The inventions of the great Syracuse scientist Archimedes which prove that he was many centuries ahead of his time will be brought back to life in the museum created in Olympia and opened on Sunday 3 August.

Almost two millennia before Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo and Newton, the inventions of Archimedes laid the groundwork for technological breakthroughs of the future.

As the German mathematician and philosopher Godfried Wilhelm Leibniz had characteristically said, "he who understands Archimedes will be sparing in his admiration for the discoveries of the men of the new age".

The inspiration for the museum is the mechanical engineer-electrician Kostas Kotsanas, who also created the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology in Katakolo. He managed to make faithful copies of the inventions of Archimedes and present them on two floors that were specially granted for this purpose by the Municipality of Ancient Olympia. On the ground floor of the new museum, 24 inventions of Archimedes will be exhibited.

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