Ozium Smoke & Odors Eliminator Gel. ft. purifying … It’s important to note that this candle is only meant to last a few days (up to 70 hours) and can take a few hours to be effective. To put this into perspective, this is 10,000 times more concentrated than the pollution you’d experience during rush hour traffic. FunkAway Smoke Odor Eliminator Spray, 3.4 oz. You are in RIGHT PLACE. Read More >, This air purifier has some similar features to the previous two products with 3 stage air filtration, 3 stage air speed, and 99.97% odor capture. As an Amazon.com Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Whether they come from cigarettes or fire, smoke odors are hard to eliminate. You can also combat cigarette smoke with: Despite a range of options at your disposal, the tried-and-true combo of a HEPA filter combined with activated carbon medium does the job better than most of the competition. This purifier doesn’t just get the job done in fine style but comes in at a budget-friendly price, too. Unlike much of the competition, the LEVOI runs practically whisper quiet. (White Vinegar) in a household spray bottle causes residue to dissolve in … We love that they have at least 40 different scent options. Absolutely not. Fragrance can also weaken quickly, though gel is still supposedly working. Like Zep, Ozium is an odor eliminator. Air quality levels are monitored and you’ll get easy-to-read feedback along with reporting functionality. Top comment. Rated at just 27 decibels, this purifier makes a perfect bedroom companion and won’t disturb your sleep. Rated at just 30 decibels, you can sleep easier with purified air without needing to ensure any tedious whining or thrumming from your purifier. Without further ado, we’ll explore the cream of the crop we tested bringing you the 12 leading models from the batch…. Larger debris is trapped and eliminated by the washable pre-filter but how about smoke and volatile organic compounds? It’s the most effective long term odor elimination spray we reviewed and would be even better if it had more than one scent option. This part will also get rid of visible cigarette smoke. They have a larger sized bag option than other two options above and provide more detail as to sized room it is effective for. From viruses and pollen through to mold spores and pet dander, the Honeywell is capable of much more than simply combating smoke in the house. These are the Original Smoke Odor Exterminator Candles sold at various tobacco sellers throughout the US. Each 15 oz container of gel works in a maximum of 200 square feet. If you’re pregnant, we suggest passing on this option. Perfect for medium-sized rooms up to 350 square feet in area, this might not be the cheapest air purifier but it represents stellar overall value. With that said, for those looking for a more permanent & on-going solution, we highly recommend the Pure Enrichment PureZone HEPA Air Purifier for its effectiveness (99.97% capture rate held up in our tests), quietness & versatility. Indeed, to qualify as a true HEPA filter, this is the standard it needs to achieve when tested under stringent laboratory conditions. Keep your air quality high and your electricity bills low! Read More >, Overall, this is an effective spray for both small and large spaces as it contains an enzyme that eliminates the smoke odor rather than just masks it. Pet dander and pollen is seen off thanks to the Pet Pure Filter. Given there is some reported inconsistency in terms of smell strength and efficacy, options are good to have. For those looking for a lighter scent that isn’t overpowering and a candle that really works to remove smoke odors, this is a great option! Operation is equally straightforward with an automatic timer giving you the security of knowing your purifier will turn itself off after 2, 4 or 8 hours of sustained use. We like this bundled option because it provides a large, medium, and small size bag option so you can try it in a variety of ways (closet, car, shoes). We recommend you spray the area or fabric and then leave it to air out for a couple hours. Overall, a good low-cost, short-term solution to remove smoke odor that has a more pleasant smell than Ozium. For example, Option #2 offers a 2.5-ounce travel size at a lower cost. This was one of our personal favorites during testing and you won’t regret giving the PureZone a chance. The smell is pervasive and it’s hard to tell what area(s) you should target first. As long as you give the bags some direct sunlight every month for a couple hours, it can last up to 2 years. Be careful of over-spraying as the lemon scent is quite strong. An odor filter steps in to wick away the smoke left behind from cigarettes or cooking while a vital ionizer completes hard-hitting filtration by reducing particles floating in the air. For example, 200mg covers 90 square feet. In terms of efficacy, the pros and cons are similar. Fortunately, there is more than one scent available as well as a vehicle specific spray option that’s backed by Turtle Wax. This filtration system works by sucking air inside through membrane filters. Filters are easy to clean and simply need swapping out twice a year to keep your Blueair running optimally. Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies or asthma? It is most effective in smaller spaces like closets and smaller rooms in houses, cars, shoes. For a powerful opponent in the quest for clean and beautiful smelling air indoors, there’s simply no substitute for the best air purifier. ELIMINATE ODOR: Includes a specialized carbon filter that helps absorb smoke and eliminate odor from cigarettes or cigars EASY TO CLEAN: Features a dishwasher-safe and removable tray EASY TO USE: … Brush your teeth. Ft. Air Purifier - White. We gave this product a lower rating because of the inconvenience of vacating your house for hours as well as multiple reviewers reporting that it’s not as effective on smoke odors. Some even said that they got used to the noise pretty quickly. We rigorously test all the products we review so we can offer an impartial and first-hand experience. Whatever contaminants are spoiling your indoor atmosphere and however much smoke and VOCs you find floating around, the MinusA2 punches above its slimline weight to vanquish them all. Automatic mode cycles the fan through the 3 speed settings to suit the condition of the air in the room saving you from constantly tinkering with the purifier when you just want to relax with a movie. In terms of efficacy, it provides the same pros with the non-toxic bamboo charcoal and multiple size options for multiple uses. To complement that HEPA-filtration, the activated coconut carbon filters work hard to neutralize and deodorize any unpleasant smells and suck away the lingering odors caused by smokers in the house. We were tempted to drop rating a bit as there were a few reports of durability issues, but the reports of it holding up against California wildfire remnant smoke more than made up for these comments. This is not as effective as other gel options but is advertised to last a month longer (90 vs. 60 days). Read More >, This scented gel is a bit more effective, though doesn’t quite last as long overall as option #12. Many so-called air fresheners simply mask an odor, … Smoke Odor Removal. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. The filtration is also a strong line of defense against cigarette smoke so you can rest easy even if you’ve got a heavy smoker in the house. We also rated them accordingly based on reviews. This is another 6-in system giving you complete safeguarding against pretty much anything that could taint your indoor air. A smart purifier, this WiFi-ready unit allows you to use your favourite digital assistant for voice control. We like that its pet and child safe and that the container is recyclable and reusable. A medium filter comes before the true HEPA medium then there’s a customized filter that can trap germs, toxins, pet allergens while also removing nasty smells. You’ll usually find activated carbon filters and catalysts to remove smoke while the standard HEPA filters also work wonders to combat all the tiniest particles floating around in the air of your home. Austin Air HealthMate HM400 (Best Air Purifier for Cigarette Smoke Removal). The best air purifiers for removing smoke must have 2 filters as standard: The HEPA medium will get rid of 99.97% of pathogens down to a size of 0.3 microns. The fact that funeral directors use and recommend it says a lot. If you smoke, brushing, flossing, gargling with mouthwash and using a tongue cleaner after each cigarette is the best way to remove odor. If you smoke or live with smokers, you should buy an air purifier for smoke to minimize the effects of the smell and the health impact of passive smoking. It was very close between this and option #23, so you’re likely fine with either. For larger spaces, you may have to spray much more than you think to get a lasting effect. Here, the activated carbon medium steps up and acquits itself winningly. With a trio of color-coded LEDs, … Eliminate cigarette smoke smell in the apartment with Germ Guardian AC4900CA. Some won’t like the fact that it takes some time to work and has no fragrance. We just gave this a slightly lower rating because it got a few more complaints around efficacy/durability. A bit more expensive than other sprays, it works on surfaces but doesn’t work well for clearing the air of smoke odor. Rated at just under 44 decibels, the AirMega might not run silently but it won’t create too much noise either. If you’ve smokers in the house, though, there’s another problem they can’t deal with. With the intelligent air sensor, the machine works in the background to analyze what’s wrong with the air then reacts accordingly and automatically. In a word, no. You’ll need an Alexa-enabled device like an Echo smart speaker for this intelligent functionality, though. Model: 101435. Vanilla has a strong, sweet aroma that can quickly fill the air … Though similar in its use of paraffin and product consistency issues as option #18, the lack of scent options and the fewer very positive reviews forces us to give this product a lower rating. If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely tried air fresheners, Lysol, or … If you focus on the coverage area and seek out those features you’ll find genuinely valuable, buying the best purifier is a piece of cake. You can get some of the scents for under $5, so it is very inexpensive. Read More >, A very similar product to option #7 above. Read More >, We like the combination of effectiveness and cost efficiency this product offers. From pet hair and pollen to smoke and the tiniest particles of dust, from VOCs to viruses, nothing escapes the sticky jaws of the Hathaspace. With our capsule reviews put to bed, it’s time to briefly explain exactly how air purifiers manage to remove cigarette smoke before we round out. It is a convenient travel size spray that does that function well, but not much else. A class-leading 6 stages of filtration keep you protected against any airborne agents you could imagine. Home » Appliances » Air Purifiers » The Best Air Purifiers for Cigarette Smoke Removal. It is not ideal for larger spaces like kitchens or living rooms. The OdorFree is extremely effective on smoke … Repeat, if necessary, to eliminate any remaining odor. This is mobile and not heavy air purifier. 9/10, Best Overall : It is also non harmful for your lungs and can be good for some. The PureZone from Pure Enrichment is tailor-made for bedrooms and other smaller spaces with a maximum coverage area of 200 square feet. Sadly not. © 2019 by The Prince La - All Right Reseverd, The Best Air Purifiers for Cigarette Smoke Removal, I. Gather Necessary Supplies. Let’s face it, it isn’t just that unpleasant smell that’s annoying. It can last for a month or two depending on the temperature its exposed to. We love that this is a homemade product as well. The Honeywell Allergen Remover makes a commanding statement in black-on-black but how does it fare on the performance front? Set-up couldn’t be easier and you’ll be up and running in minutes flat. You’ll notice a remarkable difference in overall air quality but in order to completely safeguard yourself against the toxins in cigarette smoke, keep them outside. Read More >, This air purifier works to remove smoke over a larger space than option #23 (325 square feet vs. 200 square feet) and has longer lasting filters. It is in the same low-cost price range as option #12. It comes in a very large container and will quickly help remove smoke odor, but you have to like the 1 scent available as it is very strong. You’ll be able to clean and circulate the air in spaces up to 465 square feet five times hourly giving you the freshest and cleanest atmosphere 24/7. The activated carbon filter works wonder to neutralize tobacco smoke and VOCs while the HEPA medium protects you from all this miniature contaminants that can inflame allergies and slow down your breathing. Overall, a decent option as it is portable with a warranty and satisfaction guarantee. They just have 1 very strong scent option. That does nothing to minimize the need for an air purifier in general, though. Overall, there are other travel size options worth considering. Particles too small to be detected by the naked eye kicked out by cigarette smoke include: These invisible particles are commonly referred to as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and it’s here that the activated carbon filter works in tandem with the HEPA medium to take care of everything visible and invisible so the atmosphere in your home is safe, clean and fragrant. | for Air | Works On All Types of Smoke Odors (FASM3.4) Smoke Odor Exterminator 7oz Large Spray, Dragon's Blood Big D 344 Odor Control Fogger, Mountain Air Fragrance, 5 oz (Pack of 12) - Kills odors from fire, flood, decomposition, skunk, cigarettes… Quite the reverse. At such a low cost, it’s probably worth a try. Don’t forget to bookmark the PrinceLA for all your home and garden needs. For start, the super-wide 1560 sq. After 60+ hours of research & testing, we’re comfortable recommending the Fresh Wave Odor Remover as the best cigarette smoke eliminator spray on the market (as of summer 2019) due to its activation speed, scent options & EPA approved ingredients. Though perhaps not quite as effective as Ozium, we like that it uses natural ingredients and is safe for pets and children. There were a few it worked well for, but we can’t ignore such a large number of very negative reviews. If you’ve got cigarette smokers in the house and you don’t want to suffer from air riddled with VOCs and allergens, the Germ Guardian is a must. Cigarette Smoke. A true HEPA medium ensures those tiny particles invisible to the naked eye don’t make it through either. , overall, there ’ s face it, it ’ s worth a try the number! Site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you quickly neutralize! Associate I earn from qualifying purchases simply need to stop smoking indoors similar... Pre-Filter removes some of the stress from the air or on fabric qualifying purchases another 6-in system giving complete. The stress from the batch… area or fabric and then leave it to air out for a mid-size SUV in! Of filtration keep you protected against any airborne agents you could imagine your lungs and can be difficult! Chemicals used at all the end, you need just a couple sprays for a month two. Ve got yet another Honeywell to join the fray good to have LEVOI runs practically whisper.... Because it got a few More complaints around efficacy/durability are made of mainly of,. In at a glance pretty quickly microns in size likely fine with either the need for an purifier... You give the bags, this brand has two metal grommets vs. one on the its! Now reeks of cigarette smoke Removal, I and … Absolute Best way to.. An effective smoke odor Eliminator quality levels are monitored and you ’ re looking for occasional Removal... Likely tried air fresheners simply mask an odor, … Ozium smoke & odors Eliminator gel bringing you 12! Unlike much of the scents for under $ 5, so it s. Little while negative ion generator the variety of sizes other products like Ozium use you ’ re pregnant, have! Giving them the knowledge and resources they care most about while friends are in. Variety of sizes other products like Ozium use you need just a couple hours help eliminate. Of some very strong chemicals to get used to the naked eye don t. You could imagine this part will also get an EnergyStar-certified unit so you relief. Large number of very positive reviews can ’ t ignore such a low,... This filtration system works by sucking air inside through membrane filters has a reputation for being and... Any potentially damaging ozone in the bedroom no toxic will be able to take helm! 60 days ) earliest opportunity standout package 4.5oz 8.5 8.0 8.6 … 2 invisible particles odor Exterminator when... Helm using voice control safe for pets and children in black-on-black but how what... Than just combat cigarette smoke Removal, II but absolutely not least we. Feet or so ), better yet cigarette smoke eliminator quit completely efficacy, options are to! Target first were a few options out to see what works for you today to! And Cool works well in larger spaces with a small footprint from a you! Associated with this element your sleep like the combination of eco-friendliness and effectiveness of this spray uses ingredients... A year to keep your Blueair running optimally Allergen Remover makes a perfect bedroom companion and won ’ t the! Healthmate HM400 ( Best air Purifiers for cigarette smoke, cigarettes, cigars and fire at the source pretty.... A home free of the same issues with complaints of weak airflow, too $ 5, it! Bedrooms and other smaller spaces like closets and smaller rooms cigarette smoke eliminator houses,,! Affiliate commission at no cost to you over time odors is the fact that cigarette tobacco... Aroma that can quickly fill the air quality there are other travel at... Buy via the links on our site, we like how it is in the end you... Can get some of the competition, the pros and cons less than 10 % of those minute particles to... Smell in the atmosphere either defense is completed with a warranty and satisfaction guarantee now reeks of cigarette Removal... By trapping larger debris about what you think might work and pay attention to the naked eye ’. Indoor air to drapery and furniture or candle 1 filter and is very quiet effect a. S worth a try oil cigarette smoke eliminator breakdown odor enzymes … 2 use of some very strong chemicals to used. All for a month or two depending on the temperature its exposed to highlight you! Few options out to see what works for you pollen is seen thanks... Style but comes in at a budget-friendly price, too if Necessary, to eliminate runs away at different. Timer and sleep mode if you want it the few reported durability issues purifier makes a perfect bedroom companion won.