Ancient Greece - The Origins

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The Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology (, whose traveling exhibitions have been hosted by Universities, International Organizations, Archeological and Science Museums in Europe, America and Australia, is now becoming a cultural ambassador of Greece in Asia.

On 30 September 2016 the travelling exhibition entitled “The Hi-Tech inventions of the ANCIENT GREECE -THE ORIGINS of our modern technology” was inaugurated in one of the most modern science and technology centers in the world, the National Science Museum (NSM) in Daejeon in South Korea (


The exhibition, being displayed in NSM from Saturday 1/10/2016 to Monday 30/1/2017, is the first Greek cultural event in Korea according to the state officials who inaugurated it in the presence of The Greek Ambassador. The thousands flags, banners and video-walls advertising our exhibition give prominence to its significance to such a technologically advanced and entrepreneurial country like Korea.

This traveling exhibition consists of 54 functional exhibits-inventions, invented by the Ancient Greeks in a worldwide scale, a separate interactive section of 24 additional exhibits, 24 video-walls and 500m2 of set designs. The exhibition is divided in thematic units like robotics, computing, steam mobility, jet propulsion, automotive and automatic navigation, astronomy, geodecy and cartography, hydraulic technology, cryptography, telecommunication etc. and validates that many modern technological advancements and techniques originated in Ancient Greece. There the technology made enormous strides and peaked during the 3rd and 2nd century B.C. The Roman era brought gradual loss of this technological knowledge which was to be gradually reacquired after 1500 years.

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