I told her she had to send me the recipe! I hope you love it and happy birthday to her!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful review! FREE BONUS: 5 Secrets to Be a Better Cook! Yelena, thank you for such a great review on the recipe, I’m glad you all enjoyed it :D. Thank you Natasha again for such a great recipe. I made this cake and it came out very dense. Hi Natasha, I love your other carrot cake and make it often, but I do want to try this recipe. Thanks for following and sharing your excellent review! Hi Diana, I haven’t noticed a baking soda taste but it might be worth experimenting if you are very sensitive to baking soda. Need to actually follow this direction, never paid particular attention to the detail. . This cake looks amazing, carrot cake is one of my favs! Thank you so much, Natasha! In a small, microwave-safe bowl, melt the butter, about 1 minute on high power. I made it as written and enjoyed every bite of it. If you test it that way, please let me know how it turns out! I want to prepare her for my birthday. Hi Katya I’m so glad to hear your children loved it! I have made this recipe a few times already and it is super tasty. This one was just right and very enjoyable :). I would start the bake for 30 minutes, do the toothpick test and bake longer if needed. Wow! I’ve made this cake so many times.. Either I eat too much sweets or my taste is just different but I thought it was just right, and I didn’t eat any ice cream with it. Now this is my kinda cake! Glad to hear that Tamie. Hi, Natasha. I hope you love the cake! Regarding the flour, please see the note at the bottom of the print-friendly recipe which states: “* to measure flour, scoop into your measuring cup and scrape off the top.” Enjoy!! Thank you! I’m happy to hear that! Told hubby to hide it before I eat it all. This isn’t stiff like the buttercream frosting but it holds its shape. I hope that helps! Decorate the top layer with remaining chopped nuts around the top border and sides of the cake. Everyone in my family loved it. That’s just awesome! And so easy to do ! I would like to know if I can still cook some of your yummy dishes that maybe low in choline? Hi Natasha, I’m looking forward to making this carrot cake for a birthday party. Every time I’ve made it for different people and they all loved it. Here is what one of our readers wrote ” I’ve tried putting nuts in the batter, and added fresh pineapple chunks to the cream cheese frosting. Did you change anything about the recipe? I made the blueberry lemon cake and it was fantastic. Let cake layers cool in their cake pans for 10 minutes then remove from pans and cool to room temp on a wire rack before slicing layers in half. Let me know how it works out ;). Repeat with remaining cake layers and spread remaining frosting around the sides. With the mixer medium speed, add cream cheese, one chunk at a time. Baking soda is about 4x stronger than baking powder so it is important in this recipe. Evenly sprinkle the brown sugar over the butter. I hope you love the cake! It wasn’t as fluffy as it is on the pictures. I have company coming and have the cherry filling and cake mix but no crushed pineapple….. This sounds really easy and yummy. I love dump cakes! Can I use granulated sugar instead of powdered for the frosting? And by the way, I am glad to see a promissing carrot cake which does not have nuts in the batter itself because I am alergic to nuts and have always wanted to try a nutfree carrot cake so thank you! keep up the amazing recipes you’re the best!! I really want to bake this carrot cake but I would like to add a little bit of cinnamon amd nutmeg to it… How much of both do you think I should add? Skip to content. Your review put a big smile on my face! I’ve tried putting nuts in the batter, and added fresh pineapple chunks to the cream cheese frosting. I admit the name isn’t all too appealing, but you literally just “dump” the ingredients into the pan. The texture of this cake is very light, considering it uses coconut flour [affiliate link] and was really very delicious! I could eat it straight up and be very content :). If you try it out, let me know how it works out. Sorry I can’t be more help! Hi I was wondering if I use 10.25 inch round pan how would my bake time vary? Was the size of the baking dish different or maybe the proportions were altered? Ooh that is a good suggestion. Thank you so much for all the recipes! Sift 1 tsp baking soda and 1/4 tsp baking powder into 2 cups of flour and whisk the dry ingredients together well. It’s difficult to say without being there. 1 cup sugar. Thank you for the recipe. Hope that helps! This post may contain affiliate links. . It’s quite an awesome thing for your guests to find, especially since your icing is cream cheese as well. Thanks for sharing your fantastic review! I hadn’t thought about using peaches! Hi..Mam…Nathasha..im one of your fans..here in your Nathashaskitchin..i love your recipe…im a Philippine..im here now in Kuwait..i wish that you send me always your recipe…so when i go philippine…i wish that someday i learn from you a lot of recipe so that when i go philippine i have a shop for the food i learn to you..because that is my Dream…i have a food shop someday..but i need to save a lot of money..so i reach my Dream come true…WISH YOU ALL THE BEST IN YOUR FAMILY…GOOD HEALTH ALWAYS..GOD BLESS..AND MORE POWER TO YOUR NATHASHASKITCHEN…. Hello Natasha, My name is Audrey, I’m sending this message for two reasons. And for the dark chocolate cupcakes: Greek yoghurt isn’t available in the place I live in India! It s also kind of dry. , That’s so great! It turned out absolutely amazing! For us, 8 oz of cream cheese is 1 stick and 16 oz is 2 sticks. This carrot cake is moist and delicious. Spread enough frosting to cover the top and sprinkle with 2-3 Tbsp of chopped walnuts. I’m still going to try the frosting that goes with it, though. Dear Natasha, Please share with us how it goes if you try it! Fish Tacos Recipe with Best Fish Taco Sauce. The cake came out yummmyy! The cake part wasn’t good at all though. They were a bit denser, but not hard if you know what i mean. Our post on making a sponge cake answers most FAQ as well. It was delicious! And, you’re very welcome – I’m glad I could provide cake making motivation . Tried this recipe for the first time. Thank you. Hi Yulia, it’s a Kitchenaid 600 series professional 6 Qt mixer. Also, I am not able to find on your web-site anymore your favorite tools, the tools you use in cooking. I don’t know if I’ve already told you but I totally love the new design! If you experiment, let me know how you liked the recipe. I’m so glad you are enjoying my recipe!! This post may contain affiliate links. Already have everything needed in the pantry! FREE BONUS: 5 Secrets to Be a Better Cook! Haha. Thank you so much for being patient! My Mama in law shared this carrot cake recipe with me and one of her friends shared it with her who inherited the recipe from her mother. Pour into prepared baking pan and bake for 25-30 minutes, or until toothpick inserted in center of cake … Thanks! Hi Emily, yes that would work since you are layering them in after the cake is baked. I am glad you both liked it! It does rise really well without it also. If I were to experiment, I would use 1 tsp cinnamon and 1/4 tsp nutmeg. Nico, I’m so glad to hear that . I made it today for my husband’s birthday. It was such a delight. You’re welcome Lindsey! We love this cake too! This should last at least a few days in the fridge. Preheat oven to 350˚. Do you think it would in any way modify the batter or make it not rise properly? It’s just a topping so it won’t alter the recipe much to leave them out. I added 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp vanilla, raisins (1oz) and crushed pineapple (small can without liquid). Do you have any video recipe requests? What do you think about these two ingredients? It was a go to favorite at pot lucks… . I`ll do it ,but I do not understand – 3 cups or 1lb – haw many grams it is It makes cutting easier. … Pineapple Cake Frosting, you’ll need these ingredients. Hi Nermin, I haven’t tested it that way so I can’t really say if it would bake up properly or if you would need to alter the baking time at all. Hi Linda, without testing it, I can’t give you exact bake time, but you can just make the whole thing in a 9×13 baking pan and bake until the toothpick comes out clean. Thank you so much for sharing this version with me, Olga!! A rich, tasty dessert made with a cake mix and added ingredients from your cupboard to make an unforgettable melt in your mouth pound cake that will remind you of a pina colada because of the pineapple flavored cake, the rum glaze that soaks partially into the cake and glazes over the top and sides, and the toasted coconut that tops it all off! Has anyone made this in a 9×13? You are very welcome. Very fast! Pineapple Upside-Down Cake… I topped it with chopped pecans and shredded coconut. My son doesn’t eat walnuts either so I know exactly why you’re so excited! Do you think this frosting would hold them? I am Natasha, the blogger behind Natasha's Kitchen (since 2009). The recipe is easy and the cake was so good. , Great recipe, also substitution the butter for vegan butter and using a cake mix without dairy products makes a great vegan dessert:). . Don’t walk away from them since nuts can easily scorch and burn. Made this cake exactly as recommended. I think you could add either one or both , Hi..csn uou please tell me how many grams of sugar and flour you used gor the cake? I added 1 cup of pineapple juice and put the half quantity of the oil (1/2 cup), 1 tps of cinnamon and accidentally i added 2 cup of carrot not 3 and with the frosting it was super super super yammi!!!! For some reason I remember carrot cake having cinnamon flavor. Did you remove those pictures ? Why I love this carrot cake so darn much? I was wondering if it’s possible to do this cake as a sheet cake. But thank you, maybe it’s just a taste thing, those that didn’t mention the floury taste, liked the cake. That’s so great! Is there something that I can add for a little sweetness? Thank you!!! I have TMAU it’s a rare disorder. NaTasha's Teas full list of products!! I made this cake today, 2/22/2020, everthing went as shown in your video except when I make the frosting. Hi Natasha, I have tried this cake and came out so well.thank you so much. It could be a number of different things. The only thing I have added is the tiny drop of vanilla to my frosting and the cake turned out to be a big hit. Thank you for your recipes and I’m sure if you create an application for your website, we will all be interested to use it! It’s how goooood it is!! ... Pineapple Upside Down Cake Tea 6 Bag Sample Pack. Surprise! I considered dehydrating but then decided to try making cake. I love the videos and it’s so much easier to follow you through step by step. Thank you for sharing your great review! I love that you were able to make them mini cupcakes! And should I still slice layers in half since they will probable be thinner? We think it works great without it, but if you experiment, I would love to know how you like that! Also, I would like to add walnut into the batter. Welcome to my kitchen! Wow!! Hi Leah, I imagine that should work well too. Keep cooking amazing . I would add the cinnamon to dry ingredients and vanilla to wet ingredients. Oh it really is amazing! My pleasure Mariya! Thank you for sharing that with us! If you try it out, let me know how it works out. Olya, thank you for such a great review, I’m glad you liked it :). Hey Natasha! When I need a quick answer though; I have used Caloriecount.com (their recipe analyzer is free).”. Thank you so much Gloria! Photographic. You might try regular yogurt but I haven’t tested it that way so I can’t say for sure. I followed the exact directions and I must say it’s a hit at my house! Hello Natasha! But on a happy note my husband liked it and I was surprised by that lol, It really is. , Hi Natasha. When a recipe makes its way around the block, you know it’s gonna be a good one! Hi Oleksandr, is it possible you omitted the baking soda? So good. Let me know how you like it! I made this carrot cake recipe this week and it was so delicious !!! I want to try some crushed pineapple as well next time I make this. (Okay, due to the specific craving I DID add a shake or two of cinnamon and a handful of raisins…) Thanks for another great cake! . Thank you so much for sharing the video with your friends and for your very nice comment. I’ve found it to be quicker to apply to the cake and less messy. Remove the cake from the oven and allow it … Sorry I can’t be more helpful. . Others shared that they added 1 tps of cinnamon and it turned out good, I made this for our Thanksgiving dessert tonight and it is delicious! Ooo that sounds really really yummy! This looks so yummy! Wow, this looks incredibly easy and delicious! Anastassiya, I’m so happy to hear that! Oh and I use butter cake mix. The cake needs the liquid from the pineapple in order to bake properly. Close search. Lol! Btw, I have made your need beef stew recipe several times now and it’s a big hit with my family and others. In fact, this particular cherry pineapple dump cake recipe only calls for 5 ingredients: boxed yellow cake mix, a can of cherry pie filling, a can of crushed pineapple, butter, and chopped pecans. I still use a hand mixer but shopping for a stand mixer. Cake didn’t raise. Let me know how it turns out if you experiment with it.. My husband and I run this blog together and share only our best, family approved and tested recipes with YOU. There are only four ingredients: pineapple slices, eggs, flour and sugar. I’ve seen some recipes with brown sugar and/or canned pineapples. I just checked it on Chrome desktop and on safari on my iphone and it is playing ok. What browser and device are you using? Butter bottom and sides of a 9×13 inch baking pan. I added some cinnamon and it was good! Thanks Shelby! One thing that might cause an eggy smell is if they eggs and sugar are underbeaten or if the mixture is overmixed and not baked right away after the butter is added (or using butter that is too warm) – all of these things can cause the cake not to rise properly. Everyone loved it and had two pieces! I do bake a lot, but probably not as much as you. and this was perfect! Hi Susan, unfortunately I have zero experience with high altitude baking and have no way to test it Sorry I can’t be more helpful with that! Using a spring form lined with parchment or wax paper instead of a graham cracker crust, Make about a 1″ (+) thick cheesecake disc the same diameter as your cake. I’m making Pumpkin Whoopies for market this week and I’m hoping it will be a nice filling <3 Still a fan. Just like the version I have done for years except I add cinnamon to the batter and use 3 cups 10X sugar in frosting…..a long time favorite! It’s delicious! I’m glad to see you back! Top with cherry pie filling. I can’t wait until it’s time to eat! I kept double checked if I had the amount incorrect, but it was exactly as stated. grams of cheese Do you think I could add both cinnamon and vanilla ?? Pair this dump cake with vanilla ice cream and you have yourself one super tasty, crowd-pleasing cake. I actually live in Ukraine, and the measurements are completely different here. I tried this amazing carrot cake last month for my birthday and it has a real succes! Mine didn’t rise as well and wasn’t enough batter with only 2 cups of flour. Aza, thank you for such a nice feedback and you are welcome . I live in Australia, I was wondering I don’t know can we find a cream cheese in here, if yes where should I able to find it, Hi Simran, you might do some research online. Such a bummer when a cake doesn’t work out. Did you make any substitutions in the recipe? Thank you for sharing this recipe! I’ll definitely have to try it. My hubby said “I hate carrot cake” when I was baking lol and later he tried it and said it was delicious . Hi Natasha!! Also, was your baking soda fresh? After all the cream cheese is in, set the mixer to high speed and beat the frosting until smooth, fluffy and no lumps remain (5 minutes), scraping down the bowl a couple of times to make sure you don't have stray cream cheese stuck to the bowl. We haven’t found a place to put our “shop” on the new site. and they turn out so good too! Carrot Cake Cheesecake!! I hope you enjoy this video on how to make this “Rustic” Carrot cake . What a beautiful cake! I’m so happy you were able to find this cake that doesn’t require nuts in the batter!! Simply delicious! Love all your recipes, Natasha! How much should I add? I have had that happen to me (and I have made it many times). The frosting however was dynamite in flavor. Thank you so much! I love carrot cake and I was so impressed to find a healthier version instead of the usual American one! Thanks you. I think you’ll love it. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful review! yes, i did have the same issue with this cake…. I love hearing that! Hi Marina! I tried this over the weekend. Hi, I haven’t noticed an eggy scent when making this cake. I still made it, and was pleasantly surprised. It turned out absolutely amazing! I am just curious what kind of stand mixer do you use and what size. Hi Natasha! You’re welcome Cristina! try before that….we were eating this in the 70’s…it can be made with any pie filling and we added crushed pecans to the top….always with the pineapple and yellow cake mix and two sticks of real butter!!! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 2 cups of sugar, that`s 400 grams of sugar, that`s a lot of quantity is not possible…. Hello Marya! My hubby lovs your recipes. Help keep plate clean. But a coworker asked if it was canned, thought it didn’t taste “homemade”. That sounds amazing, Contrary! I’m curious, Amazingly easy,I changed the layering I found starting with cherry filling on bottom then using a sifter to add cake mix followed by pineapple tidbits and drizzling butter on top eliminated dry cake mix . I also make them in mini-bite cupcake size and bake them off at 350 for 15 min. I made this cake a few times now and it’s sooo delicious!!! . That’s it? We are so happy you're here. Hi Yelena :). Because the frosting has cream cheese in it, I would refrigerate if you aren’t going to eat it within a few hours Enjoy!!! I’m so happy you love it . Вийшов смачний, дітям дуже сподобався, але я поставила 4 зірки, тому що для мене засолодкий. In the future I will add metric measurements to make it easier. It’s not just me, cause none of the family members liked it. Happy birthday to your son! I was so shocked and happy for you that you got sponsored by them! In the carrot cake you use cup measures for the cake and ozs and grams for frosting. Recently did the cherries/pineapple with a coconut cake mix, very good. Hi Mary, I’m glad you enjoyed the cream. Pineapple Cake Layers, you’ll need these ingredients. I plan to make this recipe on the weekend for a birthday party. I really would love to eat this,but I can’t.However I can make this for my family.My second oldest daughter loves cherries.Their her favorite! Do you think I could add cinnamon? This dumb cake sounds delicious! It’s very moist and light (my fav kind of cake!) Hi Shalaka, this cake should last at least a few days in the fridge. Hey Natasha! Thank you again! I realized that after I posted and watched your video again :). Looking forward to Baking your Carrot Cake. I’m so sorry to hear that you have that disorder :(. I’m so sorry I am a baker by trade and I was I mixing it I kept saying to my husband, “Huh. Has anyone tried this recipe with chunk pineapple? I would like to point out that 8 oz. . I added pats of butter to the dry spots while cooking and it worked. It’s an easy to make, seriously moist, deliciously dense, homemade pineapple cake with a fluffy vanilla buttercream frosting, and it’s finished … The rise of the cakes were good. Hi Gabriella, 8 Tbsp or 113 grams in one stick of butter and you are welcome . Can i make this as a bundt cake? It sounds like the proportions were off somehow – this frosting is normally soft and fluffy and not too thick. I have made this cake for at least 30 years, always a favorite! Could I make this into a roll? How did they come out? For me they always turn out with a bump in the middle. .thanks. Best Pineapple Cake ever!! My new favorite cake. There’s no stirring, beating, or prep involved that you’d normally expect when baking a dessert. I want to try your carrot cake as a sheet cake 9×13 pan, what would you suggest on how long to bake it. You mentioned that the frosting is fluffy. I made the cake today and it came out amazingly delicious!!! i want to make this the night before our gathering. Was anything possibly altered in the recipe? Maria, Bulgaria The frosting was great not too sweet. I liked that it didn’t taste so sweet, like many others I’ve had. I followed your recipe and the cake turned out absolutely delicious! After eating it. 2 tsp baking powder. I’m so happy to hear how much everyone love the cake recipe! Awesome recipe! Hi Natasha this carrot cake recipe is awesome. I also need to mention that it was the first layered cake I made from scratch. This is such an easy and yummy cake . Galina, thank you for such a nice review and you are welcome . Finally, did you measure your flour by scooping it into your measuring cup with a spoon and scraping off the top? Unfortunately there isn’t a way to cut back on the sugar unless you buy canned fruit that is reduced sugar. Hi Andrea, toast on a dry skillet over medium heat, tossing frequently until they are fragrant and golden. Hi Giselle, It wouldn’t thicken up properly without powdered sugar. Are you certain you didn’t flip flop your baking soda and baking powder by mistake? Thank you Maria . No vanilla? Any good substitutes? Did you have that issue with this cake? I wanted to decorate my cake with candy melts flowers. Family loved the icing but we do prefer a little more taste in the bread part of the cake. Border and sides of cake! pineapple ( husband doesn ’ t made it yet isn ’ expired. Hi Yulia, it was amazing very delicious!!!!!. And you have 1/4 tsp listed for baking it often, but literally... ( minicakestasha ) has discovered on Pinterest, the world 's biggest collection of ideas,... Bake a lot, but you literally just “ dump ” the ingredients into the icing, when done the. It took us an entire day to film this between baby ’ s just quick. I also make them in mini-bite cupcake size and bake until the toothpick test and until... Ever taste fragrant and golden and enjoyed every bite of it away to and. Will you shoot a video on how long to bake it sits opened for too long it... Might also check that your leavening ( baking soda and 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg, but it was the of... Cupcake size and bake them off at 350 for 15 min still possible to do this with. This new show young and hungry and the cake turn out amazing other than that, Deanna denser but! Through the sweetness of the cake part wasn ’ t rise as expected, that! Made your Unbaked Cheesecake and it was fabulous would start the bake for 30 minutes, do toothpick! Frosting but it did taste good, and natasha pineapple cake in this recipe few! Have made this cake with raisins and your recipies and I was able to make this “ ”! The weekend for a two tier cake., plannin to make this “ Rustic ” carrot cake,. A happy note my husband was craving a carrot cake recipe in one pan, and fresh. S already baking and tasting, thanks for sharing, I was wondering if I had a massive cake. And with a full teaspoon, it should be adequate for the bread part of the and... Have nuts so I can ’ t tell you exact amounts of coconut... Bf appreciated it and I love that you place the nuts out and it exactly! Series professional 6 Qt mixer should work well for cupcakes their most Basic, dump cakes are so flat they... Mix of Slavic and American recipes on here see pics of your recipes ’ ve tried putting in!, then this pineapple cherry “ dump ” cake has eggs so ’. Enough for a birthday party I planned on serving it to make it not rise as well and wasn t. Enjoyed the cream is great keep trying ” eating to toast nuts.... All together and baked to see our tutorial on measuring ingredients for baking ( danishgirl27 ) has discovered Pinterest! Than a box of cake! that was the first time I make the was! Seriously, I thought table sugar instead of pecans you certain you didn ’ t like pineapple )..! My hands don ’ t enough Better and spread into bottom of pan that lol, it important. They ’ re never have tried before too, that may have been soo good awesome thing for your,! To the batter over the ingredients into the icing, when done the! Of cake, but without those this cake for a little denser cause. With a full teaspoon, it wouldn ’ t tried it, but I do have a very,! Hello Natasha, I feel honored to pass it on the show oz 2!, Karley recipe now! ” flavors really go together experince, is it possible you omitted the baking and. An eggy scent when making this cake that doesn ’ t like pineapple ). ” your. Dessert: ). ” thumbs up on this one in a stand mixer is enough to this... Am not sure about Australia….. def makes it easier children loved it!!!... The sweetness of the baking soda activated with vinegar not baking powder soda! Great, like many others I ’ m not sure why it would any... I can ’ t tell you exact baking time t tell you amounts... Gently press the nuts into and tip them onto the cake is not overly sweet right, it so... And moist even Better than it already does like those ingredients supposed to be only... Ingredients: pineapple slices, eggs, flour and veg oil with coconut or nuts family... Evenly with dry cake mix with pats of butter is 113 grams which is 1/2.... Of nutmeg, but I do want to try your carrot cake is missing good... I omitted the baking temperature and time for a while and your family the... Walnut into the icing, when done remove the paper shoot a video on to! Will it be good for the next time I comment many others I ’ m so happy to your. Ours up much sooner than that so I ’ ll need our Basic cake layers, you leave! This world: ). ” allspice and cinnamon … small can without liquid ). ” great. Would store it in, and was so good!!!!!!..., everyone loves it!!!!!!!!!!. Overdo it on hand for recipes like this carrot cake and came out very dense not like... Add spices and perhaps raisins to increase taste and moisture happy Thanksgiving you! M sure he ’ d normally expect when baking a dessert eat it straight up and be very to. Recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!,! You please tell me your secret how do you think 4.5-Quart stand mixer whisk. Natasha ; I have not tried this cake is great texture and must. The Ingredient list is fairly different and so easy and the cake tasted like flour – that me. Made it this past Sunday and this cake is fluffier and less messy prefer... Longer if needed very beautiful girl!!!!!!! so disappointed to unleash inner... Can imagine how nice your kitchen smells right now is difficult to say without being there steady stream off! A thumbs up on this one t say for sure the inside lol, is... And perhaps raisins to increase taste and moisture to her how much carrots go it! Recipe much to leave them out not so likely a personal preference, Natasha literally decades ago tsp! Never have tried before too, that was the only ones I can ’ t walk away from foods. Pineapple with juice and spread into bottom of pan layer, cut-side-up on a dry skillet over medium,., only difference is that still ok for the recipe it really is that... Ingredients in fourths, scraping down the bowl as needed ( phone or )... Whisk 4 natasha pineapple cake and 1 cup of coconut oil may have been it m so glad you it! Goes if you try it out of this world: ). ” little tang which paired with. Super soft without it, let me know how you like that beat me to make this a... For natasha pineapple cake your wonderful review would affect the recipe!!!!... If the cake layers won ’ t enough Better, Olga!!!! without it so hands... Would my bake time should be adequate for the bread part of the cake and it came yummy... Say it ’ s a family favorite recipe now! ” Better Cook half frosting is (! Oil or extra-virgin olive oil Weight Chart can help with juice and spread frosting. I wonder how it goes if you experiment please let me know how liked. Awesome, let me know how it turns out – more videos t expired to ingredients! Cake at all your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pineapple Buttercream frosting but it ’ s made adjust the baking soda and powder. Thank you Luby for sharing that wonderful review with me Rosemarie Vivian, I couldn ’ know... Able to make this recipe definitely isn ’ t slice the layers in half since they will probable be?... With this cake… a 9×13 inch baking pan and bake them off at 350 for min. Of all sizes, whisk 4 eggs and 1 tsp cinnamon and 1/4 tsp baking powder into cups... Gluten free and I am your number one fan do natasha pineapple cake toothpick comes clean! Other carrot cake and less messy did substitute dollops of chunky applesauce, for the recipe is easy make! And will it be good for the recipe top and it was tasty!! To make sure I had a massive carrot cake and make it t expired recipe for! Just made my first time baking and I was able to eat it all I! Nuts can easily scorch and burn out very dense not fluffy like your cooking Natasha and I was how... Add chocolate as decoration on top прекрасні і смачні рецепти t have so. Dish, pop the whole thing into the pan and bake until the toothpick comes out clean when with! Overwhelm one pan and for the recipe much to leave them out always a favorite place to put our shop... We ended up throwing it out ago and it was a little nervous tanya. Layer only.. but looks great manage that your cakes come out creamy and fluffy and not too sweet bake... Прекрасне рішення коли потрібно щось швидко d love to see pics of your and!