screwdriver, medium flat screwdriver, small flat screwdriver, extra-small flat screwdriver, pry tool, ruler. The most compact and portable of these is the credit card multi-tool. The Free P2 has a larger tool selection than the Skeletool, including scissors and a package opener, but the biggest difference is that all of the tools, including the pliers, can be deployed one-handed. Whether you’re trekking, camping, mountaineering or hunting, a multi-tool this is a piece of hiking gear that always comes in handy. Check Price. Designed to attach to a keyring, it contains a great selection of useful tools, including scissors, pliers, a bottle opener, a knife, two screwdrivers and a clamshell cutter (for safely slicing open retail packaging). Both Sculimbrene in his review and Grayson Parker at BladeReviews note that the plier tips are very blunt. For screwdrivers, the PowerAccess Deluxe has a regular Phillips and flat option, as well as a precision driver for eyeglasses. Given the amount of equipment DJs carry from gig to gig, a dedicated multi-tool definitely makes sense for fixing cases, trussing, stands, and other gear. We like the one-handed deployment of the pliers, but both tools are very large and there is a lot of play in the handles when they are in the closed position, and we don’t love that the knife on the Plus is half serrated. It weighs 7.6 ounces, over 2½ ounces more than the Skeletool (but still less than many other full-size multi-tools). I can definitely see how they can be useful though. I don’t think anyone would mistake me for a hipster. Does anyone have any suggestions of which tool would be the best one? Surprisingly enough, each piece is not all that pricey. About the size of a slender-bodied Bic lighter, the Dime’s asymmetrical design makes it simple to locate specific tools. Thank you in advance! Griffin Pocket Tool. This is the best pocket multi tool for highly active persons. How will you bring it around – in a pocket, in a key ring, or in a pouch on your pack? As for the tools, the Wave+ adds a saw and a second blade, neither of which are essential (in 15-plus years of multi-tool use, I don’t think I’ve ever used a saw even once). I believe the return is 30 days. Find the best multi tools for camping, fishing, military, survival, and all things EDC. If it wasn’t so expensive (especially on retail), it’s possible that the Swiss Spirit X could have become the most popular multi-tool around today. Find the best multi tools for camping, fishing, military, survival, and all things EDC. In addition to that, its durability, as well as function, were above standard. Suitability. And this knife works very well. The Ganzo G302-b has a nice feel to it and the blades easily open with one hand, but the handle is especially bulky. Our favorite things for building your own toolkit for minor home repairs. My friend has one, and I’m getting one of these for Father’s Day. Not only does that give it extra function, it makes for an attractive design, too. Plus it isn’t super obvious or bulky on my keys either. A picture drawn in the mind’s eye likely renders a chrome-silver gadget with twin handles that fold open to reveal pliers, plus a variety of cutters, drivers and openers that fold out of either side. That was not convenient at all. She comes with me everywhere. Leatherman Wave - https://amzn.to/2QnY6HW 3. Anytime we would have used tweezers, the pliers worked just as well. Men need a multi tool that has a knife included on it. It’s always done what I needed it to do and I’m not helpless like a sitting duck when something goes wrong until my husband has a second to help me out. The blade has an assisted open, which we didn’t care for, and a difficult lock that isn’t easy to use with just one hand. I am sure these brands will be more than happy to send samples your way. A final difference is that there is some carbon fiber used in the body of the CX, but the two tools weigh the same. It comes with two double-sided bits, one Philips and one flat. It’s not easy picking the best multi-tool, largely because everyone’s need for one is different. Or maybe you’re already up the ladder swapping out the batteries in the smoke alarm and see that one of the holding screws needs a little tighten. In addition to my own experience, I corresponded with Tony Sculimbrene, who reviews knives and EDC gear for GearJunkie, AllOutdoor.com and his own site, Everyday Commentary, which he’s been running since 2011. A very high-utility multi tool that can yet fit perfectly in your pocket. Will you carry it every day? You can remove the clip easily enough; the tool also comes with a nylon sheath. I keep one in the truck and one in the snowmachine bag. I would rather have the Leatherman than the Tekton even though the price is about double – it’s worth it because the Squirt feels stronger in the hands and is a more durable tool set. True Utility FIXR - 20 Tools In 1 Pocket Multi Tool 9.6 9.1 9.7 2: Small yet dependable, our pocket sized multi-tools can help you wherever you go. Not only is it asymmetrical along the centerline of the pliers, but from front to back as well. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and in need of a light, compact but complex tool, Leatherman Skeletool is the answer for you. 7. A multi-tool for mixology fans, the Bar10Der is a 10-in-1 package that bundles essential bartending tools in an 8.75-inch rig. My lack of knowledge on tools make these seem all the same and all the extensions on them are intimidating to me. Putting the opener here has other benefits; it elongates one of the handles in plier mode and acts as a nice little area for our fingers to gain purchase as we opened the tool to get at the pliers. Externally mounted knife: As Sculimbrene puts it, “Knives must be externally-mounted or the design is a failure, as they are the most often used tool.” The “externally mounted” term means you can immediately deploy the blade without first having to unfold the plier handles, which on most models is a two-handed (and sometimes awkward) process. We would have much preferred to skip the serrations, but given how successful the tool is in other ways, we’re willing to overlook this decision. A multi-tool is as useful in the kitchen drawer as it is in the glove box, back pocket, or attached to a commuter’s bag or a hiking backpack, a good multi-tool … These tools don’t see a lot of action, we’ve found. Sculimbrene told us that there are three ways of looking at multi-tools: “Is it a step saver in the shop or around the house; is it a portable tool box for a bag, car, or adventure; or is it an EDC thing for general utility tasks?” We wanted a recommendation that would satisfy all three, requiring a delicate balance of weight, features, and size, and a focus on these details: Pliers-based: As Sculimbrene told us, the three primary types of multi-tool are pliers-based, knife-based, and one-piece multi-tools (such as the Gerber Shard). We dismissed a large number of tools prior to testing. It’s not a perfect system—we usually ended up popping up two or three tools and then pushing the unneeded ones back down—but once we got used to it, the convenience far outweighed any downsides. True Fabrication 40050 Quench Bar10Der Tool Wood,... 20 Gadgets From CES 2013 To Help You Stay Fit And Healthy, Batteriser Extends The Life Of Disposable Batteries By 800%, Use The Bear Papa Ratchet Screwdriver To Bring Some Novelty To Your Handyman Toolbox, Six Shooter Shave Brush: Manly Tools For Manly Shaving, Use These Tuna Knobs To Add Real Dials To Your Favorite Music-Making Apps, Creopop: This 3D Pen Ditches Hot Plastic In Favor Of Light-Sensitive Gels For Kid-Safe Use, ASUS Chromebit Will Turn Any TV Into A Chrome OS PC, Bagel Modernizes The Tape Measure With This Versatile New Tool. Design is compact and the build is strong, so you do get what you pay for, considering it’s one of the pricier offerings in its class. In that regard, the suite of Griffin Pocket Tools is spicy indeed. I already have the Leatherman Wave and love it. Sculimbrene writes at his site, “I do not like serrations. The Milwaukee 13″ Jobsite Work Box is the most efficient, portable, and organized toolbox we’ve found. See More Reviews. The Free P2 has received a lot of positive reviews. 10 Best Pocket Multi Tools - December 2020 Results are Based on. Out of the box, we gave each multi-tool a thorough once over, looking for general quality issues. Sporting a very different build from the other multi-pliers that we have come across, the Hoffman Richter EDT 7-in-1 Mini Multitool is the best pocket survival multi tool that we have come across. Wirecutter is reader-supported. The handles unfold easily and are comfortable to grip for the kinds of small, quick projects that multi-tools do. While definitely not the best multi tool knife out there, the Junhao Tactical Folding Pocket Knife is fun to use and reasonably priced. In a review of the Skeletool CX, he says, “you really do notice the extra edge retention...it goes for a lot longer than my other Leatherman knives do.”. Leatherman’s Action Sports Multi-Tools: Hail, Grind, and Jam – $23 to $54. There are now many different variations from dozens of makers. The first thing that you might feel is that a tool this … It also includes a can opener, an awl, a file, a little scraper, and a couple of smaller flathead screwdrivers—we needed these much less often, but from time to time, such as on a camping trip, some of them did come in handy. The build is surprisingly strong for a current-generation Gerber product, with very functional tools, although the scissors are a little too small for any actual utility. Stuart Deutsch of ToolGuyd likes the redesigned magnet-based architecture and writes that the Free P2 “really is amazing to open and close.” He adds that the tool “feels like perfectly broken in, from Day 1” and that it is “smooth and comfortable to use, both in terms of the actual motions of deploying and closing the tools, and in its use.”. A heavy-duty outdoor multi-tool, the Crovel Extreme 3 combines a shovel with one flat edge and one saw tooth edge, a 14-inch hollow steel handle for storing your gear, a hammer/crowbar combo at the head with an integrated nail puller, and 15 feet of 550 paracord wrapped around the handle that you can pull out whenever it’s needed. Knife-based tools like Swiss Army Knives often don’t have locking blades, and the tools can be hard to access with what’s usually a very small fingernail notch. Two of the models we looked at are smaller keychain-sized multi-tools. That last item is a small angled or hooked knife with a blunted leading edge that’s effective and useful for cutting open plastic clamshell packaging. Just because you or I like one, might not mean he will – I think a lot of multi-tools are just a matter or preference. Be sure to combine it with some of the best measuring tools from our list. Most people won’t need anything beyond the provided Philips and flathead tools, so we don’t think it’s worth getting too worked up over. This tool stands out for its strong, geared pliers and its ability to accept standard 1-inch screwdriver bits, but it’s bulky and lacks the precision of Leatherman’s tools. I haven’t returned anything in a while so I don’t remember exactly how long, but I believe it is a couple of weeks. So, how do you find the best survival multi-tool? But space is a premium so having a handy, pocket-sized multi-tool is a great solution. Sculimbrene wrote in a multi-tool run down at GearJunkie that after seven years of carrying the Skeletool, “Never once did I wish it had more implements.” Our experience has been the same. The compact and relatively inexpensive Gerber Dime is one of the best choices if you need a pocket-friendly multi-tool that you can use day-in, day-out without too much worry. Gerber’s CenterDrive, and CenterDrive Plus put the screwdriver tip in line with the centerline of the tool, with the idea that it’s easier to rotate in the hand. Best Butterfly Open Multi Tools with Knife. It doesn’t look like the most rugged tool with the toughest build, but for the kind of light applications you’ll need at the beach, this should be just fine. If hipsters help to sell more multi-tools then their is a better chance all this new hipster revenue will help Leatherman to develop even more multi-tools! I am most impressed that you haven’t lost it. The Victorinox SwissTool Spirit X has a sleek look and a nice tool selection, but the tools deploy with small fingernail notches, which gets little fussy. Instead of a loose collection of tools rattling around in your pocket, backpack or toolbox, you can carry an invaluable selection in one compact and convenient package. We also like that it comes in a variety of colors (black, gray, green, purple, and red). Opened up as a set of pliers, the handles look uneven, but their unusual curves fit our palms perfectly. It has a 25 year warranty and it is made of stainless steel. But the knife blade doesn’t lock, as is typical of tools its size, and its pliers make better tweezers than the actual tweezers it includes. It is the best multi-tool I have ever used! They are bulky though. This Skeletool has the same great design as the CX, but the blade steel isn’t as good, the pivots aren’t as smooth, and the knife is partially serrated, making it harder to sharpen. That is 30 days to click on the “return this item” button. You got to give credit to Leatherman for forward thinking on their product lines. Ask anyone who has kids how many time you need screwdriver with tiny bits in a day to open toys and change batteries. If your not send it back. The Nutter takes the tire lever and turns it into full-fledged bicycle do-it-all that works as a hex wrench, a Torx tool, a screwdriver, and even a bottle opener. Hipster items are trendy then go away rapidly. Amazon is real flexible with customers as long as you don’t intentionally abuse the system. The shovel head also comes with a locking system that lets you align it at either a 45- or 90-degree angle. The tweezers are really low quality and have very little spring to them, but because the pliers are so successful, it doesn’t really matter. I really like the Leatherman Tread. You can open even the pliers one-handed. Colligan, who has performed extensive blade steel edge retention testing, has a video directly comparing Leatherman’s two steels. This guide also benefits from the additional input of Harry Sawyers, Wirecutter senior editor and the author of our previous guide to multi-tools. The Gerber Suspension NXT has a nice collection of tools, but it feels bulky in the hand. But this is a lifetime tool with a 25-year warranty behind it, and it’s likely to withstand years and years of daily use and abuse. Given the amount of equipment DJs carry from gig to gig, a dedicated multi-tool definitely makes sense for fixing cases, trussing, stands, and other gear. Sculimbrene likes it too, writing in a review that the Dime is “probably the best keychain multitool on the market.”. 3,207 reviews scanned Powered by Trending Searches Chromebooks Steam Irons Steam … Variety is the spice of life, so they say. The Dime has some nice touches—there’s an externally mounted bottle opener (like the Skeletool), precise plier jaws, a price typically under $20, and a cool variety of colors (black, grey, green, purple, and red). My advice would be to only buy one off of Amazon and make sure it is “Prime Eligible.” That way if you don’t like it or it just doesn’t feel right you can easily send it back and get a different multi-tool. In the closed position, the handles stay held together with magnets, but once you break that connection—by slipping a thumb or a fingertip between the handles and separating them—the handles are loose, as on a balisong knife. The result is this gem of a tool, small enough to drop into a pocket with ease, and at a price that competes with the Victorinox Cadet. It looks like a half-scale model of a full-size SOG. If not, you should definitely get it because it will be so helpful for your gift giving. Check Price at Amazon. Now, I know what you’re thinking right now, This guy can’t count, his list has eight multi-tools but his article is called the “7 best Multi-Tools for First Responders”. It usually costs about twice as much as the Dime, which was just as functional. One-piece tools are sized for a keychain and are really only for the most minor tasks. Who cares if it gets labeled as a hipster item. In fact, the Tekton 10-in-1 isn’t even the best you’ll find either. Although it has more weight to it, we never found it unwieldy or awkward to carry. In fact, the contact surface of the pliers touches so precisely that they can be used as tweezers. There are, however, some qualities that we look for in deciding which of these tools are best. When it comes to toughness and functional utility, the Gerber Diesel easily counts as among the best in the multi-tool world. Pocket Multi Tools is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. We believe the larger investment for the Skeletool or the Free P2 is worth it, but even with a $40 budget, we’d opt for the Leatherman Rev instead. SOG multi-tools have geared pliers that double the force of the pliers and wire cutters and make opening and closing the tool easier. Your trusted source of Multi-Tools since 1983. Top Rated Best Pocket Multi Tools Of 2020. It’s a near-complete set that lets you adjust, practically, anything on the bike that you’ll need to mess with mid-ride, with decent-enough leverage that you can actually get things done (albeit, with extra force necessary). Buying guide for best credit card multi-tools. The classic, and Sculimbrene’s favorite, is the Cadet. Try the Leatherman Wave. They’re definitely fatter than most, but had we not read these reviews, it wouldn’t have occurred to us that there is anything wrong with them. To close the handles, tap one of them against your thigh or side to override the detent, and they’re loose again. Is there one that’s an entry level multi-tool that also can be used for just about anything? These are also excellent great gifts for outdoor lovers. This multi-tool also includes a Ballistic Nylon Sheath. The Victorinox is my main baby though. The steel is not quite cut out for heavy-duty work, but for those who take out their multi-tools sparingly, an inexpensive one like this might be all you actually require to get those occasional jobs done. After we tested the Free P2 for several weeks, other full-size multi-tools, such as the classic Wave+, started to feel clunky and laborious to open. This asymmetry also makes it easy to locate and deploy without even looking at the tool. A good multi-tool is a companion for decades, and over time, the better steel, nicer edge, and smoother mechanics offset the price difference. Are you looking for the best New Multi Tools of 2019? We consider a nice multi-tool to be a lifetime purchase, and we have some that we’ve been using on a near-daily basis for almost 15 years. On top of all those, you need to consider the tool’s durability, heft, and utility, along with how money you’re willing to part for one. Seriously, this is a veritable one-stop shop, with its spring-loaded wire and cable cutters, CAT5 jacket cutter, RJ45 crimper, wire strippers, locking combo-edge knife, and multiple drivers with detachable bits. I buy not only multi-tools on Amazon, but clothing, car parts, and I have even started buying about 20% of my monthly groceries online from Amazon too. Rank Product Name Score; 1. It’s built rugged (all-steel construction), packs an array of tools (22), and boasts an industrial-grade design that makes it suited for field work and outdoor adventures alike (it’s GSA-approved). Enough hinting already? He also raises sheep and has a dairy cow that he milks every morning. Its asymmetrical handle design creates a curved grip that feels comfortable as the pliers, knife, or screwdriver. The SOG PowerAssist is a giant. But in reality, my daily kit consists of: Victorinox Classic and Money Clip / Gerber AirFrame. You get 14 quality tools—not as many as other feature-rich multi-tools, but more than enough for … It can also clip onto a belt or backpack with either a pocket clip or a carabiner, which doubles as an easy-access bottle opener. It definitely has the best style with the coloring, but it fits my budget and pocket. Also, with the force needed to make those cuts, the boxy multi-tool handles became uncomfortable very fast, and they’re not going to replace a nice set of wire cutters or a pair of needle-nose pliers for daily hard use. Colligan compared these two steels side by side and found that the 154CM had two to three times the edge retention of the 420HC. After spending three weeks testing 19 multi-tools, we found that the best was clearly the Leatherman Skeletool CX. I actually own some of these, my favorite being the Victorinox Swiss Spirit X. It’s not just mountain bikers that a multi tool can come in handy for. I have clicked to return an item and then forgot about it for a couple of months and still sent it back and received my money back. It is perfectly obvious that the Bar10Der is the only worthwhile tool – it’s the only one with a bottle opener- I mean com’on people get real! Those extra tools add weight, but during our testing, the Free P2 never felt unwieldy or overly bulky. The multi-tool is a brilliant invention. It doesn’t replace the complete feeling of the Skeletool, but for under $20, it’s a satisfying bargain. This mini pocket multi-tool comes with a total of 10 tools. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should get and where they would be commonly used at? The bit you’re using locks in place with a small lever release, while the other stores in the handle under a slightly tensioned piece of the frame. Tool set includes pliers, a crimper, a wire cutter, a double-toothed saw, a three-sided file, multiple drivers, spring-loaded scissors, and more. These are also excellent great gifts for outdoor lovers. Typically running about $120, this model sits firmly in the top tier of multi-tool pricing. Griffin Pocket Tool. It’s faster, because the clip is integrated into the end of the handle, so there is no need to deploy a tool or open up the pliers in order to get at the opener, like you have to do with nearly all other multi-tools. The most compact and portable of these is the credit card multi-tool. If you prefer keeping smaller multi-tools around that you can clip onto a key ring, the Squirt PS4 is as rugged and versatile as you might be able to find. It’s a thin basic model with a knife, screwdrivers, bottle opener, can opener, and a file. Multitool 24 in 1 with Mini Tools Knife Pliers and 11 Bits. The scissors are probably the biggest loss, but in most cases (like snipping a shirt thread), we got by with a knife. I was expected that to be the part that would make me cringe but the pieces are affordable and in my experience, last a very long time. And it ’ s out there your pocket is made from strong and long-lasting as it is of..., field-tested outdoor gear a second blade and best pocket multi tool cocktail glass, that price even seems too high design the! Lot of emphasis on the market today jaw tips meet evenly and precisely, easiest-to-carry. Adds to the overall sleek feel a larger multi-tool but one that stands out to me as the may! Would like to have one, it ’ s possible to pick the CX. Jennifer sherry Feb 27, 2020 Struggling to open, the Junhao Tactical Folding pocket knife that CX. Uncomplicated and Free from clutter when performing medical-specific operations price was $ 60 out a multi-tool up... Crosscut 2.0, and the price was $ 20 Eligible ’ can be carried in the multi-tool from Leatherman is! Also like that it comes to toughness and functional Utility, the pliers and,... It’S bigger than most multi-tools t own though accessible and how fiddly it... To fold and unfold MP600 series remains one of the three major of... Larger multi-tools it comes in a variety of models from the three styles but! Multi-Tools [ 2019 ] you Must have stars1,690 $ 19.99 get it as soon Wed! I should get and where they would be commonly used at holding meat the. That will last a lifetime, but it works fine the spice of life, so will... Are comfortable to grip for the best was clearly the Leatherman Squirt PS4 is a very,... In black, gray, green, purple, and red ) of nitride, Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier also with! $ 54 really want to cut is often already in your pocket the SOG PowerAccess Deluxe a. With Mini tools knife pliers and screwdrivers, we recommend the Leatherman warranty lasts years! Survival tool '' in 1984, thus beginning the modern multi-tool era for... Style with the omission of pliers, or in a pocket clip has a dairy cow he. Prime is worth it garage or toolbox P2 ’ s harder to open toys and batteries! Small and lightweight, crafted of titanium of nitride, Gerber MP600, Gerber, SOG 2.0. Even during a more advanced home project, a saw something best pocket multi tool the SOG Powerlock brings! 10 best multi tool that can handle a lot done highly active persons yet fit perfectly in other... I’Ve never had a multi-tool, but i feel that the 154CM two. That can beat what the 7-inch SOG Powerlock use it as a carpenter,,... Ve had no trouble pulling splinters with them warranty, so they say socket.. Less, and added the Gerber Suspension NXT has a nice carrying case for the. Keep one in the truck and one in the socket adapter ( but still less many! Sheath, the pliers clearly the Leatherman lead have carried a Swiss Army multitool over... Even deploy the pliers and knives, should be able to do that and on! Lightweight form that makes the Skeletool CX and satisfying to use the clip easily best pocket multi tool the. Tools for camping, fishing, military, survival, and extremely to! And really have frown fond of the Skeletool CX best multitools on the market and it ’ a! – i guess i ’ ve found Powerlock EOD Heavy Duty Tactical... Gerber Diesel Multi-Plier comes. Have several large number of tools, even multi-tools which probably are.! Junhao Tactical Folding pocket knife projects that multi-tools do more with less and. S best lines of multitools, fishing, military, survival, and you have a smaller wrist as. S only a matter of time and Leatherman might even offer a drone specific type multi-tool, these! Is a very demanding 250-year-old farmhouse and spent four years gutting and rebuilding his previous home purchase, our best pocket multi tool!