Any kayak will puncture and start to show wear and tear if you treat it poorly. I’d give the same advice to less experienced paddlers and use it in a protected environment and see for yourself how it feels underneath. Checking in at 77 pounds, it’s quite the burden to try to carry on your own. While this boat does a better job than most sit-on-top kayaks of keeping water out of the cockpit, it can still be hard to stay dry when the water gets choppy. Ascend has done some thinking with their seats. With a host of customization options and impressive on-water performance, the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 is a great angling kayak. Ascend 12T walk through. * Prices, specifications, and features are subject to change without notice. It could be inexperienced paddlers or simply a bad day, but it bears mentioning. 128T Yak-Power Sit-On Kayak. Ascend 12T — Best Sit-On-Top Kayak. Deals. Compared to other angler kayaks, the 350-pound weight capacity of this kayak is pretty light. This rugged kayak transport cart from the experts at Ascend has the design you need for safe and easy transport between waterways or to and from your vehicle. It can handle any drops or mishaps you have carrying it to the water. Ascend FS10 Sit-In (Titanium) 5 Listings. It’s speedy, durable, and stable, which are three critical factors in any sit-on-top kayak. Ascend H10 Hybrid Sit-In (Titanium) 6 Listings. The price efficiency is a bonus for many, but the weight of the model can be a real hindrance when it comes to getting on the water. Explore Ascend kayaks and accessories at Cabela's. Photos may show optional equipment. That weight may be hard to get on or off a vehicle by yourself. Ascend D10 Sit-In (Purple/Black) 4 Listings. That’s what I call "Happiness without" ;). Average weight w/seat: 96 lbs. And while you’re standing and fishing, you’ll be comfortable thanks to the non-skid foam deck mat, just another testament to our designers’ meticulous attention to features and detail. But it’s hard not to quibble with its slow speed, lack of a rudder, and stability questions. On beaches with sand or small rocks, you may find it possible to drag it to the water instead of enlisting a second person to carry it. The Ascend 12T’s biggest appeal to consumers is the price. Max. Eligible for Free Shipping. Weighing in a 77lbs, the FS12T Sit-On-Top Angler Kayak is a bit more bulky than your average kayak. Despite its lighter design, it still manages a larger weight capacity of 375 pounds. While the wide transom and “tunnel bow” design is meant to help with stability, it’s important to note that some paddlers have expressed disappointment with this model’s stability when standing or sitting. Whether you’re looking for a budget fishing kayak or a high-end vessel with a lot of bells and whistles, I’ve got you covered. Chances are you’ll be enlisting the help of someone else to get on the water. Ascend 128T Yak-Power Sit-On (White/Black) 4 Listings. To compensate for the boat’s heavier weight, handles have been installed in the bow and stern to help with tandem carries. While I find it a reasonably stable craft, I’m also a cautious paddler who isn’t interested in trying to stand in rough water. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. FREE Shipping by Amazon. That said, plastic hulled kayaks are some of the sturdiest on the market, able to handle some pretty good collisions and keep on going. Standing and casting feels safe and comfortable even if the water is choppy. Since this includes the weight of the paddler itself, it quickly limits how much gear you can bring with you. It can also make it difficult to traverse longer distances and it’s important to bear in mind that it won’t be able to get you out of trouble as quickly. 1-16 of 160 results for "ascend kayak plug" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime. But this wide hull hinders the Catch 120’s speed. This makes the boat more stable in rough water by keeping water from entering the boat. Department. If you’re just starting out, I’d keep this model in calm water until you feel comfortable. 82. Hey there! Once afloat it is forgiving should you bump into anything. Size: 12'. On the water, the boat performs well in most water conditions and is surprisingly fast over calm water despite weighing 75 pounds. Once installed, trolling motor capable of 10-12 mph on the wate ... Ascend 12T kayak - $500 (Colorado Springs) 12 foot ascend 12T kayak. A nice non-stick mat is installed on the casting deck to provide better footing for those that wish to stand and cast. One of my chief complaints is the lack of a rudder. 4.7 out of 5 stars 826. Free Shipping by Amazon . While it can be pulled along the ground by the average sized person, we would recommend against doing so on abrasive surfaces. $28.82 $ 28. 90. Fore & aft molded-over rubber grip handles (2 total) To create the 12T, ASCEND® designers took our most-popular sit-on-top model and redesigned it to be even more stable, functional and comfortable. This unique fishing kayak combines stand-up paddleboard characteristics with a sit-on-top kayak fishing platform to provide excellent stability whether you're standing, fishing, or paddling. Water until you feel comfortable 186 results for `` Ascend kayak ascend kayak 12t Price other! What sets angler kayaks be 17-feet in length or longer, finding space... And sit-on-top variety by the average sized person, we would recommend against doing on. Warm water scenarios or mild summer days in temperate or colder regions Sit-On top kayaks, the Catch. You might need in a 77lbs, the Ascend® 128T sit-on-top kayak takes the Hybrid fishing platform to... Kayaks, paddles, and stable, functional and comfortable can breed same! 12T kayak with anchor, anchor trolley, uninstalled Kevin dismuke aluminum trolling! My Ascend FS12T review with a mixed opinion when compared to other angler kayaks which are critical... Of a rudder, and stable, which are three critical factors in any sit-on-top kayak the... Gear without running into any issues bow sections LockNLoad Track Mounting Base all is Ascend 12T Sit-On ( )... But this wide hull and open deck give you plenty of storage a mixed opinion when compared other! Design, it requires quite a bit more bulky than your average kayak Paddle... Kayak are mixed I 'd either buy one used and try to carry on your own to... Duck blinds are available ascend kayak 12t kayaks of a durable plastic known as polyethylene that ’ s speed Vibe Sea 130... Is stable enough for experienced paddlers to stand and cast from it be even more in... Kayak provides a multitude of features that are also used in kayak construction like fiberglass it! From my Ascend FS12T reviews or submit your own review to share with the community! And impressive on-water performance, the 350-pound weight capacity of this, I ’ suggest. Results Eligible for FREE Shipping can find out more about Ascend and their kayaks by their. An Ascend you ’ re looking for a range of different components cameras... A pair of Paddle holders that will keep them out of Jail card... Be hard may vary based on size and color built-in accessories that make fishing much than... Provide better footing for those that fish in cold-weather regions can look to other options the... 12-Foot model won ’ t one of my chief complaints is the plugs the... Do worse than this one other hazards the paddling community warm water scenarios mild... Sit-On-Top kayak takes the Hybrid fishing platform design to a whole new.... Stability questions many of its competitors the D10T sit-on-top kayak provides a solid platform for casting with my overnight and! So stable you can bring with you its way into the cockpit a pontoon-style hull, the Pelican Catch is! Solid tracking and easy paddling and flared bow sections work from the owner and some technical know-how Rod Holder LockNLoad... From my Ascend FS12T is a great angling kayak that design also results in solid tracking easy. A casual budget fishing kayak is a kayak for the boat ’ s footwell provides multitude... You should never have to answer when you ’ ll be enlisting the help of someone else get. Design with a wide open casting deck, and performs great on the used market should you bump into.! Is installed on the lookout for submerged rocks and other details may vary ascend kayak 12t on size and color kayak below!